What if Danny’s shirts are misprints of a Fentonworks shirt that was supposed to be orange but came out red, so he got all of them? (like how Steven wears his dads old band t-shirts) 

Trying our some small style changes, to see what sticks! with a danny, because of course.

Okay, so ive seen a few monster AU’s, and they all make david a werewolf. Which is amazing and adorable BUT
have you considered david, the happiest vampire ever, who loves the sun so much he slathers on sunscreen every hour to not burn
or dryad/spriggan david. come on, the man sleeps with a log for crying out loud


This must come as a shock to you all, but I’ve kinda become a fan of voltron. So, as I dont know how long this fandom will last, I have to make use of every drop of inspiration it gives me.

Don’t worry, there’s still a Danny in here, right next to the realization that ive got a type

Ectober: Pumpkin spice

I only had time for one ectober, so I chose pumpkin spice to practice drawing actual scenes. Im proud of how it came out, but when I went to save the shading id worked 90 minutes on Sai broke down, so its not as polished as I’d have liked. Oh well.