Okay fuckers listen up. Imma bout to promo the best series ever. Want a disabled character as the main character? Done. The main guy is deaf. What disabled characters who are strong and awesome? BINGO. EVERY DISABLED CHARACTER OR CHARACTER WITH MENTAL OF PHYSICAL DISABILITIES IS BRED TO BE A SUPERHUMAN. Want an awesome female lead whos sexuality isn’t thrown in her face? BAM! Ex prostitute badass lead female. Want genderequality? BAM! Other main character is a male prostitute. Want gay representation? BAM! GAY AND LESBIAN INTERACTIONS. CHECK OUTT HIS EPIC SERIES CALLED GANGSTA!

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make a 10-song playlists that you think should play , or combine with Mr robot

This is too fucking hard lmao.
What I want and what belong, and what would likely be chosen are vastly different. If you’re expecting me to say h*lsey etc. you came to the wrong place.
I’m going to stick to the style they’ve been using already and list off

A piano instrumental of Protegé Moi by Placebo.
Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio.
Dumb by Nirvana.
Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode.
Only by NIN.
Mo Money Mo Problems by Notorious B.I.G.
Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill (pref with Darlene just sayin..)
Walking on the Sun by Smashmouth for the hell of it
NARC by Interpol
Y Control by Yeah Yeah Yeahs