good reasons for not wanting your art tagged as ‘kin’

  • its an oc and/or personal character
  • its someone elses oc and/or personal character
  • its for or of a friend
  • you are kin with the character in question and seeing others share your kintypes makes you uncomfortable

not good reasons for not wanting your art tagged as ‘kin’

  • you hate otherkin/fictionkin
  • we dont care lol
  • for some reason a common trend amongst people against this is getting really pissy when people tag things in any way that makes a reference to them being the character because the artist ‘didn’t draw [the person who tagged it as such]’
  • ummmm yes? you did? some people *are* their kintypes so technically you did draw them. chill out lol

while its debatable whether honeydew was exiled from his home or left willingly, its 100% certain that he was shamed by dwarf society as a whole for his dreams and aspirations. 

now imagine his friends and parents looking down on him. imagine his parents turning away when he looked at them for support when face to face with the dwarven council. imagine fellows he thought were good friends shoving him around and calling him names and saying he wasnt a true dwarf.

imagine him, happy and content with his life now, with his ragtag dysfunctional family, imagine him mining and coming across an abandoned mineshaft with a railway. imagine him remembering the good times he had when he was younger, riding in carts with buddies, digging through mineshafts just like this one with colleagues and older dwarves he looked up to so much. 

he ignores xeph when the spaceman asks if hes been crying

oh mgyod oh my fucoing

what if smiffy is a slime. like quite literally started out as a massive gelatinous cube who killed some nameless adventurer and the acid in the slime dissolved the flesh/muscle and left just the bones and he formed a humanoid shape around them. slap on a suit and bam no questions asked. his eyes are near indistinguishable from the rest of him so he uses eyes he steals from random passerbys just so he looks that tad more human. they keep dissolving too though so every couple of months a body turns up without eyes and smiffy pretends to be as terrified as the rest of them. nobody notices that his eyes keep changing colours