Wow, this..took longer than I was expecting. I was hoping to start coloring stuff tonight but..I need to rest my hand. Gangora has a lot of detail and was causing me frustration lolol. Figured I’d share my progress. I think I am going to just draw a bunch of stuff, ink it and put it aside. So I have a nice little lineup of stuff to color and I can go through them one at a time. I still have art trades to get back to as well as my webcomic I REALLY would like to work on. Setting some stuff up for myself will give me something to work on when I want to take a break from a current project. Maybe I can dig out that list of stuff to do I still have lol Anyway.

This is my last art-related post for the night until tomorrow. Wolf has to get ready for work tomorrow. I really hate Mondays. Oh well, maybe it’ll go by fast so I can get all the not-so-fun things out of the way SO I CAN DRAW AT NIGHT. I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Good luck tomorrow~