gamzee's ancestor

makara rotation

Kurloz(ancestors troll) -> The Grand HighBlood (beta troll) -> Gamzee(alpha troll) -> Kurloz


 *just re-design.  u_u

 -explain: [1] [2]

 *HS rotation finally complete!














redesigns of my old beforan ancestors, this time all of my own design and made to seem more cohesive as a group :3 way more pleased with how everyone turned out this time around ///especially the ladies ooh la la//

there’s some lots of info on their jobs and my headcanon beforus junk below if you’re interested, too!

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Like seven people asked for Beforus pale Gamkar–so here!  

No listen though imagine Karkat is this sort of middle-aged general dude, like 35-40 years old, kind of weathered and jaded and he ends up getting together with this big, gangly highblood who still follows flutterbugs and repeatedly states a life-goal of making every single person he meets laugh and cheers about his birthdays. (”RIGHT, I FORGOT, YOU’RE STILL YOUNG ENOUGH YOU GET EXCITED ABOUT WIGGLING DAYS.”  “yeahhhh brother, don’t figure I won’t ever be so motherfuckin’ old as to not to.” “GOD YOU’RE SUCH A WRIGGLER. <>”)

And then he goes to the party and the goddamn empress is like “CLAMZ—E—E!! Hey crabsnack!  Yeah, we’ve been friends since we were wrigglers!  Happy 200th, sugargrub, mwah!”

Surprise, your boyfriend is literally four or five times older than you. UuU

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