I’m a birdy

I’m a straight up B

The flyin life is the life for me

Chirping by day

and cooing by night

Being a birdy is hella tight

I hop around my cage with my plumage displayed

Put a girl bird in and she’s getting laid

I saw a human once and I pooped on his face

Featherless weirdos, what a disgrace

I’m a birdy.

I wrote a rap about Cawstiel, the littlest homie.


Park Pictogram: Final outcome. I went to Hyde Park and saw this cute mini stonehenge structure next to the Serpentine lake. I liked the fact that it was so small and simple, i thought it would make a striking pictogram. I played around with different colours, but thought the blue and grey one was the most literal take on it - being a clear, blue sky when i saw it and the statue being grey. The more i look at it, the more it looks a lot like John Lennon’s hair though. The ‘gangsta bird’ was a sketch of a pretty funny bird chilling on a piece of wood.

i own these images.