SuperDuper Hats Runway Show 

As winners of “Who Is On Next” of the previous edition, it was up to Matteo Gioli and his team to host the unofficial opening event for Pitti Uomo 85. Incorporating their love for a retro-vintage universe and unique trademark aesthetic, the show reenacted railway workers of old, dressed in overalls (by CAMO) and the brand’s outstanding hats. Models were in perfect synch with an addictive tune, setting the pace for the metalic soundtrack associated with railway construction, which was later heard throughout the Fortezza. 

It’s no easy task pulling off a runway show focusing on hats alone, but SuperDuper Hats managed to create an immersive experience that got everyone enjoying the moment besides the elements that comprised each look.

Ph: Beyond Fabric


Day 93: Railroad Gandydancers (1929)