gangster art


@ayumichi-me and I did another collaboration!!!! When she sent me Natsu I spent hours fawning over her beautiful art I couldn’t focus! LOL! But now I finished and I hope you guys like it! The art queen Ayu drew Natsu and I drew Lucy, and provided the color/gif. This is based off her Nerd princess and Gangster AU (I love this AU ❤️) I had so much fun and I hope we get to collaborate again!


I’ve had these WIPs for a little while now but haven’t posted them because I haven’t finished Adrien and Nino, or colored them all yet.  But I figured I hadn’t posted anything from the Bonnie and Clyde/Gangster AU in a while, so I thought I’d share my designs for their civilian clothes anyhow.

(BTW 1920′s glasses all look like Harry Potter glasses, sooooo yeah)  XD