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“There was a makeup test that we did before we got to the prosthetics stage, and that was crazy. To Ve’s point about the kind of turn that The Lost Boys took, this was a film in the mid-1980s and everything during that time was really overt. Hair was huge, makeup was elaborate, and the first makeup test I did really early, I looked like Nikki Sixx, basically. I had a red triangle across my face, and I’m just a street kid from New York who thought he was going to be in this cool, motorcycle vampire gang movie, so I’m sitting there thinking to myself, ‘Holy shit, how am I going to get out of this thing?’”

I don’t remember who did the makeup, but they brought me out to see Joel, and he was just horrified. He was like, 'Take him in the back and get that stuff off of his face.’ So I was glad for that.  

And the thing about Greg’s work was that it was obscenely subtle what he did, and it’s almost not there. It’s just a little bit on the eyebrows, a little bit on the cheekbones, and then the teeth and the eyes pulled it all together.“

—  Alex Winter on the evolution of Marko

Watching Big Hero 6 and realizing it actually portrays a healthy and realistic sibling relationship. 

Watching Big Hero 6 and seeing how racially diverse all the characters are.

Watching big hero 6 and not getting hit with any random and unnecessary romantic subplots.

Watching big hero 6

Best hood movies of all time

Paid In Full
Dead Presidents
Master P The Last Don
Mack 10 & Fat Joe Thicker Than Water
Baller Blockin
Loud Pack The Movie
Baby Boy
American Gangster
Belly 2
Blue Hill Avenue
New Jack City
Boyz n’ The Hood
Menace II Society
South Central
Ghetto Stories
Never Die Alone
A Day In The Life
Set It Off
Get Rich or Die Tryin’
In Too Deep
Deep Cover
The Godfather
Carlito’s Way
Scarface (1932)
Da Game of Life
Tha Eastsidaz
Boss'n Up
hot boyz movie
crime partners
Jason’s Lyric
Waist Deep
Above the Rim


a book that you could literally throw at anyone’s face and it wouldn’t hurt nearly as much as the story