gamoraaaaa  asked:

Do you keep any stories from authors even if they have been removed?

Hi, gamoraaaaa.

As a general rule, we only remove a story if the author asks us to.

If an authors deletes their blog, changes their username or disappears from tumblr entirely, two things can happen, depending on the way they have chosen to send us their stories:

  1. If they have submitted the full text of the story, it will be archived on THFrustration forever (or at least as long as THF exists), even if the author disappears.
  2. If they have sent us a link to reblog, unfortunately that means that the link will be void or broken when the author goes away. If the Admins detect a story in this situation, we’ll leave it for a while and try to contact the author (if they have a secondary blog) before deleting. However, we have a Directory with thousands of stories, and it’s practically impossible for us to know if a link has broken, so there are possibly a few fanfics in that situation.

I hope this has answered your question. If you’re looking for a story in particular and you can’t find it, send us a message and we’ll try to tell you what happened with it.

Thanks a lot!
-Admin Sue

Worship At The Shrine Of Your Lies

Pairing: Hannibal Lecter / Will Graham

Words: 1.466

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Fingering, rough sex, lots of talking about murdering each other.

So, I was talking about how I’d want Hannibal and Will to fuck while talking about how they would kill the other, and get off on that, and Jordan… well, Jordan wanted to have exactly that.

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Tiny Dancer - Chapter 9

Title: Tiny Dancer

Chapter Number/One-Shot: Chapter 9

Author: gamoraaaaa

Actor/Non-Actor(AU) Lee/Character: Actor!Lee

Rating: M

Author’s Notes/Warnings: 

I apologize for the length of time between updates. Things have been cuckoo bananas around here and writing has been the last thing on my mind. Writer’s block might also have something to do with that. I appreciate the comments and kudos left on the story. Those encourage me more than anything! Anyway, thanks for your patience. Enjoy!  ALSO! Luke was kind of a last minute addition and things will get interesting…


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name: Emelie
nickname: Em
Average hours of sleep: 4 I guess
last thing I googled: animal crossing tree
sexual orientation: pretty straight
height: 5’4
favorite color: green
place that makes me happy: anywhere green and not tucson
last book I read: the count of monte cristo
lucky number: 21
favorite fictional character: Calcifer from Howl’s moving castle
Food: Citrusy things like key lime pie
Dream wedding: in a forest somewhere lmao
Dream pet: german shepherd husky mix
Dream Job: Wildlife researcher

Aight. I wanna know more so I’m tagging you suckers. @disduil, @thranduils-party-elk, @killmycreed, @littleblueturtlesuit, @mirkwoodtrio, @gamoraaaaa, @curmudgeony, @angstyourwayin, @allystoybarn, @bowstrings-and-elfkings