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bang-sayang  asked:

what if YG family just rolls up at the mama's last minute like whats good ???

This is my prediction:

International guest Drake has just finished his performance of ‘Hotline Bling’ for the 2015 MAMAs. The crowd is going crazy but eventually the cheers die down as they wait for the next act.

Suddenly all the lights turn off in the center, a flicker of a face can be seen through the darkness. After a few moments Yang Hyun Suk’s face is blaring on every screen.

“YG Family bitches!”, he says, flinging off his trademark army cap. A a shower of YG hats, snap backs and sparkles rain down out of nowhere from the ceiling. The crowd is confused but madly scrambling for their own hat. What on earth is happening??

It’s quiet for another minute until suddenly the intro for 2ne1′s Crush begins playing at a volume so loud a few people go deaf. CL struts out onto the stage wearing a jacket made out of diamonds, screams for 5 minutes, then introduces her members. First Dara sporting her antenna hair, then Minzy who springs up from below the stage and lands upside-down on her head, and finally a hole opens in the ceiling and a helicopter enters, lowering Park Bom down onto the stage. At this point the crowd are literally having a mental breakdown, but this is not the end. 

A new song begins, somehow even louder than before. The crowd is confused, they’ve never heard this song before. The music gets even louder and now it’s clear. The song is a (somehow) perfect mashup of Fantastic Baby, I am the Best, Born Hater, Gangnam Style, MTBD and Doom Dada. 2NE1 are standing centre stage, just waiting.

Suddenly every YG artist is running full pelt onto the stage and beginning to dance to the music. 

PSY begins leading the entire YG family to dance gangnam style along to the music, whist simultaneously doing shots.
Epik High are running on and off the stage and appearing in different costumes every time.
Lee Hi is making snow angels out of confetti.
Seungri has jumped into the audience and is acting as a priest for a couple literally getting married in the middle of the chaos.
Jinusean have drove onto the stage in full size Lamborghinis and are doing burnouts.
T.O.P is sitting down on the stage with the largest bottle of wine you’ve ever seen (It’s been 2 minutes and he’s almost done).
Bom is next to him eating a whole entire ham and trying to spray mist on the faces of the crowd.
Taeyang is on the opposite side of the stage with iKON teaching them how to perfectly rip open their shirts (the crowd within a 20m radius of them all faint).
AKMU and Dara are attempting to actually sing along to the music, but Chanhyuk passed out somewhere in the middle of rapping to Doom Dada.
Daesung and Minzy have been body rolling straight for 10 minutes.
Winner are lining up at Seungri’s pop-up cathedral to marry each other.
Se7en rolls out last on heelies and throws himself into the crowd. 

Finally, GD and CL are standing at the back of the stage and observing everything, they’re also holding hands how cute.

After 10 minutes the music sounds like it’s going to end, but it doesn’t it just begins again with no break. Everyone is trapped forever but no one can deny this has been the best MAMA awards in history, even if they came out of it with a broken leg or two.


the daily struggle of a j-pop/k-pop fan

how do you remember all of them? they’re so many!
they all look the same!
isnt that Chinese music? haha ching chong
do you even know what they’re saying?
so they’re put together by companies and not by themselves? that’s lazy
people really audition for these things?
you know you’re never gonna meet them right?
why is no one playing instruments
Korean music? haha yes gangnam style!!! psy!!! gentleman!!
Japanese music? isn’t that the weird thing with the colorful stuff and strange editing?
those guys all look like girls wow are you sure they’re guys
these girls are such sluts look at those outfits
what do you mean they have their own reality shows they’re singers
haha playback that’s so lame they cant even sing live also that dance looks so hard
so you know japanese/korean? say something in it!!
those guys are so gay look at them what do you mean some of them have girlfriends
you wanna go to Korea? but aren’t they at war and don’t they have a communist leader?
what do you mean there’s multiple companies that “train” these people

Pentatonix Appreciation Songs

Kirstie Appreciation: Water || Say Something || Wizard Of Ahhhs || La La Latch || Rather Be || Daft Punk || White Winter Hymnal || Sleigh Ride || Mary, Did You Know || Let It Go || O Holy Night || We Are Young || Evolution Of Michael Jackson || Santa Claus Is Coming To Town || Edge Of Glory || Can’t Hold Us || Evolution of Music || Ref ||

Avi Appreciation: Standing By || Sing || Run To You || Somebody That I Used To Know || I Need Your Love || Santa Claus Is Coming To Town || Daft Punk || Evolution Of Music || Gangnam Style (Very small part) || Take Me Home || Light In The Hallway ||  Ref || It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year ||

Kevin’s Voice Appreciation (Solos): Mary, Did You Know || Say Something || The Christmas Song || Evolution Of Michael Jackson || Angels We Have Heard On High || Sing ||

Mitch’s High Voice Appreciation: Daft Punk || Where Are Ü Now || Love Again || Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy || We Are Ninjas || Aha! || Telephone || Evolution Of Michael Jackson || Can’t Hold Us || Break Free/See Through || See Through || 

Intense Scott’s Riffs Appreciation: Count To Five || This Christmas || Gangnam Style || How Will I Know || Payphone || Evolution of Beyonce || Baddest Girl || E.T. || Moves Like Jagger || OMG || Let’s Get It On || Natural Disaster || Santa Claus Is Coming Town || Angels We Have Heard On High ||

Amazing Kevin Beatboxing Appreciation: Cheerleader || Save The World/Don’t You Worry Child || Royals || Little Drummer Boy || Starships || Love Again || Daft Punk || Renegade (Single) ||

Collab Appreciation: Radioactive (Lindsey Stirling) || Winter Wonderful/Don’t Worry, Be Happy (Tori Kelly) || Can’t Sleep Love (Tink) || Papaoutai (Lindsey Stirling) || When Love Takes Over (Natalie Weiss) || Wizard Of Ahhhs (Todrick Hall) ||

Evolution Appreciation: Evolution of Michael Jackson || Evolution of Beyonce || Evolution of Music ||

SOLOS (Whole/Most of the Song): [W.I.P]

Kirstie: Water || Say Something || Edge Of Glory || La La Latch ||

Scott: Ref || Cracked || New Years Day || Can’t Sleep Love || First Thing’s First || Rose Gold || Sing || On My Way Home  (I’m sorry, I couldn’t find the original audio :( ) || Papaoutai || Love You Long Time || The Baddest Girl || Misbehavin’

Avi: Standing By || Light In The Hallway || Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair (Avi and Peter Hollens) ||

Mitch: Lean On || Na Na Na || Aha! || See Through || Carol Of The Bells || Love Again || We Are Young ||


Any requested additions are welcome! :) Meanwhile, enjoy. This took quite a long time to do (1 or 2 hours idk) so I hope you will like it!

Update: Songs added, plus new section (Solos). Hope you will like it, please leave songs for addition! Thank you!

kagerouimaizumi-moved  asked:

Gangnam Style is trash. In my opinon, Trololololol is the best. The

Let’s compare:

Trololololol is a classic. It’s well known, and it’s simple lyrics make it easy for everyone to enjoy. It’s basic and minimalistic video, using an interesting colour scheme and classy costume design, along with a loveable vocalist will definitely stand the test of time. However, the song isn’t on par with PSY’s Gangnam Style.

Gangnam Style’s music video has a diverse cast of extras, and skilled dancers. It is colourful and energetic to match the song’s style. PSy also makes use of the classy suit, but adds a fun and unique touch to it by wearing a blue suit coat in some shots. His use of sunglasses throughout the video adds a sense of ambiguity, because we cannot tell from his eyes what he’s really feeling.

The video has clever camera work, and a high budget, making use of many special effects and interesting props.

While both songs are written in languages use English speakers may not understand, Gangnam Style uses many different words, and minimal repeating (save for the chorus). Trolololol mainly relies on repetition.

Gangnam Style also has the advantage of having a specific dance, adding to its success and popularity. It also has a lot more views, and has in fact broken the YouTube view counter.

Trololol is the kind of song you would play while eating dinner with family, but it isn’t suitable for all occasions. It’s relaxing melody and paced rhythm would stand out like a sore toe at a party. Gangnam Style however is suitable for any kind of occasion.

From this, it is quite clear that PSY’s Gangnam Style is the superior song here, thus making it the superior meme.

A Guy Who Looks Like Psy Is Scamming Rich European Kids for Free Drinks

Last year, a French-Korean guy named Denis Carre went to Barcelona Fashion Week and was mistaken for Psy almost everywhere he went. Yes, Denis was wearing the sunglasses from the “Gangnam Style” video, but that clip has been viewed more than 2 billion times—you’d have thought people would be able to differentiate the real Psy from a slightly tubby French-Korean man in a suit and black sunglasses. Could the cult of celebrity really make people this blind? And, perhaps, even a little bit racist? Or was it more that they just wanted to believe that they were looking at the most viewed face on YouTube?

Denis is a friend of mine, and I was accompanying him that year, taking photos of the whole thing. So I witnessed—among other surreal moments—club owners offering him bundles of cash to perform, and car dealership managers trying to hand him the keys to sports cars, just “because it would be cool to see him drive.”

A year later, we returned to one of this year’s Barcelona Fashion Week parties to find out if everyone would still be excited to see Denis in a suit.

External image

According to the op-eds, our generation’s cultural attention span looks something like an endless loop of “smack-cam” Vines. So we figured people might have forgotten who Psy was, or why they ever gave a shit about him in the first place. To jog their memories, we had a bunch of stickers, T-shirts, and temporary tattoos made up that read: “DO ME GANGNAM STYLE.”

It turns out that this was probably a waste of money; people generally seem to remember global epidemics that dominate popular culture for an entire year.  

External image



This is just, well, it’s just glorious.