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Watching Big Hero 6 and realizing it actually portrays a healthy and realistic sibling relationship. 

Watching Big Hero 6 and seeing how racially diverse all the characters are.

Watching big hero 6 and not getting hit with any random and unnecessary romantic subplots.

Watching big hero 6

I love the fact that Charlie and Dee left jackets over their surrounding seats so that no one would sit next to/in front of them. I know the rest of the gang thinks they’re idiots or whatever, but this is honestly sort of brilliant?

Not to mention the fact that it’s also pretty ironic. They left the jackets there so that no one would distract them during the movie; yet, in the span of less than 2 minutes, Charlie and Dee talked to each other at full volume, got into an argument with one another, answered a phone call, and sent a meatball soaring through the theater. 

Best hood movies of all time

Paid In Full
Dead Presidents
Master P The Last Don
Mack 10 & Fat Joe Thicker Than Water
Baller Blockin
Loud Pack The Movie
Baby Boy
American Gangster
Belly 2
Blue Hill Avenue
New Jack City
Boyz n’ The Hood
Menace II Society
South Central
Ghetto Stories
Never Die Alone
A Day In The Life
Set It Off
Get Rich or Die Tryin’
In Too Deep
Deep Cover
The Godfather
Carlito’s Way
Scarface (1932)
Da Game of Life
Tha Eastsidaz
Boss'n Up
hot boyz movie
crime partners
Jason’s Lyric
Waist Deep
Above the Rim


Hercules AU

Insp. by that one line and @lemonorangelime’s piece

Bonus: Please listen to this [x]

  • peasant: you cant be that attracted to Ponyboy he's not even real he's just a book character
  • me: well i guess someone's not getting invited to the wedding