You’ll likely see this werefox crop up semi-frequently in my commissions, as I’ve become quite fond of drawing her for Ganelon and designing her outfits. Despite both these pictures being a little over a year old, I’m still extremely pleased with the dress designs and the level of detail I manage for her fur and outfits.

Freya is a werefox Pathfinder character with a lot of evil thoughts and the cunning to make them happen. I love how she looks so smug in the second picture, as if she’s just waiting to tell you exactly how much you screwed up in her favour, just as she planned.

Time Taken: (1st image) 4 hours, (2nd image) 5 hours

An extract which made an impression on me

…I hated you for so long, blamed you for so many things. Now it is over, and none of these feelings remain. Instead, you had even wanted me to be king, a job for which- I see now- I am not fitted. I see that I must have meant something to you after all. I will never tell the others. It is enough to know it myself. But I can never think of you in the same fashion again. Already your image blurs. I see Ganelon’s face where yours should be. He was my companion. He risked his neck for me. He was you, but a different you- a you that I had not known. How many wives and enemies had you outlived? Were there many friends? I think not. But there were so many things about you of which we knew nothing. Ganelon-Father –old friend and enemy. I bid you farewell. You join Deirde, whom I have loved. You have preserved your mistery. Rest in peace, if that be your will. I give you this withered rose I have borne through hell, casting it into the abyss. I leave you the rose and the twisted colors in the sky. I will miss you…

Roger Zelazny- The Chronicles of Amber-5 book(The Courts of Chaos)

Remember Freya from the other day, and how I said she had a lot of cunning and evil thoughts to go around? Well Ganelon had thoughts regarding how this character would find a way to manipulate her way to the top of the food chain and become a proper queen, and was kind enough to ask me to depict the possible end result. Thus, I was asked yet again to design another lovely dress for this lady, with amounts of gold jewelery worthy of royalty. I almost wanted to go even more over the top with details and shiny bits, but I was already getting close to breaching nine hours for this painting. Perhaps next time!

Time Taken: 8 hours, 25 minutes.