gangnam style is not the only kpop


When BTS only meant ‘behind the scenes’

When SEVENTEEN was just a magazine

When Big Bang was just a theory

When f(x) meant just math

When shiny was spelled with a 'y’

When SM was just a card for your camera

When EXO was just a hug and a kiss

When the only K-POP you *kinda* knew was Gangnam Style….

…til it all went downhill from there…


~This is just for fun guys, so don’t get all pissed off or something~

1. Ask them if SHINee, BTS, EXO or any other male group is an Asian version of One Direction.

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2. Ask them if their bias (their favourite member) is a girl.

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3. Ask them if members of their favourite male group are gay, because they wear make up and stuff.

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4. Ask them if all the members are Chinese.

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5. Tell them they all look the same.

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6. Ask them why they listen to such music if they don’t understand it.

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7. Call k-pop ‘these Chinese guys you listen to…’

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8. SAY THIS: ‘What do you mean he’s 26? He looks 15′

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9. When they say they listen to k-pop, immediately mention Gangnam Style.

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10. Ask them why they’re crying if it’s only a music video.

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my first month as an Exo fan.

As a Freshman in my first semester in college, I am always looking for a good distraction from the inevitable depression that comes with being far away from my home. One insomnia filled night as I was scrolling youtube I discovered ‘Exo’s Call Me Baby’ As I watched this video full of good looking Asian men, I was completely surpised at the choreography and vocals. With my former knowledge of KPOP only being ‘Psy’s Gangnam Style’ I never knew the total beauty of it. Submerged in watching, I suddenly found perfection as I watched my future bias dance and sing. As I began researching this group, I became more and more infatuated with this group. I watched Exo’s showtime and Exo on Happy Camp and Weekly Idol, and as I watched I soon began to fall more and more in love with this group. But with the overwhelming happiness also came heartbreak as I had to go through the loss of the each members just as past fans had to do. I’ve come to realize that being a fan of a group with a 15 hour time difference and language barrier is harder than it looks. Staying up until 8 in the morning to watch your group perform at an award show and having the utter disappointment of not being able to watch a new video of them because there aren’t any English subtitles is difficult. Since I’ve become a fan of Exo, Korea’s culture and lifestyle became interesting to me as well. The amount I’ve learned in this past month is abundantly clear. Basically, in short, Exo gives me happiness. . I only wish being an American who is a fan of KPOP wouldn’t be so weird to other Americans.Hopefully anybody who sees this in the future can explore the wonderful lives of not only Exo but KPOP as a whole. 

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