Bard gets a new favourite outfit

thereadersmuse made this post about Bard raiding Thranduil’s wardrobe, and gamoraaaaa asked me to and I am terrible at saying no

This was the outfit in question, (x)


Bard snorted as he dug through Thranduil’s ridiculous wardrobe, well, Bard called it a wardrobe, but in actual fact it was a room in itself, complete with seating. Honestly how many different outfits did one elf need?

Hundreds, the answer was apparently hundreds. And that wasn’t even counting the jewellery.  

Bard had survived for most of his life with only two outfits at time, the most important thing always being a warm outer coat, and even as king Bard had not had many clothes made, and to be honest most of the ones he did have were from Thranduil anyway.

There were things in here that Bard had never even seen him wear, and they had been together for a few years now. Seriously did he have new things made every week?

That was a stupid question, of course he did.

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