gamzee plz

hOKAY so apparently the Gamzee Discourse™ has flared up again and as someone who absolutely adores Gamzee’s character I have to say something:

GAMZEE IS A PIECE OF SHIT. He is a murdery clown child who actively supports the Big Bad and arguably helped shape him into the villain he his today. Gamzee is a piece of shit to Terezi and that is not kismesis that is straight up abuse.


Gamzee from earlier in the comic is a sweetie pie clown baby who just wanted his friends to like him and his lusus to pay attention to him. He was high as all hell from the sopor he was eating but damn if he wasn’t cuddly as all get out.


What Gamzee has gone through is called CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. In this particular case it was NEGATIVE character development. That happens. Characters can go from being alright people to downright shitty. Its usually a sign of a good writer who realizes that there is more to people than the possibility of betterment, people can become worse, too.

A lot of people make the argument that Gamzee is mentally ill and therefore cannot be blamed for his actions. That is baloney. Gamzee is fully responsible for himself and his choices, just like most mentally ill people are with the exception of a few specific disorders that I am not qualified to talk about and therefore will not get into. I personally live with mental illness. I live with destructive desires and intrusive thoughts. But I don’t let them control me. Granted I am only speaking from my own personal experience, but I believe it is one that is shared by many others.

Gamzee, as he is now, is a terrible person. But that doesn’t negate the fact that he was actually an all right dude at the beginning of the comic, if a little eccentric. Both of these things can exist in one character at the same time. And so, BOTH SIDES OF THE DISCOURSE ARE RIGHT. Gamz is a sweetie who should be protected, and ALSO an asshole who deserves his comeuppance.

One of the amazing things about Hussie is that he managed to create a character that is his own foil. I wish people would start appreciating that more, and stop arguing over wether he is a Smol Bab Who Must Be Protected or Murderface McCreeps.

I realize that I am just one person and that this post will probably not carry a ton of weight in the fandom since I’m relatively unknown, but I hope that if you’ve read this you can start to gain an understanding of how beautifully designed Gamzee is.

tl;dr: Gamzee is both Murderface McGee and Smol Bab because it is possible for both of these characteristics to exist in one character and Hussie is a brilliant writer the end.

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Gamzee did not run out of sopor slime, after Dave sent him the ICP video he got super pissed and then like had an aha moment and was like  " fuck man this shits toxic “ and stop eating it and also some insane troll clown shit but thats not the point. like jesus people THERES LIKE SO MUCH SOPOR EVEN IF THEY RAN OUT THEY COULD MAKE MORE LIKE REALLY.