i drew this for my awesome friend Tiara, cause she’s shippin that gamzeeXjane like she’s…. fuckin… captain jack sparrow. *nod of approval*  … I CANT EVEN ACT LIKE THIS WASENT FUN TO DRAW. (a little awkward, but fun! kinda questioned what i was doing with my life a few times as i placed DAT COD uncomfortably close to janes face, but it was all good XD) I’ve been wanting to do the gamzee trench coat thing for a while now. i have no idea how he covers the cod piece up when he closes it back up though…. maybe he will just stick it between two buttons. give it some air, you know. gotta show off its just a harmless codpiece under that sketchy trenchcoat.

((everyone is jokingly(?) shipping GamzeexJane due to the new updates…and while I totally understand that, i can’t help but wonder…

gah, this is gonna detract from Clownshipping (GamzeexJohn)so much. D: I love the updates a whole ton, I think they’re hilarious (and I’m just so happy to see Gamzee again besides, sobbu ;3; ) I just can’t help but wonder what if John had gotten to meet Gamzee. aaauuuggghhhhh Hussie…

So close and yet so far. D’: weeps.


Okay I am done with my short GamzeexJane video. Worked pretty hard on it so yeah.

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