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How can u read hs and ignore the fact that gamzee was a neglected and naive child who believed in an outlandish faith and abused a sleeping drug because of a lack of guidance. It’s obvious from his behaviours and the way that everyone else talked about/treated him that he was desperate for a reliable and good outlet. It would make sense for him to cling to Cal since he was hoping in vain and even sober was still as dumb and gullible as he was when high on sopor. He was used as a vessel for LE and even if you don’t believe he was brainwashed the fact that he WAS indeed being used by LE is undeniable.
Also when it comes to Gamzee fans or apologists some may indeed just be gross mental illness fetishizers or ignorant new fans but Vr//iska has the same kind of following and yet actual reasonable fans of hers will still come after them. If I’m being totally honest my stance in the Vriscourse is very neutral and I don’t like picking fights usually because a debate with me literally doesn’t end until the other person blocks me. Gamzee is just one of those really intriguing characters that you can’t really interpret in any non-canon way, and his pre-game self is really what won me over


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i love the osomatsu fandom cause its entirely unpredictable who someone’s Favourite Boy is gonna be based on that person’s personality. like there’s no one boy who’s clearly better than the rest, they all have different but good quirks and gimmicks but theyre all also horrible people so its not like there’s one thats considerably less problematique for fandom to latch onto. its a little like the way the homestuck fandom behaved around the original trolls in that people just

latched onto one particular troll for who knows why and they were thoroughly in that trolls camp forever. i’m curious if theres a pattern w/ those two things actually, tag ur favourite matsuno and ur favourite homestuck troll, lets see if theres any correlation

tfw you almost kill your girlfriend so you chew out your tongue to make it up to her.

Bloodstains on My Hands

“I hit you with my car and was the only one to visit you inthe hospital” AU

Gamzee <> Karkat

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