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Favorite scene(s) in fanfics you've read so far?


I’ll be going just about in the same order as my favorite fic question. However, not all fics from that question will be discussed because I’m so focused on the more recent ones.

Thus, we start with Cuanta Vida. Actually, the first two scenes I’d like to talk about are not favorite scenes, but for me, they were pretty profound and I’d like to talk about them as a testament to their power. Any fellow readers have heard me tell these stories before and even feel the same.

Yes, pages 68 and 88. Despite the spoiler tag, I think I’ll just talk about the reactions without talking about the events. Because I want to entice you all. Seriously, though. I remember the days those pages were posted. Before reading page 68, I had the first of many pre-page reading freakouts. Two years in a row now, I’ve… observed that page’s anniversary by wearing as much red or off-red as I can. I do the same for page 88, but with blue. Actually, that’s this week. Page 88 was posted two years ago to the hour at 2:00 this morning.

Actually, I didn’t freak out before reading page 88. I was actually pretty happy, so its events seemed to come out of nowhere, which really amplified the effect. How much? Try so much that I was literally up all night, crying so hard that my face literally hurt. I have never had a reaction of that magnitude before or since (though another scene I’ll talk about in a moment comes pretty close).

My real favorite scenes of that story come more towards the end. On page 134, I believe, the villain finally starts to get what was coming to him for dozens of pages, and it is glorious. I was so happy that day that I just wandered all over campus in sheer glee.

Then, on the penultimate page, THEY KISSED. That’s all you need to know. :D

In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, we have another profound-but-not-favorite scene, involving one Doc Met. Or… Doc. I just keep calling that particular Metool “Doc Met” ‘cause I’m strange. Anyway… In terms of magnitude of reaction, this is the closest a story has ever come to matching that of my Sleepless Night up there. I mean… it happened, but… it didn’t have to happen, and… ;_;

Sigh… anyway. So far, my favorite episode in that series has, without a doubt, been “Brothers”, the most recent one. I’m deeply in love with pretty much the first half or so of it because, like in its source material, Bro Bots, it has Proto Man on our side, but it also has him seriously considering ditching Wily’s plan. My mantra while reading this fic is “There is always hope”, and I’ve said it more in this episode than in any other, even the Gamma episode, and I say it in regards to Proto Man more than any other character.

Particular scenes that stand out include MegaBauer’s expansion on the conversation in the park – my favorite moment in the original series. That’s the point where Proto really begins to question things, and it helps that it ends with just a touch of sadness. Then there’s when Proto Man finds out what the scrambler chip really does – and how it relates to his first moments of being alive. Seriously, my mind was blown. Finally, there’s a scene where it’s all fallen apart to the point that I forgot for a little while that there is always hope. When the brothers are fighting, they’re both in danger of falling into the lava around them. But they save each other. It speaks volumes.

There is always hope.

Oh, God, how do I pick a favorite scene out of Mega Man Recut? There’s so many that stand out to me! Um… a few that I can immediately recall… Oh, man, there was the scene from Bot Transfer where Snake Man (as Mega Man) and Roll in the van and they just start going on about Proto Man. It’s so awesome because Snake Man is clearly attracted to Roll, but Roll just thinks she’s bonding with her brother over trash-talking a robot whose guts she already hates. In Mega-Pinocchio, there are several scenes where Proto Man and Mega Man have pretty extensive conversations. They’re acting like brothers, but on the wrong side. Twists me every time. Oh, God, and then in The Big Shake, a lot of the final part is focused on Roll and Proto Man when they’re trapped underground together and, oh, shit, at one point Proto Man was about to reveal his life story, but Roll doesn’t care and she says so and he stops and I’m just like “FUUUUU–!”

…Actually, Proto Man’s entire characterization in Recut is… gripping. He once outright said that he hated acting good (which, like Mega Man in that scene, I can’t wrap my mind around), and he is pretty apathetic (exemplified in that scene more than ever up to that point), but… there’s still something there. I honest to God think there’s a trace of good in him.

Three little points stand out: 1. Proto Man was introduced to us by a list of his crimes. I think what’s more important there is what he hasn’t done. Assault’s not on there. Battery’s not on there. Murder’s not on there. It all boils down to theft, property damage, and abduction. 2. When Proto Man explains how his leaving Dr. Light’s lab and joining Wily was “better for everyone”, he does so like this: “Wily got a new robot, I got an upgrade, and Dr. Light isn’t in prison.” [emphasis mine]. This line blew me away the first time I read it (like so many other lines, but I’m focusing on Proto right now). I still think he gives a bit of a damn about Dr. Light. I would also like to cite the last part of Bot Transfer in this. At one point, Dr. Light has a chance to ask Proto Man why he’s doing this. The scene:

“Why are you ruining the Conference? This is really important,” he implored, looking at Proto Man searchingly.

“It’s personal.”

Dr. Light looked stricken, his eyes widening.

“I’m mean, it’s personal for Dr. Wily,” Proto Man clarified. “He’s pissed he didn’t get an invite to your little science shindig, so he sent in the troops to crash the party…you understand.”

But Dr. Light didn’t understand. He never had.


Dr. Light watched despondently as Cut Man and Guts Man ignored him. Then, his face tightening in resolve, he looked back at Proto Man. “Proto, please…” he begged again softly.

Proto Man’s voice dropped too. “C'mon Doc, don’t do this,” he whispered in a tired voice.

Just… just look! I can’t describe what I picked up from that! I mean… GAH!

Sigh… 3. In Incredible Shrinking Mega Man, Proto Man appears to show some sympathy for the people in the shrunken cities. At the very least, he seems pretty weirded out by the plan. I think this line encapsulates it: “That’s oddly considerate of you. Then again, living in a bubble…that is hell.”

There’s also one thing about him that tells me there’s more to him than we’re told: His entire conception of family dynamics. He honest to God doesn’t know what “brother and sister” means until Rock tells him, he’s the one who starts the whole “Mega Man’s my brother” deal, and he cares what Mega Man thinks of him – he’s despondent when he’s so sure that Mega Man hates him at the end of Ice Age and I’m just like “SO COME HOME ALREADY!”

I mean… okay. He says he went into crime because he hates acting good, and he says he joined Dr. Wily because it’s fun, so he comes off as a guy who just enjoys his freedom, which is an important part of Proto Man’s character in the game canon, but he also lies a lot. A fucking lot. And he’s good at it. Oh, God, I don’t know. There’s something about him that we don’t know. I want to know it because then I can understand him. I don’t understand him and I want to and it drives me up a wall.

Seriously. I lost count of how many times I just had to pace and flail about the room while collecting my thoughts here.

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What are your thoughts on RS-Protoman going strictly by the cartoon?

I HAD to pick tonight to answer this one, huh…

I’m gonna try to keep this one short. Try.

He’s *kind of* a dillhole, isn’t he? Just a *little.* |3 And yet…

This fucking guy

still gets me all

goddammit no matter which Proto Man is holding that fucking pearl it could easily stand in for my heart

Literally, it like barely matters what he does, pretty much, I still just (should you take the link, wait for 1:39; YouTube timing is being derpy)—

pardon me

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What's been your greatest challenge writing fanfiction so far?

Three come to mind: Time, confidence, and motivation.

As a college kid, time is always of the essence. Gotta be sure to get to that thing at pointy-point o'clock right on time and not a second later or you’ll miss an important part of lecture. Or so it feels. Then there’s the college workload. Part of my block of finals this semester is three different papers. Dunno how I’m gonna manage that and make sure they’re all coherent and profound and stuff. But, you know. Everyone knows that feel.

I mentioned in a previous post that I got “paralyzed” about the fic for a little while. In that particular case, I had been listening to two people who are much smarter than me go on about certain aspects of writing for nearly an hour, and while I learned from it, I still felt like I didn’t have the capacity to do what I need to do. Additionally, there’s a reason criticism is such an explosive business – even constructive criticism can be hard to hear. For the practiced writer, constructive criticism can mean putting in so much effort and still missing something. That – not the criticism, but missing something – is one of my fears as a writer. It’s why I have phases of “EVERYTHING MUST BE PERFECT AND MAKE PERFECT SENSE TO EVERYONE OR I’LL LOOK LIKE A DUMBASS”. Confidence ties in heavily with motivation, too – if I’m too nervous to even look at what I wrote, then nothing gets done.

But I would argue motivation is the biggest of the three challenges to overcome. Despite being in college, I have more time than I think. I’ve spent countless hours idling on the Internet and taking naps, for crying out loud. But in the end, it’s like dealing with any assignment: procrastination is so easy because the distractions are right there and effortless. It’s hard to get started, but once I get started, it’s easy to keep rolling.

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In fiction, what makes a good hero/villain dynamic?

I’ve never consciously thought of this before. I’ve been mulling over this for a few hours now, but I’m struggling with examples and I’m still not quite sure how to answer this. All I can do is try.

I think a lot of it lies in the execution of the story and the opinion of the reader or viewer. For the sake of my answer I’m assuming that “good” means interesting (the definition of which varies from person to person) and well-executed (which is less ambiguous, but can still vary).

Assuming the story is executed at a level I find palatable, hero/villain dynamics are so widely varied that I can’t find many common themes over the dynamics that I’ve paid closest attention to. This is because the motivations of heroes and villains vary widely, too.

Link and Mega Man are fighting Ganon and Dr. Wily to stop them from taking over their respective worlds. Mario fights Bowser to save Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom by extension, but clearly there’s more to their dynamic than that if they’re cool with going go-karting or even occasionally saving the world together. Hell, in Super Smash Brothers Brawl’s Subspace Emissary, Link and Zelda free Ganondorf so that they can all fight their common enemy Tabuu together, implying that this is a thing that could happen under the right circumstances.

Then there are heroes on smaller scales and even protagonists who probably wouldn’t self-identify as heroes by virtue of what their lives are normally like. I turn specifically to Kytri’s comics again for this paragraph. In Cuanta Vida, Bleu just wants to get out of 2Fort, but the inherent nature of the setting is the biggest antagonist – the character who would be considered the main villain isn’t introduced until page 73 out of 159, but when he is, there is suddenly a more concrete hero/villain dynamic, and it the entire comic is turned on its head. In TWIYEH!, the protagonist is a young woman who’s trying to live a normal life, and she ends up dating the villain of the first chapter because no one ever expected a villain to show up in their lives. I actually kind of liked the guy at first because I was fairly oblivious to the foreshadowing of his true colors until someone pointed them out to me.

There’s much more to discuss than this, of course. These were just the thoughts I know how to articulate on the subject. This is a pretty big question.

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Maybe a mortal kombat x AU where Mileena was found by Sonya instead of Kitana in MK9 who treats her with mercy causing Mileena to join the special forces and becomes Cassie's guardian and also demolitions expert..

That’s an extremely specific set of circumstances.

But hey, what are AUs for if not exploring specific circumstances? lol

And I’m totally down with any AU where we end up friends with Mileena.

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Just stopping by to thank you for reblogging the mk musings thing if I haven't already, and I just saw your comment on the tags aND, please feel free to tell me more of your headcanons whenever you want ok, I really really enjoy hearing about other people hcs, like seriously, its amazing. Have a good day ´ ▽ ` )ノ

You are so welcome~! I love hearing and sharing headcanons, too, but Mortal Kombat’s the first thing I was actually able to come up with shareable headcanons for, lol. I’m actually really happy to find out there are a lot of active MK fans around tumblr who also want to talk about the characters being dorks and about the feelings given by the story. It’s a blast!

So, hey! If there are any other kombatants out there reading, come see us, will ya!?

You have a great day, too, friend! <3

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Seen any scary moments in games or stories recently?


This question came in like the night after I finished watching one PewDiePie play Ao Oni on YouTube. If you don’t know, PewDie is known for his horror game Let’s Plays, which include a view of his face for THE BEST FACES when he screams. XD So for games, let’s go with Ao Oni as a whole. The titular monster is creepy as fuck. Take a look at the Scary and Funny Moments compilation to get a feel for what I’m talking about: The first part of that particular Let’s Play, if you’re interested:

Or, even more recently, for more straight up Jump Scares (seriously, fair Jump Scare warning – the biggest one comes from the Ghoul’s Forest 3 segment, I think), his most recent general Scary Moments compilation would take the cake:

But the thing about PewDiePie is that his scares come with lolz. For unfiltered Nightmare Fuel, I’ll have to go with a scene from the recent chapter of Mega Man Defender. It involves Dr. Wily *tinkering* with a Met. It gets a little better because Proto Man goes on to be really awesome, but even then, the thought is really unnerving…

…Actually, come to think, pretty much all of the stolen Mets in this episode are subject to the And I Must Scream trope… one knew that something was wrong with it, but could do nothing sdoigbjaarlegtbweib

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Favorite fanfictions?

Oh, boy. This probably won’t even be all of them.

If I may count comics, I would like to start with Cuanta Vida by the amazing Kytri, found here: It’s a fairly well-known Team Fortress 2 fancomic and one of my favorite stories in the world. Period. I had never been so affected by a story before or since. I actually remember the dates when certain pivotal pages were posted, and I make sure to wear red or blue on those days, depending. One such day’s just a week away, actually…

Also, I’m on a pretty big Mega Man binge right now, as some of you know and others may guess. XD I’ve absolutely fallen for two fanfictions based on the Ruby-Spears cartoon: Mega Man Recut, which can be found here:, and Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race: Both add their own elements to the cartoon, but Recut is a straight-up adaptation of the cartoon while Defender not only blends the game and cartoon continuities but tells new stories, too. Both are well-woven and beautiful and make me really happy. …When they don’t break my heart. They will break your heart at points.

I’m also an open brony (I am a girl, but I consider “brony” gender-neutral), and I’ve seen some wonderful works out of bronies, some of which are known even outside the fandom. My favorite is My Little Dashie, for the sheer adorable factor:

It’s a little harder to remember fics from past fandoms, but one that comes to mind is Spectre in the Flame from the Mortal Kombat fandom (which isn’t really that past –, which focuses on Scorpion for roughly the first half of the Mortal Kombat timeline.

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If you had to choose between living forever or dying tomorrow, which would you choose and how would you spend your day(s)?

Living forever, for several reasons.

First and very possibly foremost, there are very few versions of events where, if I choose dying tomorrow, I will do so feeling any sense of closure. Prideful as it sounds, I fully intend to do something with my time in this world that a lot of people will notice. With all hope, that something will be a very nice novel… or a very nice fanfic. ;3 …|3;;;;

But I also thought… what if I had infinite time? I could do anything. I really believe I could. I would still continue my studies and start a steady career as though I had a normal lifespan, and then I could plan for an infinite future.

If I could start something – I’m really not sure what, exactly, but something – really big and get known for it, people would look to me for my thoughts forever. Sure, my longevity might worry some people, but after a few centuries or so, I would have a solid historical context to go off of, and those smart enough to understand the importance of that historical context would take me a little more seriously – or at least analyze what I have to say in terms of my own history.

If… holy shit. If I were to become some kind of grand influence…

I could literally change the world with a few words. What a responsibility!

WOW I sound really crazy right now

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Did you know in the Japanese version of the first Pokemon movie Mew was prejudiced against the clones? He said Mewtwo couldn't win, not because real strength came from the heart, but because he and his clones were inferior to the Pokemon they were cloned from. Score one for 4Kids?

I did know that.

As for score one… sort of. I think both versions of the story have their merits. The 4Kids dub depicts Mewtwo as more of an angry soul that needed to be calmed by seeing that there is love between Pokemon and their Trainers.

The sub version not only shows that even Mew, kind of a higher power in the first movie, is not perfect due to his prejudices, and thus shows original and clone embracing their differences and mutually reconciling.

I like both ideas and honestly don’t have a preference. They’re both valid stories.

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Got any examples of good character development to share?

The one that comes to mind is, shockingly enough, from a movie. Remarkable, considering A. I don’t watch a lot of them and B. I spend most of my time thinking about video games.

I finally watched and rewatched Tangled recently, and I realized that I really like what happens with Flynn Rider and Maximus throughout.

Obviously, spoilers follow, but I assume (or, rather, I hope) that most of you have seen the movie already, so this’ll be a bits-and-pieces summary hitting the high points of Flynn’s story (Maximus’ story rides alongside Flynn’s).

Okay, so. Flynn Rider first meets Rapunzel by accident, climbing into her tower to escape pursuing guards from the nearby kingdom… or, rather, the captain’s horse, Maximus.

Rapunzel knocks Flynn out, hides the crown he stole, and makes him a deal when he wakes: she’ll give it back if he takes her to see the lanterns. Flynn initially tries to charm his way out of it, from the memetic “Hai” to… the smoulder. ;3

Of course, since all that fails, he has no choice but to reluctantly agree or leave the tower empty-handed.

It’s made pretty obvious that he sees this as a great big inconvenience. While Rapunzel enjoys herself (or wrestles with herself), he stands around bored. And then Flynn tries to take advantage of Rapunzel’s conflict– if she’s so uncomfortable leaving the tower, he says, they can turn back and just part ways. Near-verbatim quote: “I’ll have my satchel, and you’ll have a mother-daughter relationship based on mutual trust.” Emphasis mine. When Rapunzel regains her resolve, Flynn tries something else: taking her to a tavern, The Snuggly Duckling, that thugs and ruffians frequent to scare her back home.

This backfires magnificently.

No, seriously, it’s beautiful, look:

Take note of Flynn’s own verse in this song. Tanned and rested and alone, he says. Surrounded by enormous piles of money, he says.

The guards – and within moments, Maximus – burst into the place, looking for Flynn, and the ruffians help Rapunzel and him escape into a tunnel hidden in the tavern. She’s the only reason they let Flynn go – he’s her guide.

While down there, Rapunzel tries to ask Flynn about himself. He flat-out states “I don’t do backstory.”

To put the next few scenes in short, Flynn would have been screwed without Rapunzel. I would say they help each other out, but I’m pretty sure it was mostly if not entirely Rapunzel helping Flynn. XD

Then they end up in the dark, flooding tunnel.

These two are sure they’re going to die here. So Flynn confesses that his real name is Eugene Fitzherbert. “Someone may as well know.”

They escape thanks to Rapunzel’s magical glowing hair, which she mentions immediately after that line.

That is, this is the turning point if there had to be only one. This is where they start to open up to each other and get close. You know how near death experiences can change people. Surely you’ve heard a story if you’ve been fortunate enough not to have one youself, shudder.

The bonding continues that night. Flynn Rider doesn’t do backstory, huh? Well, turns out Eugene Fitzherbert’s a little more inclined to. Growing up as an orphan, he constantly read a book about a rogue from who he adopted the Flynn Rider alias. Near-verbatim quote: “As a kid with nothing… it just seemed like the better option.”

Then Rapunzel says “I like Eugene Fitzherbert better than Flynn Rider.”

From this point forward, Rapunzel calls him Eugene (and so shall I). He never once insists otherwise. Ever.

The next morning, Eugene awakens to a still wet and still ANGRY Maximus looming over him. Rapunzel saves and defends him, winning over Maximus with a little firmness and a little kindness (and a little nudge to Maximus from Pascal). Rapunzel gets Maximus to agree not to get Eugene arrested for the rest of the day, and this sequence, one of the most beautiful scenes in the movie, immediately ensues:

Observe how Eugene often keeps his eye on Rapunzel. Watch Maximus being friendlier to Eugene as the day goes on.

A lot can happen in a day.

Then comes the time:

Rapunzel’s finally going to see the floating lanterns. Eugene takes Rapunzel out to a place where she’ll be able to see every last lantern. He prepares two for them to launch. Again, his eyes are on her. And when Rapunzel presents the satchel with the crown he stole and she talks about how she was scared… he smiles. He smiles, reassures her, and gives her her lantern. He’s not worried about the crown.

At least not at that moment. Afterwards, he sees the Stabbington twins he’d abandoned earlier on the shore and decides there’s one last bit of business to take care of: giving them the crown.

He really meant for it to be an in-and-out deal. He really did.

Mother Gothel just had other plans.

The twins knock him out, tie him to a boat, and send him off straight in the direction of the guards, not only making it appear that he took the crown and left Rapunzel behind, but sending him into the jaws of the law.

When he wakes, however, Rapunzel’s name is the first thing out of his mouth.

As far as he knows, the Stabbington twins have her. He has no idea what happened, much less if she’s safe. He freaks out accordingly all throughout his arrest.

Maximus sees, and realizes that something. Went. Wrong.

Eugene was to be hanged for his crimes, which he didn’t really fight… until he sees the Stabbington twins in their own cell. THEN he shakes the guards off and demands to know where Rapunzel is.

The Stabbington twins aren’t quite sure. They just know that “the old lady” has her.

Eugene realizes they’re referring to Mother Gothel.

And then the ruffians from the Snuggly Duckling appear to bust him out. It culminates in them launching Eugene out… and right onto Maximus’ back.

Maximus had gone for help. Eugene is genuinely touched by the gesture, which marks the culmination of the development of their friendship – and of Maximus’ development. It’s a small change that has a big impact. Maximus is a horse of the law, sure, but sometimes, well, you gotta do what’s right, even if it’s not exactly lawful.

Eugene and Maximus ride out to Rapunzel’s tower. He calls for her and is noticeably relieved when her hair falls out the window.

Mother saw it coming. The moment Eugene enters, she stabs him.

Rapunzel begs to heal him, eventually getting Mother Gothel to agree with a promise that she won’t fight anymore. “Just let me heal him!”

Eugene is opposed to this. “If you do this… then you… will die.” Metaphorically speaking, but still. Look at the weight of the words he used.

Then, before Rapunzel can sing a note of the healing song, Eugene cuts her hair, nullifying the power Mother Gothel so wanted back.

This is the culmination of Eugene’s development.

Do you understand? He knew he was dying, and he didn’t know how cutting Rapunzel’s hair might affect Mother Gothel beyond not letting her use the healing power anymore.

He sacrificed himself to give Rapunzel a chance to be free.

Because that was his new dream.

This being a Disney movie, though, Rapunzel does get that one bit of healing she needs to bring him back, and it’s lovely.

This bit was pointed out to me on TVTropes, but I feel I should include it: The first thing Eugene says upon reawakening is “Did I tell you… I’ve got a thing for brunettes?”

Understand: All her life, Rapunzel had been told that the reason others might want her and the reason she was kept in the tower was her hair. Eugene saying this can be interpreted as a reassurance that it doesn’t matter if her hair is long and golden and magical or short and brown and mundane: She is beautiful and he loves her.

Overjoyed, Rapunzel embraces him. Eugene buries his face in her shoulder a bit. He’d very nearly lost her, and he doesn’t want to let her go again.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Though I should point out: according to his ending narration, after years of her asking, he finally agreed to marry Rapunzel. So he said at first, as a joke.

In reality, he asked her.

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Do certain tropes make you think of certain characters, IE 'Big Good' with Optimus Prime from Transformers or Queen Fyora from Neopets?

Yes, actually, though some associations are tighter than others.

The strongest, actually… fuck. I can’t help but associate Rojo from Cuanta Vida with Magnificent Bastard, even though I would never think of him as magnificent. If it were Red, I would be okay with this, but the problem is that I don’t think of Red as a bastard. At least, not in a bad way. I get this impression that Magnificent Bastard is one of those “love to hate him” deals. But that’s probably just me.

ANYWAY. I found out while flipping through tropes real quick that, much to my dismay, Mega Manning has been renamed to Power Copying. D: It’s a much more straightforward title, sure, but… Mega Man, guys! Trope Namer status! Come on~

Yukari Yakumo of Touhou has two major associations, one tighter than the other: Reality Warper and Purple Is Powerful. The former’s the tighter one because she’s the Youkai of Boundaries. This means she can pull any boundary one way or another. Theoretically, anything can be put in terms of a boundary; this means that she has theoretical omnipotence. Her name means purple, she dresses in purple, hence Purple Is Powerful. (Some VCC trivia: Even after I made the switch to classic games, Touhou was considered because as it turns out, it’s only a little younger than me. I cut it because I knew that I would get Yukari involved, and she’d be the biggest Game Breaker… plus, despite its age, I still considered it borderline recent.)

Arm Cannon = Samus Aran. Yes, Mega Man also fits, but I knew her first, so her association’s tighter.

To address your example of Big Good, I can’t seem to decide between Princess Celestia of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or Dr. Light of Mega Man. Regardless, in the coming months, this association should be tightening with Selene of VCC. ‘Cause she’s my Big Good.

Finally, here’s a funny one: Fish Out Of Temporal Water (Past to Present and Past to Future types) and Simon Belmont of Castlevania. Why? Because it is funny and something I imagine often. Why? …I dunno.

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Favorite Megaman villain?

Man, this was a toughie. It’s a tough question no matter what franchise we’re talking about. See, as a born and raised bona fide goody-two-shoes, I am naturally disinclined to like villains, no matter how hilarious or even alluring they may be, unless there is some genuine redeeming quality in them.

I started actually thinking about this question after reading Megamix (and Gigamix, but I’ll say “Megamix” to refer to Ariga’s manga as a whole in this answer), really, because it depicted Wily and company quite differently – even likeably. Before, I was just like “DEFEAT ALL WILYTECH. DEFEAT ALL WILYTECH.”

I’m inclined to reach for Wily Number Robot Masters, since they were bosses and all under the mad doctor (not under a coerced master like Cossack Numbers or outright reprogrammed or tricked like Light Numbers). I fucking love Shadow Man’s depiction in Megamix, and intend to reach for elements of it if ever I need to write about him. He had his share of mystery, sure, but he also had this code of honor which made him very three-dimensional. He’s undoubtedly one of the most fleshed-out Wily Numbers (if not the most) in Megamix.

Even with a character as amazing as Megamix Shadow Man, I think Star Man is my absolute favorite Wily Number (and maybe even my absolute favorite Robot Master, if you stay within Wily Numbers. Get to Light Numbers and, well…). In Megamix, he was hilarious, always wif a rose in his mouth and a smile on his face. (And he did some pretty cool things in Gigamix 3, but that’s not for me to go into detail about). Plus, his stage theme rocks. I fell for it shortly before finding Megamix, so it’s had a presence. It sounds like I’m (or you, or someone) looking for someone in the unknown reaches of space…

I wouldn’t count them as outright villains considering appearances such as Mega Man 10, but I also like Bass and Treble, and the rivalry dynamic they have with Mega Man and Rush. Plus, Bass is interpreted as always giving his old man the metaphorical finger, and he really does sometimes. Boy, is the Wily family screwed up!

I can’t actually tell if he’s a “favorite”, but I need to give an honorable mention to Dr. Wily himself. Even if he is or he’s being a total monster in whatever interpretation I’m looking at, one thing remains the same:

If it weren’t for him, there wouldn’t be a Mega Man. It was Wily’s actions that drove Rock to become Mega Man. So while that world would be peaceful if Wily hadn’t acted, we kind of owe him our very awareness of that world.