ganggreen gang

The Powerpuff girls theory

The Powerpuff girls is a cartoon about three sisters fighting crime.They we’re made in a “lab” by The Professor.


That’s all a lie,they are just normal girls.

Made in a lab?No that was just an excuse because they didn’t have a mom,we’ll they did but she left them.

- The professor isn’t a scientists he was a pharmacist.He constantly worked in the basement a room the girls weren’t
allowed in.

- “Mojojojo” was their step brother.He wasn’t allowed to live with the girls because he wanted to um… do things with them.He was obsessed with the girls,wanting to kidnap them.

- In “Mommy Fearest” ,the women dating The Professor was the girls’ step mother.

- “Fuzzy Lumpkin” was their creepy neighbor.

- “The GangGreen Gang” was a group of teens,that played along with the girls.

- “The major” was their grandpa.He played along with their superhero games.

- “HIM” was their homosexual uncle.The Professor convince the girls that he was evil for being homosexual.And in the cartoon his name is HIM because when The Professor mentions him hi doesn’t say his real name he says “HIM”.

What theory should i do next?