MerGamzee x John AU

Okay so,

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John is a college/graduate school student studying marine biology. He’s always wanted to be a biologist and focusing on marine biology seemed like an interesting path to try out. Besides, some ocean creatures out there are just too cool! (And pretty).

For a big final project/thesis/dissertation John has to go out and find something to research. It just so happens that his best friend Dave has an older brother who’s got a sweet boat for him to use. They’re happy to get him out to sea, but of course they want to come too. So before long all three of them are out in a good-sized ship with lots of equipment and ready for some fun brotimes!

But the merpeople are never found unless they want to be.

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SOBER GAMZEE AND TRICKSTER!JOHN ARE GETTING READY FOR A DATE. A date that can only end in tears and blood for everyone else, awww yis.

I realize March has begun and IT IS TIME FOR MARCH ERIDAN TO BE EVERYWHERE but I really wanted to get this drawn before diving into that. :3

And yeah, Gamzee’s not wearing his symbol. While John gets dressed up for these sorts of occasions, Gamzee dresses down. yes that totally makes sense, nice save Nan!

Anyhoo. Bluh. :3

Poll #5 - How canon is Clownshipping to you?

How do you see that update? A silly joke, but an interesting idea for a pairing? Does the scribble-art kiss make Gamzee/John canon or semi-canon at least, for you? Do you ship this pairing so much that it will always be canon in your heart?

Any of these or anywhere in between, submit your thoughts!

I ended up doing a MerGamzee doodle to go with my AU!

Here he is, collapsed in shame because solid land is a mean motherfucker.

Gamzee cannot move very gracefully on land. He’s worse than a seal. He sorta flops and claws his way around. Eventually he figures out that rolling sideways is an effective way to get places, although the humans find it extremely amusing to watch.

i am just laying in my bed.. thinking of canon homestuckships. and then tought of John and Gamzees kiss. and i quietly whispered in my room “it’s.. canon” when suddendly my room got all shiny and the light got so yellow and beautiful like god himself lights my room up!!! then i realized it was a TV spot in the back….

((everyone is jokingly(?) shipping GamzeexJane due to the new updates…and while I totally understand that, i can’t help but wonder…

gah, this is gonna detract from Clownshipping (GamzeexJohn)so much. D: I love the updates a whole ton, I think they’re hilarious (and I’m just so happy to see Gamzee again besides, sobbu ;3; ) I just can’t help but wonder what if John had gotten to meet Gamzee. aaauuuggghhhhh Hussie…

So close and yet so far. D’: weeps.

Hey let's play a game called "How many posts can the queue hold until it bursts?"!

ClownshippingLove is currently at 44 queued posts and counting. COUNTING SO SO VERY MUCHLY UPWARD. 8U; I think it can reach over 100, so we should be safe though. v.v;

Increasing the posts-per-day to 3 instead of 1. :3 I’m so so very happy and so so very scared at the same time. XD Qeueing everything worked well with only about 20-or-so in at a time, but now… I’m literally just holding onto the Gamzee/John gun as it fires off multiple rounds, pretty much exactly like this:

Clownshipping blog OPEN!

You guys didn’t think I’d forgotten it, did you…? 8)

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