ganesha symbolism

I am in love with the Hindu god Ganesh(a). His story and the symbolism used in his statues and pictures is a constant reminder for me to do better in my life. He is one of the most worshiped and well known Hindu gods. the most Ganesh is widely revered for as a remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences, and the deva (deity) of intellect and wisdom. His story of how he got his elephant head is very interesting. I’m working on a statue for my house to serve as a constant reminder of his symbolism’s. Ganesh is a common figure in a lot of forms of Buddhism as well. Take a look its definitely an interesting read

If white/non Hindu people could stop wearing and using Om symbols and Ganesha/other gods and goddesses from Hinduism as their “aesthetic” that’d be peachy. Stop getting those fake ass mehendi tattoos from some white girl with an etsy shop. Stop disrespecting my religion and culture to fit your hipster look. This is millennia of ancient and current history that you’re throwing around because it fits your “style” or whatever yoga class bullshit you’ve convinced yourselves into thinking is trendy. Stop it. 

Happy Ganesha Chaturthi

I had the pleasure of getting to know Satish Ruia when we went to India.  He is the most graceful host.  And Ganesha is his favorite god.  He is the elephant-headed, remover of obstacles and the god of beginnings and wisdom.  

There are some important symbolism in Ganesha stature.  His large head symbolize thinking big, while his small eyes symbolize concentration.  The rope on his left hand removes obstacle.  The sweets on his lower left hand is the reward of a wise life.  His large ears means he listen more.  The ax on his right hand cut unhealthy attachments.  He only have one tusk, because he sacrifice one for a good cause.  And he bless those in the right path with his lower right hand.  His large belly means contentement, for the good and the bad.  The banana symbolize material wealth when you pursue the right path and the whole world is at your feet for your asking.  The mouse symbolize desire that can cause havoc if you don’t keep it under control.

Hope your having a great Ganesha Chaturthi!


Large Ears - Listen more

Axe - To cut off all bonds of attachment

Small Mouth - Talk less

Blessings - Blesses and protects on spiritual path to supreme

Large Stomach - Peacefully digest all good and bad in life

Prasada - The whole world is at your feet and for your asking

Mouse - Desire, unless under control can cause havoc, you ride the desire and keep it under control and don’t allow it to take you for a ride

Madaka - Rewards of Sadhana

Trunk - High efficiency and adaptability

One Tusk - Retain good, throw away bad

Rope - To pull you nearer to the highest goal

Small Eyes - Concentrate

Big Head - Think big