gandora the dragon on destruction

You remember when I said that the other dragons like to use Ra when he’s in his ball form for sport? Ya this is what they do. Ra is screaming in that ball. Those are laundry baskets they are using for goals. Really small laundry baskets.

Obelisk gets a guest appearance as the referee. This is what they do when when they all get together. 

I am going to call this done because if I work on it anymore I’m going to ruin what I got. I’m tired XD; I don’t know how to feel about this yet. I both like it and hate it XDDD But..I’m kind of being picky and I am never really 100% satisfied with my art.

Yea, I am definitely ready for a break. I can feel it. I love Yugioh to death! But I need to do something else for a while as I recharge ^^; I am partially burned out. But considering all the work I have done since, what..august? September? It’s been almost non-stop. Wolf needs a little break now. I will still have all the Yugioh feels! But I will keep them contained while I do some OC work for a while. For now, have a fierce baby panda being badass lol

Wow, this..took longer than I was expecting. I was hoping to start coloring stuff tonight but..I need to rest my hand. Gangora has a lot of detail and was causing me frustration lolol. Figured I’d share my progress. I think I am going to just draw a bunch of stuff, ink it and put it aside. So I have a nice little lineup of stuff to color and I can go through them one at a time. I still have art trades to get back to as well as my webcomic I REALLY would like to work on. Setting some stuff up for myself will give me something to work on when I want to take a break from a current project. Maybe I can dig out that list of stuff to do I still have lol Anyway.

This is my last art-related post for the night until tomorrow. Wolf has to get ready for work tomorrow. I really hate Mondays. Oh well, maybe it’ll go by fast so I can get all the not-so-fun things out of the way SO I CAN DRAW AT NIGHT. I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Good luck tomorrow~