A new worker bot for Cowardice au: BOXBOT

Dr Glurf invented a bunch of them for physical labor since the production line for his ‘fraid’ inventions are in great demand. They’re not very smart :p

Every aspect of Cowardice au is supposed to parallel villainous, so since hatbot has been introduced, boxbot is made!!

(also Gamma belongs to @theinsanefruitloop-chan OFC!!)

There are over 7 billion brains transmitting and receiving information on this beautiful planet, imagine if we shared the same flow state of love what a different world this would be.

anonymous asked:

So gamma is a computer that has the knowledge of humans and hes got access to thi internet... Does that mean he knows all the tips n tricks to art, and gets really upset because he cant really use them when he ever draws? If he ever tries to draw

Robots aren’t meant to have feelings.

Then what was it he was feeling?

Rolling up to the broken stage, the stadium was in disarray, a hole in the titanium roof, cameras smashed, and metal bending in all the wrong ways; It felt like walking into a dream. Not that hatbot would know what dreams were. He was a robot. Then what was this? This static that was filling up his circuits, making his joints creak and his cogs turn slower in the slow rolling to the show robot’s limp body.
He almost slipped on the oil that spread to where he had come to a stand still, leaking out from Gamma’s body - his legs were no more, sparks flying from another. It was surreal. Sure it wasn’t real.

Surely it was just a game. Gamma was playing with him again.

“Gamma.. Oi, wake up. Hey, boss is going to be mad - “
A red blinking sign on the shattered monitor spoke otherwise, ‘ERROR, ERROR, ERROR’. The realization dawned on him.

Robots don’t feel. But Hatbot imagined if they did - this must be what he was feeling as he sat next to the broken body, lying his head on to the cold dirty chest of Gamma’s, letting the oil leak from his eyes.

“Idiot…. Wake….Up…………….. Please….”

But Gamma was never going to wake up.

Got real inspired by grangran’s recent ask reply about Gamma ehe, sorry xp

Gamma belongs to @theinsanefruitloop-chan :3