anon: Can i request some h2obrohmtoonz cuddling while in their gang beasts outfit? I saw some of your art in the onesies and its just s cute. Or maybe Bryce in his purple or chicken

anon: If youre still doing the color palette. Brohm or H2oBrohmtoonz Speak to Me?

Really really quick drawing (10min), hard to have variation in color with 4!!!

so I watched Seananners recent gang beasts video with mr.sark, terroriser and mini ladd

so I was excited over them getting to play altogether,
but then I realized Adam and Sark make the most casual reactions as possible

then theres craig and brian

like wyd


Me: is sad that (most of) my boys are at PAX and I’m not

Mini: uploads a video of him playing a game with Wildcat

Vanoss: uploads a BO3 zombies video where Moo is adorable AND with the BO3 dream team (Daithi, Wildcat, Moo, and Vanoss)

BasicallyIDoWrk: is an absolute gem on twitter where Simone has to build a LEGO set for him

RacingCatz: shows his face

Smii7y: teases us with photos

407: posts dozens of pictures/videos of him, Chrissy, Panda, and Tyler being idiots

Vanoss, Ohm, RacingCatz, Wildcat, and Delirious: The fucking Gmod twerk mod


Did they fucking know how sad we were gonna be and made a point to make us smile? Either way, this was a great couple of days for everyone.

The amount of photos people are tracking down of the guys of them as kids or in high school is actually starting to make me UNCOMFORTABLE. Guys, seriously. That’s borderline stalking, and creepy, and it feels like a MAJOR INVASION OF PRIVACY. Seriously, fucking stop it. It was cute the first two times but now this is getting out of hand. Quit searching for them like their personal lives before YouTube is fair game. It’s personal, and you shouldn’t feel like you’re entitled to track this shit down. They probably had these sources from their PERSONAL FACEBOOK PAGES. Seriously, this isn’t fucking cool.


This cutie is literally the most precious thing! I’ve been subscribed for almost 3 or 4 years now and I can’t get over the fact that he literally risks his life for other people in video games. And his stupid fucking voice has me tripping up and blushing whenever he uses THAT tone.

You know what I’m fucking talking about! When he says something completely innocent but it sounds so dirty in his voice! I’m left wondering how in God’s green Earth can someone so dorky and adorable sound so fucking sexy in 0.01 seconds?

Not to mention he’s so thoughtful, when he’s streaming if chat is in a dark place then he’ll stop and talk about his struggles and encourage others to get help and gets the people to find suicide hotlines for anyone that needs them.

I just think not enough people appreciate Ohm. I love him with my whole heart and I’m honestly glad the bbs fandom sort of unanimously added Ohm to this fandom. He’s the biggest sweetheart on this entire planet. ❤

I heard that @banana-bus-squad sadly never got their Secret Santa gift, something that I was a victim to as well. I don’t want anyone to feel as crummy as I did, so here’s a little late gift for them to make them smile. I know I wasn’t your partner, but hopefully this makes up for your missing gift. I also know you like Vanoo, so here’s a little doodle of the two birbs being lovey dovey with each other. Please enjoy, and smile! (Style heavily influenced by @owlbooty who I also hope feels better and takes this as a gift for themselves as well, because I know they’re not having the best of times either.) ❤️❤️❤️


Delirious woke me up, and did not disappoint me. XD