Finally finished my gamtav too late for gamtav day. I’m trying to push myself to do 30 days of homestuck but I kind of only want to draw my OTPs. I also could probably draw about 190 more pictures of Gamzee giving Tavros a massage because I don’t know, kissing is so common, but look at that poor disabled boy and his huge horns, like??? He NEEDS it, he definitely requires a massage. Am I right or? I think it would be a spiritual fucking experience, helping a motherfucker to get his chill on… then the makeouts, then the S&M, with me gross sobbing in the background? But I wrote a Kurloz x Kankri fic, so, next will be art of that hot mess while I try to preen it into its ultimate form.

ok well this is officially the worst thing i’ve ever made

based on this post because the colors were just too convenient to pass up, also the phrases were actually pretty in-character for a lot of these????