ganghwa do

Sun has been sick with the stomach flu all day. My poor baby, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen him this sick. He woke up feeling shitty but he pushed through and we made our way to Ilsan to meet his parents, but he had a fever and was sleeping on the bus and the car. Once we got to Ganghwa-do, he continued to sleep but then ended up throwing up. He just looked completely miserable. Now he’s sleeping next to me after eating some 죽 I made for him when we got home (thank you @lavamos for helping me figure out how to make it in my rice cooker). 

Today was a good day even though Sun was sleeping. I tried to help his parents as much as I could since Sun was so sick. That also meant a lot of Korean speaking time, which was a bit scary. I think the only part I got nervous about was when the halmoni from across the road came to eat with us and she started talking to me and saying something about “here” and patting the spot next to her, leading me to believe that she wanted me to sit next to her but as I looked at Sun’s mom for help (I really can’t understand anything this halmoni says, fml) she translated it to that I should come here (to the farm) every week because she wants to see me. 

Found out that her son’s wife is Vietnamese. She’s very pretty and young and spoke Korean perfectly. I never would have guessed. Anyway, that explains why this halmoni was in Vietnam a couple of weeks ago. The two doggies were so happy to see me, it was a little heartbreaking because I want to just take them both. Dogs are such angels like when I first met them, they were so ferocious and just a little love and showing them we’re not scared and they’ve turned into mushy babies. Anyway, I couldn’t walk them today because Sun couldn’t and taking them both on a walk together is really hard since they’re not really leash trained. I was sad. 

Sun’s mom made the most amazing feast for lunch: squid jeon, some kind of clam soup, meat, rice, tons of veggies from the farm (lettuce, perilla leaves, green peppers, celery) and we also drank tons of makeolli. It was wonderful. Sun’s mom also called me her daughter at the grocery store when we were buying squid. It made me teary eyed~

Every Sunday I eat until I’m about to burst. Then the halmoni’s son brought us ice cream AND THEN WE ATE WATERMELON. I almost died. Sun’s dad said I should bring friends to the farm to eat and hang out!  

Weekend done. My fridge is full of fruits and veggies from the farm (blueberries, Korean cherries, watermelon) it’s ridiculous. Sun and I are trying to only eat at home from now on since we’ve been eating out and mostly crap for the last month. Let’s see if we can get through all this delicious food!