gangreene gang


After posting my aged-up PPG Character Designs a few days ago, I got a lot of requests to draw some more of the villains from the original show - so here they are!  (And before anyone asks yes I did try to draw RRB but it was not a success D:)

HIM, being a demon, doesn’t age - instead, as the world grows wicked and old, he just becomes more youthful and glamorous!  To set off his fabulous physique, HIM now wears a lovely Elizabethan-inspired collar, cuffs, and rose.

Sedusa didn’t handle aging very well - as soon as she spotted the first streak of gray in her famous hair, she zipped her love handles up in latex and botoxed those wrinkles until her face was literally “made of stone.”  She can’t frown anymore but at least she looks hot…sort of. 

The Gangreen Gang is as much a nuisance as ever.  As a troublemaking biker gang, they spend their time breaking all kinds of traffic laws (and speeding away from the PPG) on their futuristic motorcycles.  Their fashion sense is still stuck in the 70s though!

After accidentally giving her father an actual heart attack, Princess took over Daddy’s secret job as Townsville Crime Lord.  Now Princess commands a crew of slobby underlings, determined to make life miserable for those stupid Powerpuffs!

“-one of those- eh whatddya call’em? Some kind of huge, destructo type ray thingy!”

“Gimme the money or your fish will be swimmin’ with the.. um.. fishes..”

“What we need to find is some kind of, uh, big place just full of money. And, uh, not too far from here, you know what I’m sayin’?”

Ace Copular aka “Smartest member of the gang” in the episode Bang for Your Buck
This episode made me think Ace would be that person that forgets what mantas are called and just says ‘sea pancake’, or calls milk ‘cereal water’.

also his consistent hand gesture of ‘I’m trying to think’