Drawn to Each Other || Jimin


Summary: Soulmate!AU. Everyone has a soulmate, and each couple is connected in a way that transcends all forms of human understanding. Simplified, whatever you draw on your skin will appear on your soulmate’s and vice versa. One day, you decide to go out on a limb to find yours.

Word Count: 1,196

A/N: Ta-da! I found this one really interesting, I might write other versions for other members of BTS or even other groups. I hope you like it Anon, and let me know what you all think!

You weren’t too sure what brought you to the brink of wits.

Maybe it was the news your younger sister had found her soulmate at the tender age of twelve; it was someone from her school she didn’t name, and she had found them after she had found them walking down the hall with the heart she drew on the back of her hand.

Maybe it was the memory of your own best friend finding her own soulmate in the midst of your entrance exams to university, and the way she brandished her hand and her newly found soulmate’s in front of yours with matching reminders in unfamiliar handwriting that had allegedly brought them together.

Whatever it was, you decided that maybe it was time to stop letting fate take its time with you and to take matters into your own hands.

Your soulmate - whoever he was- tended to write reminders on his hand, something you had picked up on while you were in high school.

Dance practice at 4 - don’t be late or Hoseok hyung will kick your ass

Assignment due tomorrow; start it

Buy milk


You had originally thought they were messages to you, but you soon learnt to laugh at the out of context antics your soulmate would write on their skin, finding it endearing that your soulmate would have to frequently remind himself of certain things.

When transcending into adulthood and university, you realised that the reminders that would appear on your skin started becoming more precise, more specific in their instructions.

Dentist Appointment in Gangnam at 4pm, don’t be late.

Meet hyung in Itaewon tomorrow morning 9am

At some point, you realised that the specificity was meant for you, for you to go out of your way to meet him because maybe - just maybe - he was writing false reminders in hopes you’d see and find him.

So you did.

It was a Tuesday, and you had woken up with a usual reminder scrawled across the back of your left hand.

Remember to take Taehyung’s dog for a walk before he gets home, 12pm.

There were two dog parks in Seoul, which meant you could try to find your soulmate easily, so without any hesitation you left your apartment in hopes to find your soulmate.

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