Gamzee Makara

Gamzee’s timeline was one where the SGRUB game was never created. It was left to rot, unfounded by Aradia. The world continued to spin, the population of Alternia continued, however there were key things that helped shape Gamzee into who he is today. He once held strong red feelings towards his Tavros. However, his life was ripped to pieces when the young brownblood was killed by Vriska, and fed to her spider lusus. Gamzee entered a state of depression and further isolation, until Karkat managed to get through to him.

With the aid of Karkat, Gamzee gave up the Faygo, the sopor slime, and even the face paint of his Mirthful Messiahs for why wear the paint of a church and Messiahs who weren’t there for you? Maybe their tests were too much for him. Maybe he was too weak for their faith. For several sweeps Gamzee and Karkat held a long distance moirallegiance, which sadly ended the day Karkat died. His mutation was an aggressive one, his short life span even shorter than what it normally would be and he passed away. This again led Gamzee to another episode of depression, and this time there was no Karkat to help him out of it.

Through luck or chance, Gamzee found himself being taken through to the rift space thanks to Tavros. Not his, but a Tavros who had been seeking for his own Gamzee and instead found him instead. They became fast friends, and almost lost each other again entirely thanks to the wandering rifts.

Now Gamzee lives a life with the group, one where he doesn’t wander into random rifts and where he’s taken up the small hobby of making jewelry to help him pass the time. Naturally as a Gamzee who is without his ‘drugs’, his mind is a lot clearer, as well as sharper. He isn’t a stoner joke, and he’d appreciate it if nobody blame him for the actions of his alternate selves who lost themselves to mind control, manipulation, or sopor.

He is also in a very happy and content matespritship with the winged Tavros Nitram.

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Makara by adrianna-michaelis featuring a fold over bag ❤ liked on Polyvore

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