ganesha tapestry

Actual conversation i had to fucking have with someone:

Them: Look at my new phone case

Me: Um do you know what that pattern is?

Them: No? I got it at pacson i just liked it.

Me: It’s called Buddha’s all seeing eye, do you know what it means?

Them: No but what does it matter i like it?

Me: Ok but its not part of your culture? You can’t just slap some symbol on a phone case. thats cultural appropriation.

Them: Chill the fuck out who cares? it was a dollar?

and every fucking time i point out someone’s cultural appropriation they just dont fucking care. They pass it off as “i just like the way it looks” or “You dont have to make me feel bad” Or some shit like that.

Just because you are now uncomfortable that i pointed out your cultural appropriation does not mean you get a free pass. Stop telling me to “shut up with your social just shit” I will stop when you fucking stop getting Om in henna on your wrist, or using a tapestry with Ganesha on it for decor reasons. Stop getting religious symbols tattooed on you. Stop slapping someone else’s God on a phone case. There are stores in my local mall and every wall and item sold in the store has some kind of religious symbol or God printed onto it. just stop doing this? Please stop doing this??????? 

Stop trying to defend your one dollar phone case. I dont care if it was one dollar. I care that you dont care what you are doing. I care that you think what you are doing is ok because “I just liked the way it looked?”