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So, I have been pretty good about trying to consistently do shout outs to writers and fic recs and so on, but today I want to take a second to do some artist appreciation- 

You guys are such a huge part of what makes fandoms wonderful, and lovely, and you help us get through the long hiatuses with your amazing work. You put your time and your talent into creating beautiful pieces of art that the only thanks you get for is shoutouts and reblogs. 

You suffer through the terrible trials of reposters- of people shamelessly stealing your work for their own gain- be it monetary or just notoriety- and often having the gall to then act like their behavior is on any level acceptable. 

So for the little it is worth- Thank you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for your time, your dedication, your talent, and your perseverance. Thank you for all the joy you bring to your fellow fans. Thank you for being mentors and inspiration for others who want to be the future artists. Thank you a million times over. Thank you for every time it wasn’t said. 

We are proud of you, we are humbled by you, and we love you. 

@hchano @australet789 @toriitorii @re-unknown @yunyin @ryuusadesu @ceejles @littleblackchat @ferisae @portentous-offerings @edendaphne @tides-miraculous @twindoodle @qookyquiche @larvesta @thelastpilot

Edit: Adding more people! 

@sinfulpapillon @ainefelai @whydocowsfall @frostedpuffs @limeyfandump @beckyehhh @lunecake @huffiestrikes @jorael @smiling-grouch

Edit 2: Artist names round 3! I am trying to get as many people as I can ^_^ LOL There are too many of you! Had to do a good amount work! 

@dracoskullart @megs-ils @maristoryart @illustraice @karawek @pilotbites @ladybeug @taulun @pepper-bottom @starrycove @caprette @zoe-oneesama @gamnamu @arachelyma @mavilez @yaminohikari @gittama @polarsculp @calicovu @ming85portfolio @lunian @arley-just-doodle-it @harleysart @shishitsunari @bsy1235422 @lyosphe @grimmforest @luciasatalina @thunderpot @haydentone @crusanite  @yaushie @roman-kun @katie-skylie @terriblenerd @thebirdfromthemoon-art @xallyxcatxs @messysketchpad @spatziline @dancing-in-blue @minimuii @artesiant @halfwaytothestart @raydara12 @nyanlynne @nomae0527 @findoworld @salty-french-fry @min-xie @bluenightingalee @artgraveyard @gabzilla-z

@theartofkenyadanino @zippi44 @taylordraws @venrin @luckycharmer @regoli @madwhaler @gabriel-fucking-agreste @thewonderfulwizardofass   @eizabet

And @ all of the other artists who I haven’t yet tagged because remembering names is hard. Please know that there are those of us who love and support you, and are truly honored to have you as part of our fandom. 

Art thieves stealing from charity

It’s no secret that I hate art thieves, but if anyone thinks for a single second that they can STEAL from CHARITY for their own personal gain, then they are the lowest of the low. These are the people you’re stealing from. I honestly don’t know how anyone could be that selfish. If you see people stealing art (ever, but especially from a charity project), please, please call them out and inform the artist so they can file a copyright violation. We as a fandom are better than this kind of despicable behavior. We as human beings should be better.

As always, please don’t harass these people (though you can leave non-threatening messages asking them to stop and you can @ tag the artist on the repost so other people who see it know not to like it). 

And in case anyone is wondering if talking to these people (instead of reporting them) will help:

No one’s laughing, dude. Almost all of these have either no credit or intentionally misspelled credit (so that you can’t find the original artist). 

Links below for two different massive art thief accounts (some of you are tagged twice).

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Thank you so much to all of those who have graciously offered to contribute to Up to the Test! Since 100% of our funds go directly to charity, we couldn’t be more grateful to those of you who applied, volunteered, and otherwise contacted us to be part of this project. You’ve overwhelmed us both with your talent and your generous hearts. Thank you!

Below is the current list of artists, cosplayers, and writers whose pieces will be featured in the zine. If you’d like to order the zine to see this incredible collection of fan works, please see our How to Donate and Pre-Order pages.

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Art Theft Alert

Let’s play my favorite game, it’s called “Don’t Steal My Art!”

All of these are no credit, many have the watermarks cropped :T A lot of them also steal images from CHARITY zines, which is just… like… how low can you be? Videos below the cut. As always, please DO NOT HARASS THESE PEOPLE, and please only report them if you are the artist. You can also tag artists I missed.

PS: THANK YOU to my precious followers who ALWAYS have my back and inform me about these people so I can report them. You are angels!!!! <3

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lavnderfae  asked:

Thank you! Either way I'm gunna be up then haha. Ooh do you have any blog recommendations to follow in the fandom too? Or favourite blogs to follow?

I follow only around a hundred people so I assure you anyone I recommend I REALLY LOVE


  • def @miraculousubs for new episode stuff (and download links)
  • @sorarts does really cool pro level arts
  • @huffiestrikes does really sweet art and also reblogs a lot of quality
  • @peachbunni is like THE MASTER OF CUTE and also reblogs quality
  • @shishitsunari can’t be overlooked (AMAZING ART AND COMICS) 
  • @min-xie is a gift// her art is so dang good 
  • @gamnamu is a korean artist who doodles a lot of ladybug in their free time 
  • @coccinellu makes amazing illustrated ladybug videos and just has the most gorgeous style and is part of the french subbing team I believe
  • @michigopyon is one of the first mari/ladybug cosplayers and also reblogs so much quality is is generally presh
  • @syrva has GORGEOUS ART
  • @20053 is just so quality
  • @imasdf for MORE QUALITY REBLOGS 
  • @pozolegirl is like the fandom sweetie and always reblogs a lot of good stuff and draws really cute comics
  • @yaushie​, @spatziline, and @spcake​ have really really great art too
  • @clairelutra writes really good shit (really a++ though often nsfw)
  • @arinyac-2 has VERY VERY NICE ART!!
  • @miraculeusecoccinelle for quality quality reblogs and news
  • and I run @miracurefladyblog​ if you ever need any refs (and have a lot of ladybug doodles over on @caprette​)

katonfire28  asked:

Once you get this you have to publicly say five things you like about yourself, then send it to your favorite ten followers (non negotiable) spread positivity

I barely saw this, I’m so sorry! Well, five things I do like about myself are…

1.) I find inspiration wherever I go either be for writing my fanfiction or draw (that I do not have published anywhere)

2.) I love to express myself. I sing, I laugh, I write and/or draw.

3.) No matter what people tell me, it doesn’t change who I am or my ideas of anything.

4.) I am a kind person and I’m always there when my friends and family need me in a time of need.

5.) Above all… I love that I can be myself around my friends (off and online), especially when there are people who try to bring me down.

Tagging my buddies
@starleeter @artxauroraxart @polkadotsdesign @sophiacrutchfeild @melizbeauty @gamnamu @theroseangel321 @princess-sakura-serenity @miraidison12345 @ryuusadesu