b-is-always-for-blu  asked:

Hi! I love your Trans hc for Gamzee, and I know requests are closed right now, but I wanted to say that your drawings of him are honestly amazing and are my favorite to look at. They make me feel so happy inside and I don't really know why!

aaaaa gosh thank you so much!! :’0 <3<3 im really glad you like my gamzee drawings,,

heres a quick 1 i made bc i wanted to draw this HC again anyway :’^)


put your slimey claws together for this fuckbunch of endgame dream teams. i wish these teenage shit waffles luck cus youd have an easier time finding atlantis and fondling aquamans goods than fighting these chumps.

oh and lets not forget these guys:

ok well this is officially the worst thing i’ve ever made

based on this post because the colors were just too convenient to pass up, also the phrases were actually pretty in-character for a lot of these????