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Hispanic Girls United because when I was in middle school I tried to go for the 50 girl pinup look wich required bandanas, cat eye, red lips, leather jackets, and sometimes flannel. I would get called a chola and a gang member and get made fun of but when a white girl did it she was so “retro” and “trendy” and “unique”

Imagine being your boyfriend Jamie’s training officer for the day

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Imagine being your boyfriend Jamie’s training officer for the day

“Hey,” Sonny greeted for the first time that day as he walked up from you from the entrance of the squad-room, “Do you know what that meeting at 9 is about?”

“Well, good morning to you too,” You smirked as you took a sip of coffee.

“Sorry,” Sonny apologised half-heartedly as he took off his coat and sat down at his desk.

“Well?” You prompted.

“Good morning to you too, Y/N,” He calmed half-heartedly, a chuckle on his lips.

“Thank you,” You grinned triumphantly, “And yes I do,”

“Well?” He prompted, mocking you tastefully.

“It’s about the new officer training programme,” You informed, “You know the one where detectives from Specialised units takes on a uniform who wants to go into said unit for a day. It’s supposed to give the uniform a realistic taste of what the job is actually like and it’s also supposed to refresh the detective and remind them why they love what they do,”

“Seriously?” Sonny asked.

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I am also researching medusa's story and in most of the version I've read the two other gorgons are refered to as her sisters, Do you know if Athena transformed them as well or??? Did Medusa have two gorgon sisters the whole time and was it just never mentioned???? Is more of a gorgon sisterhood and they're not related but united in gorgonness????

This is again a matter of myths varying according to source, but I love talking about Greek mythology so here we go! According to most sources, there are three Gorgon sisters: Medusa, Euryale, and Sthenno. Homer is an exception, because he only ever wrote about one ‘Gorgo’, who we can assume was Medusa. 

Most ancient writers and artists depicted the Gorgons as monsters with wings, brazen claws, scaly skin, huge teeth, and surrounded by snakes. But out of the three sisters Medusa was the only mortal one, and according to some sources she was also stunningly (no pun intended) beautiful. The classic myth of Medusa is found in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. In this version she was raped by Poseidon in Athena’s temple, and then Athena cursed her by turning her hair into snakes. So Medusa was the only Gorgon to be transformed by Athena. However, early Greek writers simply portrayed her as a mortal monster, no transformation implied.

And although the Gorgons are related, I like the idea of them being a badass girl gang united in gorgonness! Thank you for the ask, I hope these answers helped! x 

Adding the source again for reference: 


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The whole gang unite <3 maybe you’re wondering why I put the UT (cat and dog) with the fellbros and the US (bunny and fox) with the classics…well, even if was pretty interesting otherwise, I didn’t want to put together both UT brothers with their own…furry like version (?) So hey! Paps favorite book it’s about a bunny and Sans…well, their relationship with fox!papy it’s complicated (it’s have an explanation, ask if you want to know)

Like I say the other day, I’ve so many ideas for this guys, so feel free to ask me anything. I’ll draw the answer, so go on! (but keep it in mind, that the fellwolves belong to Sanspar and have their own story). 

Fellwolves belong to @sanspar / Bunny!Blue and Fox!Papy design by @keksbela (so cute) / Kitty!Sans and Dog!Papyrus design by me


hi guys!!! here’s my Sylvie got kidnapped fic!!! it really was a step outside my comfort zone—i usually write in sylvie’s POV and also i don’t really write cop/police/violence fics! but here you go! Hope this will make your broken brettonio hearts feel a little better💛i don’t own anything!
Kenny Rixton was still trying to get used to the Intelligence Unit, and being back up with Voight again. It certainly felt like old times in some ways, but of course everything was vastly different.

He and Halstead were heading back from a visit with one of Halstead’s CI’s. Kenny himself was enjoying the peaceful ride back, a rarity in this unit.

His phone buzzed. He dug into his pocket for it, and his confusion rose when he realized it was a video from an unknown number.

“What is it?” Halstead asked from the driver’s seat. Apparently Erin never let him drive, so he was pretty excited to get to control the steering wheel this time.

“A video of some sort.” Kenny responded, wondering if he should watch the video or not. It could be a wrong number or just spam.

“Watch it.” Halstead suggested, keeping his eyes on the road, but every couple of seconds he looked over at Kenny, curious.

Kenny pressed play on the video. His stomach dropped immediately when the video started, there was a blonde woman tied on a chair, with a piece of silver duck tape over her mouth.

“Holy shit.” He breathed out, transfixed by what was happening on the screen. He heard Halstead asking him what was going on, but he ignored him.

A couple of men stepped into view. Kenny recognized them almost immediately, they were part of a gang that he ran into multiple times when he was with the gang unit.

“We have your girlfriend, Rixton.” One of the men let out a cruel laugh, pulling on the woman’s blonde locks. Who was certainly not his girlfriend.

While he was relieved that his girlfriend wasn’t in trouble, he was worried for this unknown woman who now was mixed up in his mess.

Halstead voiced again what was wrong, and Kenny decided to tell him to pull over so he could have a look at the video.

Kenny realized that the woman who was being held hostage was someone Halstead knew when his face turned pale white. “Fuck.”

“You know her?” Kenny questioned, even though he knew the answer. The suspense was killing him though.

“Yeah, I do. That’s Sylvie Brett, paramedic at 51.” The name didn’t ring a bell, but the firehouse station did. Kenny knew that Intelligence had a close relationship with that specific firehouse.

“Well, shit.” Kenny responded, feeling even worse. This was someone who was close to the unit he was now a part of, and it was all his fault she was in this mess.

Halstead didn’t respond, starting the car back up and began to drive faster than before. He was also beginning to call someone.

“Letting Voight know?” Kenny wondered out loud, as he played the video again to try to analyze the location and any potential clues.

“Yeah. I was going to let her boyfriend know first, but decided letting Voight and the team getting a jump on the case would be more productive than him freaking out.” He responded. Voight must have then answered the phone, because he began to have a conversation with him.

It was very brief, with Halstead hanging up the phone a few seconds later. “We gotta get back to show them this video.”

“So you know her boyfriend well?” Kenny asked. He wondered if it would be necessary to have a distraught boyfriend involved, could only be distracting.

“He just switched our unit to go to work for the state attorney as a lead investigator. You might have heard of him.”

Kenny knew exactly who Halstead was talking about. He had always remembered the man’s name ever since his son was kidnapped by that drug lord years ago, it felt like the whole Chicago police was on that case. “Antonio Dawson, right?”

“That’s him.”

“He is going to be pissed.”

“Hell yeah he is.” Halstead turned down the street that the police department resided on. “Can’t blame him though.”


Antonio was in his office, filling out paperwork. Even though it was been almost two months since he has started working here, he still found it surreal that he actually had his own office. Laura’s was adjoining to his, but normally they were together in the same room discussing a case.

There were things he missed about the Intelligence Unit, and of course things that he didn’t miss. He missed his friends, and while he did meet up with them at Molly’s for an occasional drink, it wasn’t the same as working with them everyday at District 21.

But the reason why he was here instead of there was because of the unavoidable pros to his new job. He had gone to multiple of Eva and Diego’s extracurricular activities since switching jobs, and also had been spending more time with Sylvie. Being in charge of his own unit and having a higher salary was the cherry on top.

His phone began to vibrate. He picked it up, frowning when he noticed the caller ID read Voight’s name. If his old boss was calling during work hours, something had to be wrong.

“Hey,” Antonio greeted him, while still keeping his eye on the paperwork in front of him. “Something up?”

“Antonio.” Yep, something was definitely wrong. Antonio sat straighter up in his chair, no longer looking at his paperwork.

Voight continued talking. “It’s Sylvie. She’s been taken by a gang—”

When Voight spoke Sylvie’s name, Antonio jumped out of his chair. He knew the news would be bad, but he wasn’t expecting this. “What the hell—” He grabbed his keys from the corner of his desk, yanking the door open.

“Don’t do anything reckless.” But Antonio ignored him, ending the call. He dashed past Lori’s office, hearing her call his name, asking him where he was going. He didn’t bother answering, he had to get to District 21 and figure out why his girlfriend was taken by gangsters. And how he was going to get her back.

He hadn’t really appreciated how close District 21 was to the justice building until now. And since he was speeding, he had no care for the law right now, he arrived at the police department even faster than the usual trip.

He stormed into the building, ignoring Platt’s calls, asking what was wrong. She would find out at some point, what was more important was him getting to his old unit and finding out what the hell was going on.

He dashed up the stairs, the only sound being the slamming of each foot onto the next step. It seemed like eternity before he reached the Intelligence Unit’s floor, which during a normal visit would have been meaningless seconds.

Everyone, including Voight, were standing around the guy who was currently replacing Ruzek, but Antonio couldn’t recall his name. Honestly, he couldn’t really care less under the circumstances he is dealing with.

He entered into the room without a second thought, not bothering to say hello. He was going straight to the point. “Can someone tell me what the hell is going on?” He attempted to keep his voice steady, but it was getting stronger by the minute. All he knew was that Sylvie was taken and nothing else. He couldn’t really find it in him to have any patience.

“We are still getting information but—”

Antonio interrupted Halstead, his temper on the edge of bursting. “Tell me what information you already have.” He demanded.

Ruzek’s replacement walked over to him, a grimace on his face. Whatever he was about to say, Antonio knew it wasn’t good.

But he had to know. No matter how bad it was, he could have more knowledge to help figure out where the hell his girlfriend was.

The man didn’t say anything, instead silently handing over his phone to Antonio. Ignoring the pit in his stomach, Antonio pressed play on the video that was on the screen.

The feeling Antonio felt when Sylvie came into view with a piece of duck tape over her mouth and tied to a wooden chair was indescribable rage. He could only remember feeling this way back when Diego was taken.

He couldn’t distinguish her facial expression, but judging by her eyes rapidly looking around, she was terrified.

“Fuck.” The explicit slipped out of Antonio’s mouth as he continued to view the video. He was now leaning against a desk, using it to prevent himself from collapsing on the floor. A hand was placed on his shoulder for support, but Antonio didn’t bother to look to see who it was. He suspected it was Lindsay.

To his horror, it only got worse. A few men then came into the frame, none that Antonio recognized. However, with his experience of being a Chicago cop for years, he could tell that this was a gang they were dealing with. Antonio tried to backtrack to refresh his memory of his recent gang meetings, but none of them popped up to be alarming or suspicious. So if this wasn’t done as revenge against Antonio, then what was it? Did something happen at 51? He was sure he would have been notified if something was wrong…

“We have your girlfriend, Rixton.” One of the men spoke, grabbing strands of Sylvie’s blond hair. At this, Antonio’s grip on the phone tightened. And when Sylvie let out a yelp of pain, Antonio was about to chuck the phone across the room in frustration. Luckily, the hand on his shoulder quickly grabbed his arm. This time he was able to recognize his helper: Erin Lindsay, who he had guessed just before.

“Watch the rest of the video.” Lindsay told him firmly, taking the phone from him and held it herself. With his hands now free, Antonio clasped them together tightly, hoping the pressure would somehow help ease his stress.

He listened to Lindsay, knowing that him freaking out would only take more time away from finding Sylvie. The man that had pulled Sylvie’s hair continued talking, saying that he wanted one of his members back that this Rixton ended up putting behind bars. Only then he would get his “girlfriend” back. Who unbeknownst to them, was actually Antonio’s girlfriend.

Antonio knew that he had to take in the entire screen, figure out any clues possible. No matter how hard he tried though, he couldn’t bring himself to look away from Sylvie.

Lindsay put her hand on Antonio’s shoulder once again when one of the men returned his attention back on Sylvie. He leaned down to her, excruciatingly slow, hand stroking her hair. Another curse word escaped from Antonio’s mouth. The bastard was trying to mess with him.

“Better come soon.” The man laughed, similar to ones you would hear in horror films. Sylvie cringed, trying to move her body as far as she could away from his hand.

The screen then went black. Nothing else. That was all the information they have.

Antonio was about to speak, but then saw the passing of the phone where the video resided on from Lindsay to the man he didn’t know the name of.

“You’re Rixton?” Antonio recalled the name that was mentioned in the video.

The man hesitatingly nodded, seeming to regard Antonio with caution. Antonio could barely resist the urge to roll his eyes, as he wasn’t going to deck the guy. He knew that this was just an unfortunate situation that Sylvie had ended up in. The members of the gang that were holding her hostage were the ones that Antonio had a real problem with.

“Kenny Rixton.” He found his voice, introducing his whole name. “Look, man, I’m sorry about all of this.”

Antonio shook his head, pushing down the feelings of annoyance. He wasn’t in the mood for introductions and apologizes, they weren’t necessary. “No need. What’s important is us to find Sylvie. So I want you to tell me everything you know and why they got my girlfriend instead of yours.”

“Okay, so this gang is one we dealt with a while ago, I actually haven’t heard much from them in a while.” Rixton begun speaking. Antonio refrained from urging him to talk faster, knowing he couldn’t be completely unreasonable. Everyone was here to help, he reminded himself.

“I didn’t know they still had hard feelings about me locking one of their guys up.” Rixton confessed, scratching the back of his neck. “If I would have known, I would have been more suspicious about the other day—”

“What happened the other day?” Antonio interrupted him, getting more and more agitated.

“Just felt like I was being followed at the grocery store.” Rixton seemed frustrated at himself for not being more concerned. “It was only a few seconds.”

“Tell me more about your girlfriend.” Antonio instructed. “Why would they get mixed up? Assuming they had similar hair colors, I would think this gang would be smarter than that.”

Rixton didn’t answer him, instead scrolling through his phone. Antonio bit his tongue, telling himself that whatever the guy was doing was beneficial to finding Sylvie. And if it wasn’t, then would just deck him right here.

He was then passed the phone, with an image pulled up on the screen. Rixton’s girlfriend, Antonio assumed. Facially, the woman didn’t look similar to Sylvie. However, her hair was pulled back into a familiar blonde French braid. Another piece of information that caught his attention was what she was wearing, similar clothes to what Sylvie tends to wear when she goes to her Zumba classes.

Antonio handed the phone back, immediately running his hands through his hair once they were free. He wanted to scream, he wanted to throw things. But he had to keep doing his job and pretend everything was fine.

“Do you recognize the location?” He asked Rixton, who began to search through his phone again.

Olinsky stepped forward, paperwork files in hand. Antonio realized that he wasn’t actually in the room when he had arrived. The files told him where he was minutes ago.

“Got info on some of the members.” Olinsky informed him, spreading the paperwork out on the nearest desk. Antonio was on his heels, quickly following him. Four files were sorted in a line, with one standing out to him specifically.

“That’s the main one from the video.” Antonio tapped his finger against the second file. He skimmed through the information. “James Uilek.” He muttered the name aloud.

Olinsky apparently already went through the files because he began to speak up for everyone else’s benefit. “James Uilek, 28. Has been involved with gang life for years, but has only been in contact with the police over minor issues, being able to skid past other involvements.”

Antonio desperately searched over and over in James Uilek’s file to try to find any information that would potentially help to find Sylvie.

“The only thing we have is the address to his mother’s house.” Antonio sighed, tapping his fingers against the wooden desk in frustration. “Can you guys pull up a warrant?”

“I’m on it.” Burgess offered, heading out of the room. As she passed, she squeezed Antonio’s shoulder as a sign of support.

Antonio leaned down to scribble down Uilek’s mother’s address on a scrap piece of paper, before shoving it into his pocket.
“Whose coming with me?” He asked.

Voight decided to voice his concerns. “Does Stone and everyone know what’s going on? Why you aren’t at your own job?”

At the reminder of his job, Antonio faltered slightly. But he then shrugged, not particularly bothered if they are angry about him dashing out of work. They would understand. “I’ll shoot a text to Nagle.” He said.

Voight didn’t say anything else, but it was clear that he was keeping his mouth shut. They had a new dynamic now, as they were both in charge of their respective units. But other than that minor change, it felt like he has never left the Intelligence Unit. And still maintaining that chemistry was important if they wanted to find Sylvie as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“We’re all going.” Lindsay spoke up, before glancing at Voight for confirmation. “Right?”

“Right.” He agreed with her. “Sylvie’s a part of our family, and we need all hands on deck to find her.”

“When Burgess comes back with the search warrant, we can head out.” Antonio said as began to type a short message to his partner explaining his current situation. “I don’t want to waste a single second.”


Since they were still scoping for information, it was only Antonio and Atwater that went to James Uilek’s mother’s house. But the other members of Intelligence were just sitting around, they were checking out the locations where the gang specifically hung out at frequently. Antonio made sure he had his ringer on so he would know immediately if they had any important information.

He knocked on the door, and it was like she was expecting them, as it swung open right away. Once she saw who it was however, she began to close it, only leaving an inch of the door open.

“Who are you? What do you want?” She demanded.

Antonio knew if he wanted answers, he had to diffuse the atmosphere immediately. “We’re with Chicago PD,” He introduced both him and Atwater, letting the man beside him to hold up his own badge. “Actually, Detective Atwater here,” Antonio gestured to his left. “Is with Chicago PD. I’m with the state’s attorney’s office. Mind we come in? We have a few questions.” With that, Antonio held up the search warrant.

The woman didn’t budge. In fact, she began to look even more suspicious. Antonio took that moment to analyze her more. She certainly didn’t look like her son would be in a gang, she was very put together, wearing pearls and everything. Which wasn’t very surprising considering the neighborhood, the wealthier of Chicago’s residents lived in this part of the city. None of this matched the stereotypes.

“We would like to ask you a few questions about your son, James Uilek.” Antonio pressed, not willing to give up. He wasn’t planning on leaving this porch unless he was physically forced to.

To his relief, the woman opened the door further, signaling that they were allowed to come in.

When they walked inside the house, Antonio first noticed the picture on the wall. It was James, taken at least a few years ago. But seeing the culprit behind the kidnapping of Sylvie only made him feel pissed off. He stopped his thoughts of Sylvie right there, knowing that only thinking of her would make him feel more angry and distressed.

“What do you want to know about James?” His mother asked, arms crossed over her chest. She still wasn’t one hundred percent trustful.

“He’s a part of a gang, correct?” Atwater began to take over. They had planned it out this way, Antonio didn’t want his emotions to get the best of them and scare the mother from speaking.

“…..Yes.” She hesitated before responding. “Is he in trouble?”

“Unfortunately, ma'am, he is.” Atwater folded back his notebook to begin writing. “He kidnapped a woman, and we need to find out if you know where he is at or any locations he frequently visits.”

At that, the woman became defensive. “My son is in a gang, yes,” She said, her voice turning sharp. “But that doesn’t mean you can accuse him of such a thing.”

“We aren’t accusing him, we have direct evidence that your son did this.” Antonio spoke up, on a shorter end of patience than he would normally be during a case. “Now do you want to help an innocent woman or not—”

Footsteps coming down the stairs gained both Antonio and Atwater’s attention, as they awaited to see who else was here. According to the files, James’ mother lived by herself.

Antonio was in shock when James Uilek himself appeared, looking like he was about to head out. But when he saw the two detectives, he began to dash back up the stairs.

Antonio wasn’t going to let him out of his seat. “Not so fast.” He snapped, grabbing the back of his shirt collar. The harshness of his action caused the younger man to loose his balance and tumble down the stairs. Antonio was only able to jump out of his path in the last second.

Atwater roughly pulled the man up, holding his arms behind his back. “Surprised you’re here.” He commented, easily handling a squirming James. “Thought you would have been hiding from the police.”

James didn’t seem to be fazed. “You got me, but that doesn’t mean you have the girl.”

At the mention of Sylvie, her being referred to in such a sneering tone, caused Antonio to yank his hand forward to grab the culprit’s chin.

“I think you should reconsider that plan.” Antonio warned him, tightening his grip on James’ chin. He felt slight satisfaction as he grimaced in pain.

James was unfazed. “Why?” He managed to get out, glaring at Antonio.

“If you don’t come with us, your mother could be going behind bars as well, for inhabiting a criminal.” With that, James’ eyes widened.

“You can’t do that!” He exclaimed. “You’re playin’ me!”

Antonio’s eyes narrowed, none of this was a game to him. “Does it seem like that to you?” He questioned, not taking his eyes away from James’.

Bringing his mother into the equation finally broke down James’ walls. “Fine.” He spat, getting Antonio right in the face with saliva. “I’ll tell you where we’re hiding the girl.”

“No, you aren’t going to tell us.” Antonio nodded his head at Atwater, signaling to him to start putting the handcuffs on James. “You are going to show us.”


Once they got into the car, Antonio had immediately notified the others about what was going on. They were planning to meet them at a warehouse over on the west side. At least that was where James said they were keeping Sylvie.

Antonio turned around again to face James, who was looking out the window with boredom. “You sure this is the right place?” He repeated the question he has asked multiple times in the past ten minutes.

“Yes.” James was beginning to get irritated. “Why the hell are up my ass on this? Cops don’t usually get this prissy—”

“I can get as fucking prissy as I want when my girlfriend is being held hostage.” Antonio finally snapped, glaring daggers at the man in the backseat. “Now you better be directing us to the right place or I swear —”

“Antonio.” Atwater got his attention, handing him a bottle of water. Antonio gratefully took it, letting the liquid help him regain his composure.

But James began to speak again. “Wait, your girlfriend?” He seemed dumbfounded. Antonio didn’t know for sure, he wasn’t allowing himself to turn around to look at him. He might end up punching him in the face if he did.

Even though Antonio didn’t respond, James kept on talking. “We took Rixton’s girl—”

“No, you didn’t.” Antonio spoke through clenched teeth. He really needed to get out of this car.

“Well that fucks up our whole plan!” James had the audacity to exclaim.

Antonio closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Punching the guy would accomplish nothing.

He ignored him, hoping that he would get the hint that Antonio did not want to talk to him, turning his attention instead to Atwater. “Almost there?” He asked him, fingers tapping on the window.

“See for yourself.” Atwater pointed out a rusted warehouse only feet away from them. He pulled into the parking lot, where the rest of Intelligence were waiting.

Antonio practically jumped out of the car, before Atwater had it even in park, heading towards the others. He let Atwater grab James from the back of the car.

“We checked the perimeter already.” Lindsay informed them. “We’re ready to go in if you are.”

Antonio nodded, but turned his attention back to James. “Whose going to keep an eye on him?” He asked, eyeing him suspiciously.

“Burgess will.” Voight said, gesturing to the newest member of the Intelligence Unit. “She’ll notify us if anything comes up.”

With the final confirmations of what they were planning on doing, they split up into three groups, Antonio was with Olinsky. By Antonio’s request, they were entering through one of the main entrances.

“Chicago PD!” Antonio called out, becoming silent to hear a potential response. He didn’t hear any voices, but he did hear people running around inside, obviously panicking that they had been found. With that, Antonio kicked open the door.

And in the middle of the room was Sylvie herself.

“Sylvie.” He breathed out in relief, approaching his clearly shaken girlfriend. He crouched down, gently removing the piece of duck tape off of her mouth and untying the rope around her wrists.

She hadn’t said a word when he took the silver tape off of her mouth, but once he freed her hands, she immediately barreled into him, arms wrapping around his waist.

She was shaking, he realized, as he wrapped his own arms around her, whispering reassurances in her ear, trying to calm her down. He then pressed his lips to her forehead, relishing in the fact that she was in his arms, safe.

He didn’t know how much time had passed until she lifted her own head from his chest, looking up to his face. She looked concerned.

Lifting a hand to cup his cheek, she asked “Are you okay?”

Oh. He was the one who was shaking.

With that realization, Antonio took a deep breath to try to steady himself both internally and externally.

“Yeah.” He finally replied, as his hand moved up and down her back, as if to remind himself that she was still with him. “Now that you are.” And for the first time in hours, Antonio felt his anxiety and fear slowly ebb away.

Imagine being secretive about why you joined SVU

Imagine being secretive about why you joined SVU

“What about you Y/L/N? Why’d you join SVU?” Sonny asked out of nowhere.

You jerked your head up from your desk to see your partner Sonny staring at you from his desk right in front of yours. Feeling more than one gaze on you you turned your head to see the whole squad staring at you.

“What?” you asked hoping for a different question. 

“Haven’t you been listening?” Fin laughed. 

“Whenever I hear your voice I tend to drone you out.” you joked leaning as casually as possible back to your chair. 

Earning a chuckle from the squad you returned to work and everyone else began their own conversations. However you still felt a gaze on you so you looked back up to see Sonny still staring at you.

“Can I help you Detective?” you smirked.

“You didn’t answer the question.” he commented. 

“Well, I spent five years at the gang unit, I wanted a change a and their was an opening at SVU so I took it.” You lied expertly, getting up wanting to leave the conversation as soon as possible. 

“Where you going?” he asked following you with his eyes as he stood up.

“Got to make a phone call.” you said nonchalantly before walking out of the squad room out of sight. 

You walked into the locker room and sat heavily on the bench. You sighed. You knew Sonny knew something was wrong. You’d made it too obvious. When you became a cop you were dead set on joining SVU. It was your goal. You knew what went on in this city. You joined the gang unit because you knew you’d be helpful. With your inside knowledge you helped stop half the drug related activity from New Yorks most prominent gang and as great as that was you never really helped with the real problem. 

You held you head in your hands as you thought about her. You sighed and stood up. She would’t want you to dwell on her memory. As you turned you were faced with Sonny who was hoovering the doorway.

“You alright?” He asked cautiously. 

“I’m fine.” you said attempting to leave the room only to be blocked.

“I just wanted to apologise. I didn’t ever consider that you might have joined for personal reasons that you might not want to talk about.” He said sadly looking right at you. 

“Sonny…” you began. 

“No, but if you ever want to talk about it. I’m here.” he said giving her shoulder a comforting squeeze. 

You looked at his face. Filled with concern and sadness. You know you’d feel better talking about it and who better to tell than him. 

“Alright, come. Sit.” You said grabbing hold of his hand and leading him towards the bench. 

As you sat down he turned to face you. Your knees knocked and he held strongly onto your hand.

“After my Dad died my Mom was heartbroken. They were so in love my Mom and Dad. They were the textbook definition of soulmates. You know. When my mom found out he was killed by a bunch a drug dealers getting away from a bust. She became fixated on taking them down. She became obsessed. She was young pretty she made it all the way to the top. I don’t know but somewhere along the line she became what she hated so much. She took over the gang. She was scientist so she made dope that was so good it doubled the gangs profits. She was so smart that it became much harder for the cops to infiltrate. That’s what happens when geniuses become criminals. She began to expand the gangs ‘activities’. I was oblivious to it all until she started bringing in girls you know. They’d come through every month. Only few though. My Mom said it was the best way bring one from different countries to avoid suspicion. She’d bring them into the house. I live with them. I talked to them and then they disappeared. I always wondered what happened to them and when I grew up I realised what was going on. I don’t know. I just felt dirty. They were people and she treated them like animals. That’s when I knew I had to do something. So I recorded everyone who came through and I soon as I left I handed it into the police. Then I joined the academy and the rest is history.” You explained bowing your head down. 

“Y/N. I’m so sorry. I had no idea” He began.

“No. No. I don’t talk about it. I know what people will think if they knew I was a gang leaders daughter.” you chuckled sadly. 

“You’re great cop Y/N. No one should ever judge you for what your mother has done. You did what you had too.” He reassured you grabbing hold of your other hand and enclosing it in his own. 

“Still let it happen though.” you sighed.

“You did what you had to. You had to survive in that house.” he stated. 

“Thanks Sonny. We should get back. They’ll be wondering where we are. They might start thinking we’re making out.” You joked getting up and letting go of his hands. 

“Well I wouldn’t want to be fake making out with anyone else.” he said whimsically with a cheesy smile. 

You rolled your eyes and began walking out of the locker-room. 

“Hey wait up. It will look more believable if we walk out together.” He said rushing up to you. 

You sighed joking as he grabbed you shoulders and playfully pushed you back towards the squad-room. 

Hey look…here’s more art for our Star Wars campaign! Edge of the Empire has a feature called “Obligation” which represents a debt a character owes, or a force which drives their life. This is the third in a series of four drawings depicting the Obligations of the player characters.

Lok’s Obligation is Collateral Accountability. Before he joined our crew, he worked as a member of a security force on a frontier planet. He was pretty popular among his comrades because of his willingness to take on risky missions and put his own safety on the line to protect his men. During his time there, a war broke out among the local gangs, and his entire unit was ambushed during a routine sweep one night. The situation was dire, and Lok was forced to take drastic measures to save his friends. He set fire to a nearby gas-line to cover their escape…but it caused an enormous explosion and firestorm that took out several city blocks and crippled nearby factories. Lok’s comrades made it out alive, but the fallout from the disaster was massive. Lok took responsibility for the “stray shot” and resigned his post, effectively ending his career. Unfortunately, someone lost a lot in that explosion, and now they’re gunning for him…

 Warning: Mentions of rape, abuse etc.



Read at your own risk ~~~~

Part 1: You and Rafael Barba got married when you were 18 and were happy for almost 6 years until you grew pregnant and he told you he didn’t want children yet (he did not know you were pregnant at the time.) Not wanting to ruin his career (and possibly life) you left him. Rafael knew you left him because he didn’t want children but never came after you for a divorce, he simply hid his marriage from his co-workers and friends. 10 years later you’re a detective for the gang crime unit (Idk if that actually exists) and still haven’t talked to your husband about the child you guys have together.

It has been 3 weeks since Mike Dodds died of a stroke after being shot by Gary Munsun. Barba was still getting death threats but nothing too serious since the guy who threatened him outside the courtroom was arrested.

It was a slow day at SVU. Everyone was doing paperwork. Nobody had been the same since Mike had died. 

Olivia had just left her office to brief the squad about the trial to convict Gary Munsun when she got a phone call from a unknown number. 

“Hello, this is Lieutenant Benson” 

“Uhm hi. My names Y/n. I’m a uhm detective in Gang Crimes” Y/n spoke softly into the phone. She didn’t want her daughter Cierra to hear. 

Olivia walked to the vending machines to continue talking to Y/n. 

“Hi Y/n. Is there something I can help you with?” Olivia asked. 

“Uhm yeah. I was uh… I was raped while conducting a interview in Rikers” Y/n got choked up. 

“Oh. Well you need to get a rape kit done Y/n. Your attackers might of left some sort of DNA. Can you meet me at Lincoln University Hospital?” Olivia spoke softly into the phone.

“Um yeah but I can’t leave my daughter alone” Y/n whispered. 

“Don’t worry Y/n. We won’t let her know about whats going on” Olivia said. 

“Okay. Goodbye. I’m leaving now” 

Olivia walked grabbed her coat and started walking to the exit. 

“Carisi, Rollins meet me at Lincoln University” 


Olivia noticed Y/n right away. She was sitting on a bench outside of the hospital with a petite little latina girl. 

“Mama why’re we here?” The little girl whined. 

“I told you Cierra, we’re waiting for Mommy’s friend” Y/n whispered. 

“Excuse me? Y/n?” Olivia asked as she walked up with Rollins and Carisi in tow. 

“Olivia” Y/n stood up quickly. 

Olivia had to hold back a gasp as she got closer to Y/n. 

Her eye was swollen shut and she had bruises all over her arms. Olivia could even see dried up blood around her nose. 

“Lets get you inside to see the doctor” Olivia said concerned as she wrapped one arm around Y/n to comfort her. 


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