Gamzee grub (Grubzee? ::shrugs::) is all done~!

I made this for harshwhimsical’s birthday. She’s the cutest Gamzee cosplayer~<3

Grubzee is poseable as usual, with styled fake fur for hair. The horns are hand-painted polymer clay. I tried to give him a “wow, this is amazing” face, but I can’t really draw too well, so I may have overdid the eyes… kind of on the fence about it. 

He’s also got a squeaker!  I used my best squeaker (squeaky things are a guilty pleasure of mine). Been squeakin’ him all day–so much cute tiny “honk” action.

I’m going to ship him off tomorrow. For now, I’ve gotta figure out how to pack him so his hair won’t get messed up.

This will also be going up on my DevArt tomorrow (if I have time–I’ve been a bit busy lately).