Lord Ganesha: Patron of the Arts and Sciences, Remover of Obstacles.

His large ears remind you to listen, his broken tusk symbolizes sacrifice for a good cause, a modak (sweet dumpling) in his hand symbolizes the rewards of a peaceful life,  his large stomach peacefully digests both good and bad experiences, his axe cuts unhealthy attachments, and his rope will pull you closer towards your goals. 


The receding monsoon marks the beginning of the long Indian Festive season. Different gods are worshipped in different festivals. The season begins with the festival of Lord Ganesh, the deeply loved elephant headed god. It is celebrated for ten long days, with the idols being immersed in the sea on the last day. Herewith some of the images I have captured on the recently concluded Ganesh Festivals with my Leica X2.  Each of the frames appears so real that it will open a dialogue with you on the rich Indian culture. The moods & moments are captured in a span of a few hours on the immersion day.