With just a little bit of time left, gotta say a final happy 25th birthday to my ΣΛΓ. I have been so blessed and fortunate to find and be a part of such a supportive and loving organization. My letters mean so much to me, and as I move through life and experience this sisterhood in various forms, I gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Sigma Lambda Gamma. Thank to our founders and the women who came before me who gave me a place to call my home. Thank to every sister who has ever shown me kindness and love. Thank you to every women who has and will came after me that will keep the flame of Gamma burning strong and bright so that we may continue to live out the mission of our founders. My first Founders Day as an alumna had been amazing and I look forward to 25 more and beyond. #Hermanasporvida #sistersforlife #gammacall #slg25 #ΣΛΓ


|Some #tbt for yo a**| side note: can’t take a GAMMA anywhere @ablaire #gammacall #theyluvmetheyreallyluvme

Happy Founders Day to all my Gorgeous Hermanas around the globe! Being a Gamma is priceless. I am a Queen and a strong educated Latina. Always Pretty in INK and Perfect in Purple. 💗She is who she is and lets no one put her down. 💜 #Gamma #SLG #GammaCall #Dragon #ACEclub💋💃😘💀

From north to south from east to west,We are the biggest, we are the best. We swear that purple, we bleed that pink and we don’t give an #GammaCall what you think 😏💗💜

So so so proud of my sister and Gamma mom for graduating today! You are an inspiration and role model to me and all women. Thank you for everything you have done for me and everyone around you. I am so proud of everything you do and am happy and honored to call you a sister and a mom. Happy early Mother’s Day and congratulations! #gammacall #gammalove #thatsmymom #grad #sameperson @sarah_bo_barah

💜💗👑Excuse us for looking a hot mess but 3 years ago today with our blood, sweat and tears we crossed the burning sands into the Gammaland. These two women right here went from being strangers to two women who have empowered me and Continue to stick with me through thick and thin. On this night of April 2 2011we were crowned as Queens and I was given the title of CAPTAIN of GS. U.Reinas.I and I was given the name of the dragon “Kaida” Together we endured laughter, pain, fights and teamwork and I wouldnt trade that experience for the world. We are Queens and our crowns 👑 are bulletproof. @malissanina @nicoleburns13 #Gammaversary #Queens #GammaCall 💜💗

It’s my mother f**kin founders day. On this day April 9th 1990, 5 women found and established this amazing sorority. Founding Mother Big Sister Gloria Cuevas, Founding Mother Big Sister Julieta Maria Millet, Founding Mother Big Sister Maria Esther Pineda, Founding Mother Big Sister Danelle Marie Riojas, Founding Mother Big Sister Guadalupe Cruz Temiquel. 23years of distinction. #gammacall