thought id throw up some of the gangsokyou sketches/concepts ive been working on

the subterranian animism cast is a bunch of russian mafiosos/gulag escapees [cept parsee is persian] working undercover and something having to do with nuclear weaponry idk

yuugi is a prizefighter, koishi is a spy, parsee is a secretary, satori is a gross old lady

gangsokyou alice

who isnt even in a gang, shes a librarian and preschool teacher who runs a highly sucessful etsy shop where she sells handcrafted dolls and also will knit anything known to man

but she used to be a rat for some underground operations and was a part of a number of drug rings so she has a lot of inside information that works well cuz marisa is her gf and roommate and sometimes alice still gives marisa pertinant info when she’s after a perp

gangsokyou yuyuko is the owner of a big profitable pot farm [youmu does all the actual tending of the plants but you know] and basically hangs out in her house all day in her bathrobe smoking and inviting people over to listen to the prismrivers play music and eat food

but when she needs to she sobers up and cleans up unbelieveably well and has never been caught by the authorities (partially because of yukari covering up for her) and is basically the nicest motherfucker you will ever meet even if she is generally the laziest person of all time

[8:59:05 PM] Static thinks you are incredibly awesome.: team 9 are a bunch of dumb orphan kids who make more trouble than they should

[8:59:21 PM] Static thinks you are incredibly awesome.: wriggle is training to be a cage fighter and rumia is an underage drunk

[9:00:18 PM] Static thinks you are incredibly awesome.: mystia wants to be a pop star and cirno wants to be the president