Had a great time at TCAF hanging out with the ol’ Gangbunch!  Tauhid, you at least made some digital appearances (Nic propped up a portrait of you on her ipad during one of our meals).

We ate an adorable rabbit.  It died probably from being killed.  And then we put it into our mouths.

Since Brian mentioned this is one of his favourite pieces, I thought I’d slap some colours on this old linework.  I wonder how obnoxious my colour palettes can get before they start pissing people off!

It’s a lineup of MSPA forum admins, but minus the excellent Rincebrain for reasons of post-drawing laziness. Left to right: Ryan North, Tynic, Byrobot, Andrew Hussie, Betelgeuse, NaS, and me.
Webcomics Answered

I think last TCAF or the one before I wanted to shoot a video with Andrew parodying those “Unscripted” interviews celebrities do, because sometimes jokes come to my head in skit form.  The joke in this one being that none of the questions are actually answered.  Even if I had the equipment though, there’s never tons of free time on those weekends.  So enjoy the idea instead as an ugly and super-tall storyboard!


In 2010, the MSPA forums underwent an overhaul which was preceded with a dramatic APOCALYPSE event.  The theme background was replaced with a tiled animated gif of hurtling meteors and assorted contributors posted a chapter of the story leading to the forum’s purported demise.  These were my chapter (minus the punchline panel where Cindy calls me “Worst admin” because Tumblr seems to have a 10 image limit)

Edit: Oops, some of the thumbnails won’t animate.

tauhidbondia  asked:

I heard that you were thinking of doing a Rap comic and decided to out you on Tumblr about it. But then I realized that you could just not answer this an no one would ever read it. Also it's not really a question so far.... When can we expect you to debut your rap comic?


So I love rap, and I’m talking that real underground street shit too (I know you know all this Tauhid but you prompted me for a public answer).  For the longest time I’ve wanted to make a comic (or animation if I were rich) involving hip hop and lots of dope lyricism.

It started with a general concept of an aspiring emcee and I talked with Andrew (Hussie) about collaborating on it.  This was back before And It Don’t Stop, which was originally a part of a comic anthology we were developing.  The original character designs I came up with for the rapper and his friend eventually were recycled into the roommate characters in my Moe comic:

Eliot (left) and Pacey (right) would idly dream about rap success in probably Boston until a dishonest talent manager named Merlin made them sign a lifelong contract and instigated the action of the story. I only remember a few things about this tale that were funny enough that I’ll save them for future stories or Moe strips.

Then I got the idea of how fresh it would be to fuse hip hop and spellcasting fantasy.  Rap battles are a distinct part of the culture and lend themselves well to action comics, as you’ll see in Tauhid’s excellent project.  This snowballed into the story I really want to tell about optimistic children in an apocalyptic, completely shitty and gritty world, hoping to use their rap talents to save the planet. Along their quest their party will grow, they’ll square off against “boss” type emcees who are corrupted by maliciousness, and if I can write it well enough, there will be a number of dramatic subplots dealing with serious shit like parental abandonment, drug abuse, racism, and poop like that.

This is an idea that could only be executed by someone with a passion for rhymes.  I would hate to see this kind of concept tortured by the typical, sarcastic rhymes of someone who isn’t particularly into rap (♪Yo my name is _____ and I’m here to say). Fortunately I feel that I have not just a sense of how language and rhythm is used in rap from listening to it so much, but a lyrical creativity that would make reading rhymes interesting and fun.  Reading rhymes is another bummer.  Brilliant as a rhyme can be, average readers don’t want walls of text to drudge through particularly in comics.  But I think this can be easily compensated for by breaking up freestyles over man panels and depicted actions (the metaphors of the lyrics would manifest visually in the rhymecasting) and by not having rap in the strip too frequently.

Shit, I didn’t mean any of those words about And It Don’t Stop, though.  Tauhid could write 1000 words in one panel and I would read it eagerly.

I’m not sure what I want to do next though, for a proper long form comic.  I have way too many lingering ideas.  Got a .txt file with something like thirty or forty story synopses recorded.  I’ve also been keen on the idea of doing a zombie story but I know that’s a saturated realm these days.  However, I’m not doing this for money, so I’ll make what I want to make!

And even I am not sure what that will be yet.

Or how soon.


Here is some more old concept art:

queenphysics-deactivated2013060  asked:

Hey, have you ever drawn THE HUSS and if not could you?

Hell son, me and Andrew are GANGBUNCHERs.  We’ve all drawn each other more times than I can remember.

The twisted Cheerfulbear - Play Me thread?  I was Jigsaw (and myself, obviously).

Our relationship goes back to 2003, we came up in the same art forum together so lots of affectionate art adventures and portraits took place throughout the years.  We even plotted a comics anthology together, though I was too immature to carry it forward at the time.

But since we’ll be hanging at TCAF I definitely plan to include a portrait of him in my recent series, so stay tuned!

peanutjellyandbutter  asked:

What's in the background of the upper right Hussie picture? Also, is there a larger version of it that I can see/save, because I really like it.

That’s from portraits I did of Gangbunchers for one of the GB site designs, the backgrounds were artwork by the person depicted, so I can’t take credit for that!

Sorry, best resolution I have that I’ve found thus far.

anonymous asked:

hey hey hey why does tauhid use blue so much

Perhaps he’s used to using non-repro blue pencils for traditional sketching!  But otherwise, it can help freshen your perspective while drawing to use abnormal colours in the lines or background.  Or it could just be part of building a style/identity, or arbitrary, especially since it’s so easy to adjust hues in Photoshop.

Tangent: For backgrounds, it actually helps to use a midtone value because then it won’t compete for visual attention whether you’re building up lights or shading in darks.

I’m not sure how to answer these privately, so everybody gets to see!