We’re still getting married at 40, right?

Only another…19 years of loneliness, haha.

Seriously though.

We’ll be classy and elope in Vegas, drunk, kay?

gandryl asked:

Haha there's different versions of done right. What's yours?

The mood has to be right, and there is no slobbering around. I’ve had boyfriends attempt to bite me, and they just slobber and all I feel (other than the disgusting slobber) is the equivalent of poking your finger on the back of your hand.

gandryl asked:


6. Write 30 interesting facts about yourself: There aren’t thirty interesting facts about me, haha, so here’s five: I’ve always wished I could do ballet; I lived on my own during the last part of high school; I’m extraordinarily stubborn; I can play nearly any instrument; I’m fiercely loyal.

9. How you hope your future will be like: Happy :D

10. Discuss your first love and first kiss: My first love was my older brother’s best friend. I had a crush on him since I was four… (not going to lie, still kind of do xD) He was also the first person who kissed me… on the cheek, ha ^.^

13. Somewhere you’d like to move or visit: I’d like to move to San Diego, San Francisco, or NYC (although the last one is only if I’d live there with Jen). I want to visit everywhere, but definitely Italy and England.

15. Your favorite tumblrs: Uh… all of them? Ha. Jen is my favoritest, though. 

26. What kind of person attracts you: Someone with beautiful eyes and a charming smile… someone who can make me laugh. And, although this last part is not intentional, someone who has no interest in me.

30. Your highs and lows of this month: Highs: got out of the hospital, got a phone case… Lows: hospital, medications, life.