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This is a bit of an oddball and really open but I was curious if you had any general headcannons for the gods? It's so cool that each of them have their own personalities attached (Ifrit's lazy almost cat-like lounging at first, Shiva's gentle wiseness, etc etc) and I'm interested in your take on them

So basically they’re one big dysfunctional family.

Also it seems I’ve fallen in love with each of them and now they’re all my children.


  • Is so, so gentle like it would melt your heart if you saw him on a typical day in the land of the Astrals
  • Tends to both a regular garden and a rock garden
    • His favorite plants are these silver petaled flowers that only grow in the world of the Astrals and hibiscus
  • Gets along with animals really well??  His particular favorite are cats
  • Takes pride in the fact that Leviathan actually considers him a friend of hers
    • He knew that the others were wrong to brand her as such a terrible person; they just needed to put in the effort to get to know her…though he does admit that her attitude could uh….use just a little bit of work
    • They’ll get there and he’ll help in whatever way he can
  • Basically just think Hunk from Voltron tbh
  • Suffers from being labeled as some scary monster by the mortals, and it didn’t help when everything happened at the Disc with Ardyn and Noct and the gang
  • Has been taken under Bahamut’s wing though Titan doesn’t rely on him as much these days as he had previously
  • Dislikes the world of the mortals, especially after having been there for so long
    • He’s particularly sensitive to negativity and there’s a lot of that in the mortal realm
  • Does enjoy the mortal realm for it’s flora and fauna though
  • Usually on the quieter side of the scale, but not an introvert
    • He enjoys going out with the others to go drinking and such
    • Plus he knows it makes it easier for Leviathan to relax when he’s with her since as she gets along with him the best

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Ansty girl Tommy Oliver headcannons

  • Rocker chic
  • Really hotheaded
  • Loves to get into fights and would fight anyone anytime
  • Parents moved to Angel Grove to get Tommy out of a gang
  • Has a dragon tattoo to cover gang tattoo
  • Says friends are just burdens but actually thinks she would be the burden
  • Acts likes she’s tough and doesn’t care about anyone but is actually a big ol’ softy and romantic
  • “Why did you join a gang?” “I honestly don’t know anymore… I guess I was just looking for a family that actually cared about me”
  • Got drunk at a party and kissed Harper and photos spread through school and Harper denies everything
  • Dating Harper on the DL
  • Kim gets a little pissed when she finds out about them
  • “Harper isn’t as big of a bitch as you think she is, she just doesn’t realize that she’s being a try hard, but I’m working on it”
  • Tommy and Trini decide plan a double date to get Harper and Kim to at least stand each other

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