gangnam style with the gods

zodiacs as things I’ve said while watching BoM

Aries: turn it off(reprise) idea: Gangnam Style

Taurus: does it mean “no worries” for the rest of our gays?! God I wish

Gemini: yo so if Brigham Young has a clit nose. Could he just. Headbutt stuff. And like. 👀👀

Cancer: McKinley, those are some terrible coping techniques. You aren’t Mendel Weisenbachfeld stop trying to be a bad psychiatrist jc

Leo: reblog if you’re both a continent AND a tribal woman who doesn’t wear a bra

Virgo: since when is leaving your friend worse than necrophilia dear god Kevin have you been listening to Bad Psychiatrist Connor again

Libra: how is Ben Platt so beautiful though. If I saw him in person I’d probably have to drink like twelve cups of coffee to cope too

Scorpio: why have Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer when you can have Brigham the Clit Nosed Circumcision Attemptor

Sagittarius: Kevin is so anxious can someone get him a fidget spinner or something please

Capricorn: what if General Butt Fucking Naked wore a large poster that says “CENSORED” for the whole musical. It’s not too late. Who wants to sign my petition.

Aquarius: Baptize Me is like one of those Christian songs that sound really innocent but if you listen to the words it’s like “Jesus is inside me. Ohh yeahh. Mmhmmmm.” Wtf guys

Pisces: what if somebody makes binders that look like those sparkly vests. Then you could use it as cosplay. Also you wouldn’t have to hide it with larger shirts because most would think it’s some sort of dancewear/“fashion is weird, man.” Binders that disguise themselves by being obnoxious. 10/10 would recommend

Prom (Miles Luna/Reader)

lunaarynn said: What about Miles/Reader high school!AU at a dance or graduation??

Word Count: 1.063

Warning(s): Cursing, I think

Summary: “I’ll tell you what, Arryn. If Miles Luna asks me to go to prom, yeah. I’ll go.”

Author’s Note: Yeah, Miles! I totally forgot how much I loved him, and then I spent all of yesterday watching RWBY, and then I saw the Gangnam Style RT life, so god bless you Kat for requesting this omg

Also, please let it be known that I absolutely adore Miles and Arryn’s relationship and I wish nothing but the best for them. The same goes for any person I write a fic for when they’re already in a committed relationship. This is fiction. If you don’t like it, please don’t read it.

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Noteworthy events from this week's Dan and Phil show

-dan and phil look extremely nervous in front of all the crowd

-creepy all access fangirl (and three guys god bless you three) show up in dan and phil masks and start dancing

-dan does his usual radio announcing tweet using the “gay emoji” then tweeting again saying: “wait did I just use the gay couple emoji omg i didn’t notice they were holding hands oh well too late now”

-dan calls phil “birthday boy”

-dan says “touch your boyfriend and something horrible happens” would be a rubbish superhero power

-phil breaks out the old “your mum” joke

-dan, phil, and audience dance to gangnam style god help us so much second hand embarrassment

-phil and dan seductively talk about how they will be in a tent together at the glasglow festival

-phil’s cat choir makes its first day view

-human hoopla for the dan vs phil

-phil puts hands on dans shoulder and back casually when he’s throwing the hoop

-crotch and butt shots thank you camera man

-dan says he’s proud phil for winning

-the happy instagram video montage

-face masks ??

-aled suggests we have an audience for the radio show every week (whole phandom screams NOOOOO on tumblr)

-the radio show ends, trademark gay pride flag screen

Chicago Blackhawks; turn down for fucking what

disloyalorder  asked:

courfeyrac and combeferre cleaning the apartment to gangnam style and dancing to it and trying to mouth what actual lyrics they know at each other (courfeyrac who can legitimately sing the whole damn thing cause he's half-korean and knows the language so puts on a total show for combeferre that's a half goofy strip tease)

courfeyrac sneaks up behind combeferre and puts his hands on his boyfriend’s hips, moving them slowly under his boyfriend’s, and just whispers into his ear, really slowly, ‘heyyy, sexy lady’

and then bounces away shouting ‘OP OP OP’

and combeferre curses his entire life a little bit and sprays him with a water bottle