Gamma Phi Gamma (Prod. A.W)
  • Gamma Phi Gamma (Prod. A.W)
  • Austin Willliams
  • Freaknik TwentyTwelve (Single)

Gamma Phi Gamma (Prod. Austin Williams) by Austin Williams


Verse 1

Stunt so hard, but I make it look easy

Lookin’ like money every time that you see me

Cuts in the face - watch lookin' Drew Breezy

Can tell you what it costs, but y'all wouldn’t believe me

Ballin’ like Quidditch

You say the same sentence

But there’s a big difference

You talk it, I live it

I be with some art bitches, just lampin’ in the village

And they need me to model, got me posin’ for some pictures

Heard money talks and you talkin’ that gibberish

I’m talkin' like Drummond ….. “wachu talkin’ bout Willis?”

My money realer than drug dealers who juxx niggas

Tims in the summer, switch from Hummers to the 4 wheelers

Ya money faker than unicorns with silicon

On rainbows with fake hoes & took em home

Bad Boy, got them bitches boppin’ like Diddy

I can tell you bout a party goin’ down in yo city

If it look like a balla, smell like a balla

Look no further, it’s that mutha fucka Austin

[Gamma Roll Call]

Verse 2

Come up in the party reppin’ Gamma Phi Gamma

According to the MILFS I’m a bad ma'am-a-jamma

Feelin’ like it’s freaknik, ridin’ through Atlanta

Sasquatch in my speakers, see me better get your camera

Just so you know, don’t get too close

My silhouette go ghost on them cigarette boats

Nigga ain’t got enough flakes in his oats

To fuck with me for a day, need an energy dose

All Eyez On Me in my 5 door Rover

Feelin’ like 2pac 5 times over

Degeneration X on ya playlist

Give ya so much information - need a Google animation

See me in the whip & think I already made it

Way they on my dick, feelin’ already famous

Went & bought a crib, I ain’t even seen it yet, but I dropped a couple chips, and got it already painted

Main bitch a dancer

She fuckin’ with a Cancer

Dressed in all silver reppin’ Gamma Phi Gamma