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Forgot your anniversary - Got7

This was requested by @got7iscool thank you so much for requesting and I hope you enjoy!! Also I may have gotten a bit carried away so they are kinda long oopsie. <3

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You and your expensive dress, perfectly done hair, manicured nails, and pristine makeup that took you hours sat alone in a booth for probably 30 minutes to half an hour waiting. The thought of being stood up on your anniversary never even occurred to you. Mark couldn’t have forgotten. Mark knows better. But after the minutes continued to tick by and the waitress asking if you were still waiting and the multiple sympathetic looks you were fed up.

You took a few dollars out of your clutch to give to your exceptionally patient waitress on the way out. As the host pushed open the door for you, you ran into the man you were just waiting on. He had flowers, red roses to be exact.

“Okay before you scream and kick at me just let me say I’m tremendously sorry, the guys wouldn’t let me leave the studio till we finished the song. I’m so sorry, I love you so much and I didn’t do this on purpose. God you look so beautiful and I know you waited here forever and I-I know this won’t fix everything but I ran past this flower shop and these just looked to good to resist.” Mark sincerely apologizes and hands them to you.

The host looks at you to make sure you’re okay and he could leave without fear of you being hurt. You give him a small nod and he goes back inside to resume his duties.

You grasp the flowers from his hands and a small sigh of relief leaves his mouth. You lift your head up slightly to look at him and his hand cups your cheek softly.

“I love you. I’m sorry.” He gently kisses your forehead and you feel a small smile creep onto your lips.

“I love you too. Are you hungry? I know of this amazing restaurant and it’s super close.” You joke making both of you giggle, he wraps an arm around your shoulder as you head back through the doors.


You meticulously placed blue and white tissue paper over the opening of the gift bag, making sure it was packaged absolutely perfect. You spent weeks planning and ordering this gift for Jaebum for your 2 year anniversary today. You wanted to surprise him with it at work so after dressing up in your nicest sundress and nude strappy sandals you made your way to JYPE. The secretary knew your face by now and instantly let you through without any trouble. You practically skipped your way up to the studio where they were currently working on a new album for the next comeback. The bright yellow and blue of your dress reflected your peppy attitude, it radiated into the studio as soon you opened the door.

“Y/n!” Jackson stands and hugs you tightly.

“To what do I owe this surprise?” Jaebum looked at you with a smirk and you tilted your head slightly.

He must be feigning confusion.

“Oh don’t play dumb~ it’s our anniversary!” You pinch his cheeks and feel him freeze under your touch.

“Y/n…let me explain.” Jaebums voice was steady as he motioned for the other boys to leave.

“You-you forgot?” If he hadn’t known you so well he wouldn’t have heard your voice tremble, but he does, and he did.

“I’m so sorry Y/n, there’s no excuse that can fix this.” His voice was serious, he knew he messed up.

Jackson suddenly walked back in and messed with the soundboard and before either of you could yell at him he left. Your eyebrows furrowed as a sweet familiar piano tune filled the room along with the purest voice you’ve ever heard. Jaebums.

JB’s voice softly sang lyrics to your favorite song, My Answer by EXO. You sat down on the couch and he watched you with careful eyes as you started swaying along with the music. He sang it for you. He recorded the piano for you.

“Listen, I don’t expect this to change anything-“ You cut off his ramble with a kiss.

“Shut up JB, it’s okay. You’re allowed to forget things you have a huge career and a lot of pressure on you. That was really sweet of you to record that song for me, I love you.” You kissed him again and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I’m gonna make it up to you tonight baby, just wait.” He pulled away for a mere second before connecting your lips once again in a passionate kiss.


Jinyoung never forgot anything. Never. Not even your parents anniversary date which was still fuzzy to even you sometimes. So when he didn’t come home for your anniversary dinner date you were concerned. You picked up your phone and dialed him, he answered in the first ring which calmed your rapidly beating heart.

“Hey baby what’s up?” He answered the phone cooly.

What’s up? What’s up??

Just wondering when you would be home for our dinner, our anniversary dinner. Remember?” You made sure to put the emphasis on anniversary.

“Oh-oh my god. I’ll be there in 10 minutes. Oh my god I’m so sorry.” Jinyoung’s voice was full of stress and genuine guilt as he realized what he had done.

“See you then.” You hung up and ran your fingers through your hair.

Of all the things he remembers, your five year anniversary isn’t one of them. You shimmied out of your nice dress and kicked your heels back inside your closet and climbed into bed. You shoved your face into the pillows and curled up into a fetal position. Some time later you heard the front door open and close then your bedroom door creaked open. You heard his light steps on the hardwood floor as he slid out of his sneakers and gently laid down next to you, obviously thinking your asleep.

“I’m sorry baby, I love you so much. We just finished a song today and the guys wanted to celebrate. I’m so so sorry, I’ll do anything you want.” Jinyoungs soft voice contaminates any negative thoughts you might’ve had about him.

You turned over to face him with raised eyebrows and he smiled at you, feeling a wave of relief over the fact that you didn’t seem too upset about his slip up.

“Anything?” A smirk grew on your face and he knew he was in for some trouble.

“Anything baby, just let me know.” He nods and you tap your chin for a moment.

“Start cleaning babe, I’ll tell you when to stop.” You kiss his cheek and push him out of bed.


“Y/nnnn~” Jackson’s drunk whiny voice was on the other line.

You scoffed at him, first he doesn’t call telling you he’s going out, totally forgets it’s your anniversary, and on top of all that, he has the nerve to drunk dial you.

“Where are you?” You started pulling on flat shoes instead of the stilettos you wore for the dinner he forgot about.

“Ahh uh- jaebummie where are-“ “Hey, Y/n its JB I’m really sorry for causing you trouble. We are at the Octagon club just off Gangnam-gu.” Jaebum cut off Jackson’s voice and for that you were kinda thankful.

“Did he happen to mention it was our anniversary?” Your curiosity gets the best of you as you step out the door.

“Oh my god, no he didn’t. Y/n I’m sorry I wouldn’t have let him-“ “No worries bummie, not your fault. I’ll be there in a few.” You cut off the rambling boy with sweet intentions as you started the car.

When you arrived at the club you saw Jaebum holding up Jackson and you could visibly see both of their ears perk up. You unlocked the door and got out to help him strap Jackson into the car. You kissed Jaebums cheek and told him thank you for taking care of your boyfriend.

You turned your focus back on the boy who totally, 100%, without a doubt forgot it was your 3 year anniversary. About 5 minutes from home was when Jackson finally spoke.

“Jagi? Did I forget something? You look dressed up.” His words slurred together but you could decipher enough.

“Yes Jackson, you did.” You sighed and pulled into the driveway.

You helped him up and into the house, changing his clothes and laying him on his side in the bed. You were far too upset to sleep in the same bed so you grabbed a sheet and your pillow to head to the couch.

In the morning Jackson felt a heavy pounding in his head and his heart when he realized you weren’t in bed with him. When he saw you on the couch it dawned on him what he had done.

“Baby? I’m sorry I’m so so sorry.” Jackson wakes you up by shaking you lightly till your eyes flutter open.

“It’s-its fine jackson.” You stretch and he shakes his head no.

“Get ready whenever, I’m gonna make breakfast and I’m taking you shopping. I’m gonna spoil the hell out of you because you deserve it.” Jackson was already making his way to the kitchen before you even had time to react.


Youngjae never forgot special days, he would wake you up with breakfast in bed and a pretty flower laying on the tray. Then he would give you a small gift and take you out to your favorite places. But today, nothing. You woke up and he was gone, not in the kitchen, living room, or the office. He couldn’t have forgotten right? Right?

You decided to not make a big deal of it and make yourself breakfast, you settled on a waffle and some orange juice. You sat at the breakfast bar, absentmindedly scrolling on your phone.

Eventually you finish your food and take a shower, hoping by then he’s back home, ready to celebrate your anniversary. But when you got out, he still wasn’t there, he did text you however.

Good morning babe, figured you’re up now. Went to the studio for the day text me if you need anything. Love you

You re-read the words “for the day” over and over, he really didn’t remember. You sighed and typed a variety of messages before deleting them. You decided on a simple “okay love you”.

Hours passed, mindlessly watching Seinfeld and Friends reruns on some channel you landed on. You were hurt that he forgot but chalked it up to the upcoming comeback and the creation of new concepts. It was around dinner time when you assumed he’d be home soon, you started making dinner after tidying up the apartment.

You were halfway through dinner when the front door opened and a small golden retriever puppy trotted in with its tongue out making you giggle. You knelt down and turned the puppies tag over to look at who the owner might be and engraved into the metal you see: I’m sorry, happy 2nd anniversary xx

Your eyebrows furrowed until Youngjae walked in with a guilty look on his face. He remembered. “I’m so sorry Y/n, I don’t know what happened. I lost track of the days and I’m sorry. I hope he can make up for all the stuff we missed out on doing today.” Youngjae picks up the puppy and wraps an arm around your waist.

“I forgive you, what’s his name?” You kiss his cheek and pet the puppies head.

“Deuce?” Youngjae asks and you nod with a giggle, letting the punny name roll off your tongue.


You waited patiently for him to return your calls and texts while you sat alone at a two person table in your favorite coffee shop. You hadn’t even ordered yet and a familiar waitress set your regular order down on the table.

“Thank you.” You smile kindly at her and she returns the smile before tending to other tables.

You and Bammie visit here very often, at least once, sometimes twice a week for a year. You both thought it would be very reminiscent if for your one year anniversary you had a date here. But someone seemed to forget this special day. You dialed his number once again and put the phone up to your ear. It rang before a very out of breath bambam answered.

“I’ll be right there I’m so sorry please still love me. I-I got caught up with the guys and when I realized what day it was…God I’m so sorry Y/n. I’m almost there! Please wait!” Bambam stuttered and breathed heavily on the other end, leaving you to just say “Okay”.

Not a minute later bambam walked in looking very disheveled and his silver hair was all over the place but the smile on his face was blinding when he saw you. You noticed a small blue bag in his hand and raised your eyebrows.

“We agreed on no gifts Bammie.” You said as he set the bag down in front of you, taking a seat in the empty chair.

“Well after your shitty boyfriend forgot I figured it was fine. I’m sorry again.” He kisses your forehead and you couldn’t help but smile.

He watched you take the tissue paper out one by one until a long royal blue velvet box was left at the bottom. You picked it out and moved the bag and paper to the side. You lifted the box open and gasped when you saw the gorgeous silver and diamond studded necklace.

“Do-do you like it? I’m not trying to bribe you, I was running here and I passed a jewelry store with that in the window. I had to.” He stood up and his hands picked up the necklace to help put it on you.

You moved your hair to the front as the cool silver landed on your collar bones and bambams fingers fumbled with the clasp.

“I love it bammie, thank you.” You turned around and kissed his lips.

“I love you Y/n, I promise not to forget again.” His voice held a certain sincerity that let you know he was 100% serious about this.


You tapped your bare foot impatiently as you stood in front of your front door, just waiting for him to come home. He forgot your anniversary, your 2 year anniversary to be exact. You wore your favorite skintight black dress with matching stiletto’s for about an hour until you accepted that he totally forgot about the dinner you two had planned together.

Fed up, you picked your phone up to dial his number just as the door opened revealing him. He crept in the door, shrinking inch by inch as your gaze never let up from him. You couldn’t help but see and smell the take out in his hands, you cursed your stomach for growling and pulling a chuckle from him and you.

“Baby…I know no amount of apologizing will fix this but I’m so sorry. Here, you’re probably starving.” Yugyeom sat the food down in the kitchen and took out utensils for you.

You sat at the table with your best poker face as he watched you open your container and pour it into a bowl. As you were slurping the noodles he chuckled again and wiped the mess off your face.

“Did you bring this thinking it would make everything better?” You question him and he nodded shyly.

“Umm kinda? But I really am sorry, I’ll make it up to you I promise.” Yugyeom smiled but quickly put on a serious face knowing you were upset.

You cursed yourself once again, this time for not being able to resist the giant in front of you. You leaned forward to kiss him and when he leaned in you slapped the back of his head.

“Ah!” “You deserved that, don’t do it again.” You cut off his whine and scolded him before leaning in once again but actually connecting your lips this time.

BTS | Scenario #7

                              | When (a) fan(s) spot(s) you two |

Originally posted by anime-scenery-tofy701

Pairing : Idol!BTS x Female Reader

Genre : Fluff

Word Count : Around 100 for each

Kim Seokjin 

One winter day, pictures of Seokjin and you have been published on several social networks. They show you two seated across from each other in a Chinese restaurant, very close to windows therefore giving a clear view of your faces. In some you appear very happy and laughing out loud, in others we can see him intertwining his fingers with yours as you fondly gaze at each other. You both seem to be unaware of the photographers and are just enjoying your moment together.

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I love their matching pullovers!


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Min Yoongi 

Days after the group has been seen coming back to Korea from Japan, a video depicting you and your boyfriend shopping in a convenience store has been published. The video and several pictures have been taken from the inside, most of the shots showing your profiles or backs. While choosing your condiments, Yoongi is seen behind you, resting his head on your shoulders and during checkout time, you’re leaning your head on his. The fan has managed not to get noticed by the two of you.

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Bang PD Nimm 18 hours ago

Yoongi seems so protective of her! I ship them so much!!


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Couple goals all the way! They should have some privacy, though.  

Jung Hoseok 

One sunny day, Hoseok and you have decided to go shopping in Gangnam-gu and you didn’t go unnoticed by people around you. While going from shop to shop, a small group of fans has gathered, following you with their phones held in front of them. You and your boyfriend have chosen not to give them too much attention, enjoying your time together. In the several videos taken that day, Hoseok is often seen having his arm around you, subtly making sure no one is coming too close to the two of you. 

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bngtnAM I wish I could be her! 



Bapsaetaetae I’m crying! They look so beautiful together!


Kim Namjoon 

During one spring afternoon, you and Namjoon are out, walking in a flowery park and not long after you’ve decided to settle under a big tree, passerby who turn out to be also fans have noticed you. One of them seated on a bench across from the tree, record the two of you. The person is far enough not to be directly seen by you and the whole video, you remain unaware of their presence - rather focusing on each other, laughing and cuddling together. You’re sitting very close to each other, enjoying the warm weather.

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Park Jimin 

One September night, Jimin has decided to bring you his parents’ coffee shop. A couple of fans have quietly rejoiced the moment they’ve noticed the two of you seated across from them and you and Jimin have even waved to them when you heard some squeals of joy. They couldn’t help but immortalize the moment they got to see you and have subtly taken some pictures - they depict you smiling lovingly to your boyfriend, him gently wiping the corner of your lips and each time you bring your faces closer to share intimate words.

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Armybts Adorable! They look perfect together! 

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Kim Taehyung 

Some days after the group has ended their last concert in Seoul, pictures and short videos of you and Taehyung are taking over all social medias. They show you on the night you’ve chosen to go to the movies. While queuing to get their tickets, two fans have spotted both of you ahead of them despite his mask and your cap. In the videos they’ve recorded, you’re seen standing very close to each other - Taehyung sneaking one arm under your coat to circle your waist while you nuzzle your face in his neck.

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Jeon Jungkook 

During his day off, Jungkook and you have decided to spend your afternoon together. Going in your favorite video game store, you both take pleasure into looking at all the new games. Then, one of the employees, who happens to be a big fan of the group, goes wide-eyed when she spots you. Jungkook’s noticed her and mentions it to you. The young woman can’t believe her ears when you suggest you should all take a picture. Several hours after, her pictures of you and him are published on her networks along with the one she’s appearing in.

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170816 bambi_yy Instagram Update
I can hardly believe but me & my sis bumped into the cutest maknae!!!! Seungri of Big Bang!!!! We visited his new restaurant “Aori Ramen” in Gangnam Gu💯🍜🍱 Suddenly he was in front of the restaurant! We looked to eachother, then we talked for a while as we have known eachother for years 😍😂😂😂😂 Me: Hi Seungri! 👋🏾I’m a big fan of Big Bang & you! Seungri was laughing sweet. 😊 Seungri: And you? Where do you come from? Me: From Holland/Amsterdam. Seungri oh nice 😊Then we took pictures! Dying 😂🚑🔥💋He was soo friendly & charming! Such a handsome maknae! 💋Thanks for your sweetness!!! 💯#seungri #seungriseyo #bigbang#korea#kpop#pandacute#pandaseungri

sarah’s ultimate fic rec (1/?)

this is only part one because i read too much. i’m making this bc i rly needed a place to organize everything (my ao3 bookmarks are a nightmare yikes), so here! have this! it’s categorized by ship, so it should be easy to navigate your way around.

this one only includes the following ships: yoonmin, yoonkook, vmin, taekook & taegi. i tried to limit myself to 10/20ish fics per ship bc i didn’t want it to get too long, so i’ll add the rest later on & i’ll also include other ships in the next post!

total: 20 yoonmin fics, 23 yoonkook fics, 15 vmin fics, 11 taekook fics, 8 taegi fics (77 fics overall).

Keep reading

170321 voguekorea: The cover stars of #VogueKorea’s April issue, #EXO, were recreated into art pieces by #JesseMockrin. The #Vogue Korea #fashioneditorial and #fashionfilm are displayed at the #SUM cafe in the #SM Communication Center located in #Cheongdam. #展览会 #展示 #江南 #封面 📍648, Samsung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul #첸 #시우민 #백현 #수호 #찬열 #디오 #카이 #세훈

170321 voguekorea Instagram Update: 4월호 커버를 장식한 여덟 명의 남자, #엑소!🌟 재능 있는 여성 화가, #제시모크린 의 붓 끝에서 피사체로 태어나 다양한 빛깔의 매력을 뽐낸 그들의 모습이 의 카메라에 고스란히 담겼죠📷 와 함께한 화보와 영상은 청담역에 위치한 SM 커뮤니케이션 센터 1층, #SUM카페 에서도 전시중이니 들러서 감상해 보세요! 📍서울시 강남구 삼성로 648
The cover stars of #VogueKorea’s April issue, #EXO, were recreated into art pieces by #JesseMockrin. The #Vogue Korea #fashioneditorial and #fashionfilm are displayed at the #SUM cafe in the #SM Communication Center located in #Cheongdam. #展览会 #展示 #江南 #封面 📍648, Samsung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul #첸 #시우민 #백현 #수호 #찬열 #디오 #카이 #세훈

Jinyoung: I live in fear that someone will kidnap our maknae Kim Yugyeom, who lives at 41 Apgujeong-ro 79-gil, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul in South Korea, keeps his door unlocked. You can’t miss it.

anonymous asked:

Werewolf au smut with Jimin or Jungkook finding their soulmate....just an idea 😁 ur really good btw 😉 poor jimin got caught 😆

Here you go, dear♡ And thank you! 


Description: (Werewolf au) Jungkook may only have known you for a week, but he is positive that you are the one for him and he sets out to claim you straight away.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Werewolf au, smut

Warning: Graphic smut, pet names, dom sub

Originally posted by scaredful

“Hyung, It’s only been one week and I’m having a really hard time controlling myself..” Jungkook confessed to his elder Yoongi who sat beside him in the livingroom of their dorm. The older male looked over at Jungkook and rubbed the back of his neck. “What are you talking about?” The lethargic man barely paid any attention to Jungkook who had been complaining and attempting to tell him about his problems. No matter how many times he would repeat himself, Yoongi just didn’t understand.

“I’ll say it again,” he said with a huff, “I met this girl a week ago, and I’m pretty sure she’s one of us..”

“What do you mean?”

“A wolf, Hyung…she smells..- oh fuck, she smells so good.” His head tilted backwards and his eyes fluttered shut as the thought of your intoxicating scent flooded his mind. “And what,” Yoongi asked, “do you think she might-”

“Yes.” His eyes flew open again and he sat up straight, completely facing the older male. “All I can think about when I’m around her is biting her. I can’t ever focus because all I can think about is making her mine, Hyung. I’ve never felt this way before..”

“Then maybe she’s the one for you.” His attention began to stray and he shut his eyes again, wishing for a moments peace from the magnae’s rambling.

“I’m going to go see her later this evening.” Jungkook said with a small smile. “I think she is the one…I’m going to make her mine, I want to claim her.”

“Good for you.” Yoongi could care less by now. He was tired, and whenever he was tired he was little to no help to anybody. In seconds he was comatose and would no longer be respondent to the excited young werewolf. “Thanks for the help, I’ll just go now.” The brunette rolled his eyes as he stood up. It didn’t matter if he didn’t care that much. He knew what he had his mind set to do that night and that was where he was headed.

“Are you at home right now, I want to see you.” Jungkook asked into his cellphone. He walked the streets of Gangnam-gu quickly, hurriedly trying to get to your apartment that wasn’t all that far away from his own.

“Yeah..a-are you coming early?” You asked him curiously. It was only 5pm and you had scheduled for him to come around 7. However; you had been debating whether or not you should still have this date. Your estrus cycle had begun and the first few days was always the worst. You had yet to tell Jungkook that you too were a wolf, even when you already figured that he was one as well. His smell was so intoxicating that it made your knees weak. As much as you tried to seem normal around him, you couldn’t get over the strong urge to have him on top of you. And now that your heat cycle had begun, you knew it’d be too hard to control yourself around him this time. Would it be a good idea when you’ve only known him for a week?

“Is that a problem?” Jungkook asked as he was already eyeing your building.

“W-well actually…maybe we should postpone our date for next-”

“Too late, I’m already here.” You could hear his smile through the phone. He was at the front door and he strides happily through the lobby toward the elevator. “Mm…I can smell you from here.” He whispered, although he didn’t mean to say so out loud. He bit his lip, wishing on every star that you didn’t hear, but of course you had. “I’m on my way up, so don’t go anywhere.” He said before you could even respond, then he hung up without another word. You blinked when you heard the connection drop and chewed your lip nervously. His scent became stronger the closer he came to your floor. He smelled earthly, like pine and crisp precipitant air. Your inner wolf whimpered and groaned as the presence of what seemed like an Alpha was just meters away, and before you knew it, he was knocking on your door.

You stood to your feet from your place on the couch and you nervously walked to the door. After unlocking each bolt, Jungkook had pushed the door open before you could. His scent filled the room a you stumbled slightly as you tried to relax.

“Are you alright?” He asked you, and you nodded your head quickly to reassure him. He stepped into your apartment while you shut the door behind him. He rubbed the back of his neck almost nervously as he stood in the middle of the foyer. “What about you,” you asked him, “are you-”

“Let’s cut to the chase.” He spun quickly on his heels and faced you. “I know it’s only been a week and we haven’t even established anything but…you drive me up a fucking wall.” You hugged yourself and crossed your legs together where you stood. “You’re a wolf aren’t you? Don’t think about lying either because I already know.”

“Then why did you ask?”

“What’s a gentlemen if you don’t ask?” He smirked softly and walked toward you. “Come clean with me, little girl, just be honest.” His head suddenly tilted when he inhaled deeply. “Are you…-what the fuck is that smell?” You whimpered suddenly knowing exactly what he was referring to. Your pheromones where going out of control and your inner wolf growled furiously at you. You groaned and stumbled slightly, you couldn’t help yourself any longer, all you could think about was getting wrecked by an alpha wolf. You looked up at him and you could tell in his darkening gaze that this wasn’t a joke anymore. You watched as the muscles in his jaw clenched and a deep growl rumbled harshly through his chest.

“Y-yes, yes, I am!” You admitted finally, “I’m an omega, and I-…Jungkook, it’s starting to hurt. P-please, can I be yours?” You didn’t have to say anything else. He was already pouncing at you. He pushed you harshly against the door that you had barely even stepped away from and his mouth pressed hungrily against yours. You could barely wrap your head around the way his tongue explored your wet cavern. Fighting for dominance was out of the question, he was going to dominate the fuck out of you. “I’ll take care of you.” Jungkook whispered as his lips moved from yours and instead ran across the side of your neck. “I will claim you, and you will be mine. No one else can have you, do you understand?” You nodded and moaned out when he began sucking little purple blossoms into your skin. His hands snaked down your sides until they reached the hem of your leggings. He wasted no time in ripping them off of you, including your panties. “Don’t worry, I’ll buy you new ones.” He whispered, but you could care less. Your thoughts were hazy, but the only thought that was clear was what you wanted.

“Please touch me, Kookie..” You whispered but he only shook his head. You opened your eyes and looked up at him. His chocolate orbs were replaced with glowing golden ones like that of an Alpha wolf. Now you were certain. He was no beta or anything less, and he was going to make you his. Your thighs clamped tight together and a whiny moan left your lips, causing a crooked smile to appear on his lips. He lifted you up, forcing you to open your legs again and he carried you to your bedroom, as if he had been there many times before. Jungkook looked down the moment he felt something wet pool through his shirt. “How can you be this wet already?” He asked after putting you down on the bed. His eyes trailed up to your core and he watched as your juices leaked out of you and onto the comforter. He wondered if it was even possible for that to happen. “Take off your shirt.” He murmured and you obeyed eagerly. You sat up and pulled off the thin fabric quickly, discarding it from the bed, and then your hand went to the hooks of your bra. It was quickly discarded as well and Jungkook wasted no time in grabbing you again. He gripped your hips and he stuck out his tongue, licking you from the base of your center, over your navel, and in between your breasts. Your back arched upward into his touch and your moaned softly. Your hand reached up once he raised his head again and you tugged at his shirt. He sat up completely and he pulled off his t-shirt in one swipe before tossing it away somewhere to be found later.

“Jungkook..” You called him again as your legs began to close once more to find some sort of friction. His hands gripped your knees and he stopped you. He parted them wide once more and he held them there. He leaned down again and kissed you swiftly before leaving a trail of butterfly kisses down your neck to your mounds where he sucked one into his mouth, his tongue swirling around your nipple. You arched upward once more, trying to press closer against him as you whined and moaned. His right hand massaged the inner muscle of your inner thigh and trailed downward until he reached your core again. He coated his thumb with your slick before he ran the digit between your folds. He massaged your clit with the pad of his thumb and you gasped as the pleasure shot harshly through you. You whined and whimpered loudly, already almost brought to tears as you didn’t think you could handle any teasing. Your wolf cried out, causing you to writhe uncomfortably.

“Shhh, calm down little girl, I’ll take care of you.” The alpha whispered before switching and moving his lips to your other breast. You hummed and panted as excitement and anticipation swallowed you whole. His thumb slid downward to your hole and he pressed teasingly against it. You groaned and squeezed your eyes shut, gripping the sheets around you. Finally, he pushed the digit inside of you and your walls immediately clamped down around him. He hissed at the tight feeling before pumping his hand back and forth. “Are you that needy that you are taking my finger like this?” You panted and whimpered in response. His finger was simply not enough and you craved for more. Your hand reached down and gripped his wrist as you ground hard into his hand. “Kookie…h-how can you t-tease me like this?” You panted irritably. “I know you want t-to be buried in side of me as m-much as I want you to be. I want it, K-Kookie, i want your cock. St-stop playing around!” His eyes flickered and his expression darkened to something frightening. The control he had on himself to keep calm had suddenly shattered and he had snatched his hand away from you so fast you screamed. The sudden empty feeling caused you to growl, but he growled right back, something loud and menacing. This really wasn’t a game anymore. He wanted to be in you.


He was out his jeans in record time and his rather large member bounced free from its restraints. Your hooded gaze stared hungrily down at what was soon to come and you chewed your lip in anticipation. He hovered over your before gripping your legs. He rubbed his hard veiny length against your soaking core and without any hesitation, he relentlessly thrusted into you in one long stroke. Your breath hitched and you cried out loudly the moments he was sheathed, your hands gripping his strong arms as tight as you could manage. He allowed you only a small amount of time for you to adjust, a few seconds to be more specific, and then he pulled back again, grunting as he thrust back into you and repeated the motion, finding a rhythm quickly. You moaned loudly with every strong thrust he presented you with. Your eyes were squeezed shut and you wrapped your legs around his hips, willing him to thrust into you deeper. You were able to peek open your eyes enough to look up at him. He had already broken a sweat, the ends of his hair were stuck to his forehead. His bottom lip was pulled in between his teeth and his brow was knitted tightly together. The sight alone made you writhe and you moaned out louder.

“F-fuck..” Jungkook moaned when he felt your walls clamp tight around him. “How the hell are you this tight? God, your pussy is so good!” He growled loudly. His head rolled backward and he grunted and groaned with exertion. Wet slapping sounds filled the room and so had the smell of sex causing Jungkook to give an animalistic roar. He leaned forward, placing his hands on either side of your head and if it were even possible, he pounded harder into you. Your back arched and you cried out louder. You were already so close but you felt like you had only just begun. You could feel Jungkook’s breath hot against your ear and an uncomfortable tingling sensation burned somewhere in the juncture between the your shoulder and the base of your neck. 

You had to be claimed. 

Jungkook pressed a kiss to your bottom lip before trailing kisses along the side of your jaw. His hands supported your back while he re-positioned his hips and continued to snap hard into you. You squealed suddenly and your hand clawed into his back. “There!” You whaled. “Shit, I’m close!”

“Good.” Jungkook whispered in a sinister tone. You heard a soft clicking sound and you knew his fangs had snapped outward. It was almost time that he made you officially his. After only seven days of knowing him, you knew by the strong attraction you had for each other that he was the one. You were his soulmate and no one could convince you otherwise.

Jungkook hissed the moment he felt you tightening and loosening spastically around him. You were reaching your high quickly and it was time.

“J-Jungkook!” You cried as the knotting you felt in the pit of your belly began to fall apart. Jungkook grazed the tip of his fangs over the tender skin of your neck, and then

he bit you.

You cried out in pleasure and pain as you released around his cock. He road out your orgasm with long slow strokes, easing you down from your high until he steadily reached his own right after you. He let out a throaty moan as he filled you to the brim with his seed; you could feel the thick hot liquid ooze down your thigh. He released his jaw and then ran his tongue over the bite mark he had given you to ease any pain that you felt, then he looked at you, golden eyes shifting back to their natural brown. You looked up at him in a euphoric, drunken state and he smirked. “Who do you belong to, my love?” He whispered quietly.

“You, Jungkook,” you responded obediently, “I belong only to you.” He smiled at the slurred words that left your mouth and he watched as your eyes closed. Slowly, he pulled himself out of you with a little grunt and then he laid down beside you, pulling you into his arms and allowing you to fall asleep until he realized…he wasn’t ready to quit.

“Hey,” He whispered,

“What about round two?”

The Meme and His Tutor

Part 11: The Day The Tutor Had To Go Home

Recommended Song: As I Told You covered by BTS

|All Chapters|


It was the day you had to leave and it was a day you would not forget.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 5313

Length: 11/?

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Sleeping Dogs: Chapter I

AU: Based on my SF9 as Mafia au found here

Chapter One TWs include: blood, death.

Word Count: 3.3k

A/N: Sleeping Dogs has officially begun. Any and all feedback is appreciated and I hope you guys enjoy!

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Prologue | II

i. incipience

    Situated in northern Gangnam-gu, right along the Han River lies a small section of warehouses; some old and abandoned, others moderately new and used only for storage purposes. In one such warehouse, with it’s worn concrete exterior blending into exposed brick, a lone man waits with his hands and feet bound and his mouth gagged. He observes his surroundings, and notes the layers of dried blood on the concrete floor, with some spots darker than others. Those were the most recent ones and it’s not long before he panics, realizing that he’s going to be contributing to the gruesome painting beneath him.

    The row of lights above him do little to reveal anything, and he struggles to distinguish the shadows past the circle of light he sat in. It wasn’t long before the sounds of footsteps reached his ears, and he panicked even more, knowing what his fate would be. The first blow comes from behind, and it’s not one he expects as he tumbles forward, feeling something warm dripping down the back of his neck.

    His vision is blurry and he blinks rapidly, trying to refocus as a pair of feet come into his view, the owner crouching down. The cool metal of a gun is pressed beneath his chin and lifts his head upwards, forcing him to look into the eyes of death itself: a Red Dragon.

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Hang on, Baby!

Author: BabyLove (sugamins)



Description: “OK, first, I need to tell you this. I thought about this date all week long, OK? I mean, all week long and that’s not a joke, Jiminie.”

“Hmm, Yoongi,” Jimin said around his slushie straw, his lips lifting up into a smile. “That’s cute.”

“Huh?” Yoongi hummed, lifting his eyebrows as he did. But his boyfriend just carried on sipping at his drink, which meant that he should continue explaining. So, he shifted on the wall and tried to think of the right words to say. “Well, you put a lot of thought into the first two dates, so, that meant that I needed to do something special too. But, I ain’t in Gangnam-gu, and it’s hard to find out about all of these new cool places to visit, yeah? And Seodaemun-gu is pretty much dead of an evening, which meant that I really had to think to find the right place. That’s when it hit me.”

“What hit you, Yoongi?”

“Something special, somewhere special, there’s only one place in this district like that,” he stated, before quickly adding. “The arcade, Jiminie: Electrozone.

”A.K.A. that oneshot in which Yoongi is highly competitive whilst playing Galaga, Jimin bets kisses, and everything is soft like always™

Comments: Kisses, kisses, and more kisses. Very fluffy and cute.

All my love

Title: All my love 

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook/Park Jimin (Jikook/Kookmin)

Word count: 5,000

Genre: Stalker AU, romance


Warnings: Possessive and obsessive behaviour. Smut. Unhealthy relationship. Dark themes. Kidnapping.  

Author’s note: Some Stalker headcanons!! I’m sorry if this one isn’t as well written out and poetic as my previous Murder Husbands AU headcanons and I thought it was pretty good as it was!! Please enjoy!!!!! :D 


It’s love at first sight when Jungkook meets Jimin at some obscure club one night. They bond over a few drinks, whilst Jimin is oblivious to the hungry stare that Jungkook drags over his body. He thinks it’s just lust for the moment, something he’s very accustomed to, but then Jimin tells him a little more about himself, and Jungkook is immediately enraptured. When they go home together in a drunken stupor, Jungkook does his best to memorise Jimin’s face. He does his best to remember the breathy introduction they make between kisses, and he’s adamant on not forgetting the next morning.

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Seoul: Gangnam Station by Seoul Korea
Via Flickr:
Popular stalls selling all sorts of street food. Gangnam station and the surrounding streets is one of the busiest parts of the city. World famous thanks to Psy’s hit Gangnam Style song, the district houses many international business’ headquarters as well as retail and entertainment facilities especially popular in the evenings.

[171016] Kyungsoo was featured on Jeong Seongmin’s Instagram Update


#EXO #DoKyungsoo # Hoping the movie that you had the fighting spirit to shave for hits daebak #KimChungKyungHairFace

Salon Information

Hair Salon: Kim Chung Kyung Hair.Face
Address: Namgang Building, 412 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 강남구 도산대로 412 남강빌딩)
Nearest Subway Stations:
- Apgujeongrodeo (Bandung Line, Exit 4, ~9mins walk)
- Gangnam-gu Office (Line 7 Exit 3 / Bandung Line, Exit 3-1, ~13mins walk)
Opening Hours: 10:00 - 20:00 KST daily
Telephone Number: 02-3446-2700

Cr: IG @jeongseongmin2788 (2017.10.16)
Eng Trans: twitter @lollipollipop 
Info consolidation: twitter @enthralleddd 
In partnership with: IG @channel930112

A World Without You (English) Ch. 12

Summary: One day, you woke up in a world without Bangtan Sonyeondan.
Note: In case you’re wondering, no, my writer block is still not over. It’s just that I had this chapter in Indonesian ready since 12th June and an anon asked to translate it, so here it is! I’m so sorry if it sucks though, I really do think this one’s quite disappointing.

prev | next (coming soon)

The hotel (y/n) was staying at was big. She did ask for a queen size bed, so the room felt quite spacious.

Once she put her luggages, she decided to look for dinner since it was almost dark already. Armed with Google Translate and internet, she walked down the streets of the country her beloved K-Pop idols originated from.

I need you girl, ne, kimi wa hitori itsumo migatte de. I need you girl, ne boku wa hitori kimi e hikarete ku. I need you girl, mabushi sou de… I need you girl, kogoe sou de… I need you girl, I need you girl, I need you girl, I need you girl~” She started humming the Japanese version of Bangtan’s first song to gain a win, eyes still skimming through the shops and restaurants.

“Hm… What should I eat? Jajangmyeon is famous, isn’t it? And those seven boys like them too…”

Once she found a restaurant serving said dish, she entered and picked a table. A waitress came and gave her a menu.

Saying thank you, she glanced at the menu, finding pictures and names of food that looked so delicious. Thankfully for her the restaurant decided to put the English names and romaji of those foods underneath all those hangul.

J-Jeogiyo!” (excuse me!) She said, trying to get one of the waiters’ attention.

Once a waiter approached her, she started pointing at the pictures and talked with what limited Korean she knew from songs, dramas, and read ups a day before. “Jajangmyeon han beon bongsa haejuseyo, samgyeopsal eelinboon juseyo.” (I want one portion of jajangmyeon, I want one portion of samgyeopsal)

(Y/n) knew that her grammar and structure must’d been awful, but she didn’t care anymore, her stomach needed to be filled already. “Ah, iced tea juseyo! Kamsahamnida.

After (quite possibly) humiliating herself with her messy (and hopefully polite) Korean, that waiter left her and went to the kitchen to tell the chefs about her orders.

“Okay, now’s time to find out about BigHit. I think they’re supposed to be in Gangnam-gu…? Ah, how could the address disappear from my phone!”

Grumbling, she opened her GPS app to find out the address BigHit was supposed to be.

“I think BigHit’s supposed to be not that far from Bangtan’s dorm, so does that mean their dorm is also in Gangnam?” She mumbled.

“Oh! I know! There was Cheong-gu Bldg in the address, whatever that is, and um… Nonhyeon? Oh, does Bldg mean building?”

Before she could continue her search, her food was served. And nothing could stop her from eating when she was hungry. Not even an address to find.

After she ate, (y/n) continued to walk alongside the street. This time she walked towards Han River where Namjoon often went to to find inspirations. She sat on one of the spots with wonderful view of the great river.

“Ah, if this continues can I even find out anything about them?” She sighed.

“I don’t even remember their exact address… The only addresses I can possibly find right now are JYP and SM where Jungkook and Jin work…”

Too annoyed, rather than brainstorming to find out how to find Bangtan or BigHit, she started reminiscing those days when she could easily read fanfictions about them in Tumblr.

Sometimes she would laugh or chuckled at herself when she remembered some scenes.

I miss Bangtan…

Shaking her head, (y/n) stood up and walked towards the riverside. “Bogo shipda, ireoke malhanikka deo bogo shipda… Neohi sajineul bogo isseodo bogo shipda, neomu yasokhan shigan, naneun uriga mibda ijen eolgul han beon boneun geotto himdeureojin uriga.” Namjoon’s rap part in Spring Day was her favorite part of the song, and singing it gave her comfort somehow.

She was going to continue singing the main song of You Never Walk Alone album when someone tapped her shoulder.

Neo Ou paen-iya?

(Y/n) turned around and found a man wearing a cap and black mask, clearly smiling as she could see from his crescent shaped eyes. Somehow he looked familiar…

“Ah, sorry, I don’t speak Korean.” She said in English apologetically.

He seems understood and nodded, and then he asked again, “Are you fan? Ou?” Ah, it’s clear that he couldn’t speak English, his pronunciation was thick with Korean accent.

Oh, he’s asking if I’m a fan of Ou or not. So Jungkook released Spring Day as well?

(Y/n) nodded. “Geurae, naya.” (Yes, that’s right)

“He famous, yes?

She almost laugh at his cute way of pronouncing, but she managed to held it back. “Ye.

That man just smiled and nodded, and then he left.

“Huh, who could that be? He kinda feels familiar…”

Once realizing how late it was, (y/n) decided to go back and do more research from internet. Besides her hotel had free Wi-Fi.

She just realized a tiny little thing when she was already back at her hotel room.

“That guy… His eyes looked like Jimin’s when he smiles… That voice kinda sounds like Jimin’s as well… C-Could that be him?!”

“……Ah, no way. Jimin’s totally in Busan right now, right?”