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(Space) The Final Frontier by breezered

Commander’s log, Stardate 61842.3. - The new crew members are arriving shortly. Turnover at the station was much greater than anticipated after Polis’s first year of operations. Few people enjoy the isolation of deep space and wish to return to a posting within the Alpha quadrant. Being the first Starfleet station deep in the Gamma Quadrant means that supplies are limited, visitors are few, and contact with the rest of the Federation is minimal. I can only hope that these new officers will be able to handle the rigours of life in deep space.

@fate-motif ok so contextless: this is the funniest shit ever. sisko, jake, nog, and quark have a Dads/Uncles-‘n-Sons camping trip in the gamma quadrant. sisko is Not Pleased because can the man just bond with his son for once without everyone getting in the way? god. quark is also Not Pleased because he’s the type of person who tries to find an outlet to charge his phone in the woods (this is not a criticism, i know because i am also that person). anyway they stumble across a vorta, get captured by the jem'hadar, and quark has to make use of his rogue class selection by lockpicking their way out of the whole situation. first contact: achieved.

really important ds9 things to talk about
  • Kira’s self identification as a terrorist (a radical religious one at that)
  • o’brien’s generalized racism (ie: all the Jem’Hadar are enemies, even these ones who haven’t killed us yet and are trying to get away from the Founders
  • Odo coming to reconcile his connection to the Founders as family but also being separate 
  • first wave Ferengi Feminism
  • Nog getting into Starfleet Academy
  • Rom as an engineer
  • Quark’s preference for strong women who defy all Ferengi tradition despite how much he talks about upholding Ferengi values
  • Sexism among the Federation men (Bashir, O’Brien, Sisko worrying about protecting the women; there’s a scene where Bashir pities women as wives because they have to stay behind and worry)
  • the way Keiko is treated 
  • seriously though i have so many feelings about Keiko
  • excuse you have no need for a botanist in the gamma quadrant??? there’s literally nothing for her to do on the station?? why does she have to take Molly with her to the planet where she will be doing field work, lots of intense traveling, and stressful situations? Miles has a normal day job and returns to his quarters every night, Keiko goes backpacking across the Bajoran mountains for months at a time

i’m only on season 4 of ds9 but if more things come up feel free to add

heroscafe  asked:

I was literally just thinking how stupidly vital Quark is to the plot and just marvelling at it. Honestly. Wtf. They made the comedic relief a major cornerstone of the entire plot.

i know right?

like in the course of ds9, quark:

- discovers the dominion (and like, a ton of gamma quadrant cultures to boot through the dubious magic of private enterprise)

- pretty much enables the resistance against the unholy dukat/weyoun alliance to succeed (by shooting a guy?????? holy shit quark)

- completely shifts ferengi culture (often accidentally but still)

- probably inspires the entire history of human space exploration

- inspires true love in the heart of a gruff byronic jello police officer

not to mention the fact that he’s literally the central axis of many episodes and alternately dooms/saves everyone all the time

wtf indeed

I Think I May Have Problem/I Calculated Quark’s Birthday

I was watching the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode, Bar Association. In the episode Quark’s staff, under the leadership of Rom, start a union. The union decides to band together and confront Quark at his bar. When Quark sees them he remarks, “If this is a surprise birthday party, you’re a month late.”

This got me wondering, ‘When is Quark’s birthday?’ I checked to see if the episode had a Stardate, it didn’t. However, the previous episode, Son of Mogh, did. The Stardate was 49556.2. Using an online calculator I discovered that the Stardate was July 22nd. Jadzia tells Sisko in the episode that Kurn will “be up on his feet by tomorrow morning.” Therefore, I have estimated that the episode takes place over a span of two days and ends on July 23rd.

Jadzia tells Worf, at the beginning of the episode Bar Association, “I’d call that a successful mission. Five days in the Gamma Quadrant and no sign of the Jem'Hadar.”  Son of Mogh does not end with the crew going on a mission to the Gamma Quadrant, so let’s assume they leave the next day, on July 24th. That means Bar Association started on July 29th. When Quark tells his employees that they are a month late for his birthday, he is wearing a different outfit then he had on at the start of the episode. That means it was July 30th during the scene when Quark is confronted by Rom’s union; Assuming that Quark changed because it was the next day. If Quark’s birthday was exactly a month ago, that means he was born on June 30th. So sad I missed it. *drops microphone*

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what too much time on your hands looks like.

Fun fact:

Bar Association

may have taken place in June, but the episode aired on February 19th, 1996. My first birthday.

Name: U.S.S. Pathfinder

Registry: NCC-74562

Type: Intrepid-class starship

Affiliation: Starfleet

Year: 2373

Background: One of several Starfleet vessel in the Enterprise-led Federation/Klingon Task Force. The Task Force was sent to the Gamma Quadrant to capitalize on a recent victory against a combined Jem’Hadar/Cardassian Fleet against DS9. Pathfinder was destroyed in an engagement with Jem’Hadar warships and Dominion-controlled Romulan Warbirds.

Appeared in Star Trek Unlimited #6, Marvel Comics

@ilovetinycreatures asked for 8.  “Why are you so jealous?” in my choice of pairings.  I chose Spones.

Spock and Uhura part ways for the final time on a Thursday sometime after lunch.  McCoy can pinpoint the hour, if not the minute—he hears about it before two; Chapel and Burke gossip about it with quiet excitement in the hall outside his office.

He sits back after his shift finishes and broods over a glass of bourbon.  He plans the ways he might move in.  He decides it’s only polite to observe a decent waiting period, say, a month or two.  It wouldn’t be polite to walk in tomorrow morning and make his move.

Three days later he’s staring at Spock sitting with one of the Yorktown ops officers at a table halfway across the bar, and he’s seething.  

That one doesn’t work out.

Nor does the next.

Nor the next.

Inside a couple of months Spock goes through what seems like half the population of Yorktown.  Humans, males, females, aliens, he doesn’t discriminate.  One night he takes a date out to a bar.  The next one accompanies him to dinner.  The next night he takes a new companion dancing.  The entire crew of the Enterprise is abuzz with the news.  

McCoy seethes in livid silence.  At least none of them last long.

He wonders if any of those dates are getting any.

He wonders if they run screaming after just one night of the Vulcan’s company.  He wonders how that makes Spock feel.

He wonders how you get Spock to ask you out.  He makes sure to spend some time in Spock’s company, but Spock serenely maintains their usual relationship and McCoy has no fucking idea how to get Spock to ask him, and he can’t find the words to ask Spock for himself.  Besides, Spock’s apparently already booked up.  

Then comes the day Spock sees someone twice in a row.  Three times.  Four.  Worse, it’s one of the Enterprise crew, a newly assigned low-level medic on McCoy’s own fucking staff, a clean-cut fresh-faced young human male with dark brown hair and smiling brown eyes.  McCoy immediately hates the man so badly he can’t see straight.

McCoy only thought he was pissed off before.  Now he’s seething with so much wrath he can’t stand to be be in the same room with Lieutenant Junior Grade Harris, much less work with him.  He sends Harris off to work in the pathology lab and slams his way into his office, snarling.  

That night he tries to resist Scotty’s invitation and stay home, but with Chekov and Uhura’s help Scotty pries him out and takes him to a restaurant famed for ribs and steak and about six other kinds of meat.  No way will Spock set foot anywhere within a hundred yards of–

Spock walks in, talking animatedly with Harris, who sits down to a massive platter of barbecued chicken.  Spock, apparently, orders a salad.

McCoy’s teeth grind audibly and he manages to snap a rib bone between two fingers before setting it carefully down on his plate.  

Scotty’s watching him keenly; he’s brought Uhura, who addresses herself to a filet of fish and completely ignores Spock’s presence on the far side of the restaurant.  Everyone’s ignoring Spock except McCoy, whose eyes are drawn back to him and his date over and over again like iron filings to a magnet.

After half an hour, Uhura lifts her gaze and regards him mildly.  “Why are you so jealous, Leonard?”

McCoy sputters and tries to deny it, but she just folds her napkin and tosses it on her plate.

“If you want to go out with Spock, you should just ask him.”

“I don’t want to date the—” McCoy discards half a dozen adjectives, deciding they’re too impolite for mixed company— “blasted hobgoblin.”

“Bollocks,” Scotty says, decisive, polishing off his steak.  “You’ve had steam coming out your ears every time you’ve laid eyes on Spock and his dates this month past.”

“I’m indignant on the lady’s behalf,” McCoy lies.  Uhura just snorts at him.

“Suit yourself,” she says.  “It’s not like I’d recommend dating him.  Not after everything he put me through.”

McCoy grinds his teeth at her.  

He grimly locks his eyes on his plate.  No, he won’t ask Spock out.

Instead, he plots ways to justify sending Harris to a permanent posting somewhere in the Gamma Quadrant, preferably through a wormhole that only cycles once every 600 years.

oName: I.K.S. ‘avwi

Type: Vor’cha-class Attack Cruiser

Affiliation: Klingon Empire

Captain: Kol

Year: 2370

Background: Klingon flagship circa 2370. Commanded a squadron of warships to DS9 after the destruction of the K’Tang by what appeared to be the Cardassians. Officially they were there to help “protect” their Federation allies against the Cardassian Union. Although a state of war technically existed between Cardassia and Qo’noS, Kol agreed to mediation by a Federation negotiator and would lead his people’s delegation. During the negotiations only the command ships of each delegation were allowed to stay but as negotiations broke down the ’avwi faced off not only against a Cardassian cruiser but two of the station’s runabouts protecting it. Additional ships from both sides converged on the station but when another runabout emerged from the wormhole being chased by a Romulan warbird it was clear they had been duped. The ‘avwi and the Klingon forces converged on the warbird and destroyed it, avenging their fallen comrades. Not long afterwards they were assigned to map possible colonization sites and military targets in the Gamma Quadrant. After an incident where several officers were killed by villagers on Shelvar 6 (mistaking them for Dominion mercernaries) an Imperial Adjunct - Katha - was assigned by Gowron to facilitate first contact missions. In actuality she was assigned to substantiate claims that Lursa and B’Etor were in the Gamma Quadrant trying to obtain large mineral deposits. They responded to a distress call from a Federation Colony on Gakora stating they were under attack by unknown forces. They found one badly injured survivor who was of no help. They put him in stasis and returned to DS9 to off-load him and return to the Gamma Quadrant to find the culprits. Sisko and Dax were ordered by Starfleet Command to join in on the mission. It wasn’t long before the ‘avwi came under fire from a fleet of small fighters. The Myvock then recognizing the Klingons as their allies stood down believing they had brought two Starfleeters to them. They led the Klingon ship to their world to meet with the Myvock King. They eventually discovered that Lursa and B’Etor were behind the incident as they incident the locals to kill the humans that had tresspassed on their “Sacred World.” After eventually escaping (along with a captive King as well as Bashir and O’Brien) they returned to Gakora and exposed the Duras Sisters’ mining operation. Koleth, an officer that had been saved by Bashir previously, gave his life for the Doctor on the surface. They returned to Myvock and exposed the Military Commander’s treachery to his King.

Appeared in the Hearts & Minds miniseries and the Lightstorm One-shot, Malibu Comics

Keiko, Jadzia, and Kira go into the Gamma Quadrant on a special botanical survey mission and bring back an unknown sample of a plant. The sample reacts with energies in the wormhole and grows rampant, eventually turning the Promenade into a jungle ecosystem. Quark decides to convert his bar into a Rainforest Cafe, much to the delight of his many Ferengi employees and customers.

Trek for Newbies, Part Two: Star Trek Aliens and Where to Find Them

(The other Trek for Newbies posts can be found here.)

The Star Trek universe is home to hundreds of known species of intelligent aliens, and there are countless others who have yet to be discovered, as only a small portion of the Milky Way Galaxy has been explored by the Federation. One of Starfleet’s primary missions is to discover new life forms on previously unexplored planets - or, as you may have heard, “to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.”

In this post, I’ll briefly describe the broad categories of aliens in Trek, explain the basic territorial boundaries of the galaxy, and then get into specifics about the most important dozen or so alien races, including humans, Vulcans, Klingons, Romulans, Borg, Ferengi, Cardassians, Bajorans, Q, Betazoids, and Trill. (Most of this info is under the cut, because good lord this post got long.)

Categories of Aliens in Star Trek

Broadly speaking, aliens in the Star Trek universe can be sorted into two categories - humanoids and non-humanoids.


Almost all of the main characters in Trek are either humans or humanoids, meaning aliens who look pretty much like humans with latex glued to their faces. The real-world explanation for this is, obviously, that they ARE humans with latex glued to their faces, but there’s an in-universe explanation, too: all humanoid species have a common ancestor, the Ancient Humanoids, who seeded the galaxy with their DNA millennia ago. As a result of this, interbreeding is possible between some humanoid species, and there are several mixed-species characters in the various series.

Humanoid species tend to have distinctive personality traits which set them apart from each other - Vulcans are logical, Klingons are warlike, Ferengi are obsessed with money, etc. However, in the latter series it becomes increasingly clear that these are tendencies and not absolutes.


There are also tons of intelligent non-humanoids, who can look like anything from slugs to chunks of rock to puddles of goo to entire nebulas. Think of any crazy sci-fi idea for a lifeform, and there’s a good chance Trek has done it. (The most important non-humanoid characters on the various shows are able to assume a humanoid form, because, well, it’s television.)

Some of these non-humanoids are spaceborne species which live in outer space rather than on planets, like the giant space butterflies, or the giant space jellyfish, or the giant space amoebas.

There are also a bunch of non-corporeal species made of, like, pure energy or magnetic fields or something else handwavey. The most important of these are the Q and the Prophets, both of whom have godlike powers. (The Q are kind of dicks about it.)

Artificial Intelligences

In addition to biological lifeforms, the Trek universe also has artificial intelligences. The main types we know of are holograms and androids.

Holograms are made of light particles and force fields, meaning that they can interact with the physical world. Most holograms are not self-aware, but several of them develop self-awareness throughout the various series; basically, the longer a hologram’s program is left running, the more likely it is to develop self-awareness. The most important hologram characters are The Doctor, Vic Fontaine, and Professor Moriarty. Yes, that Professor Moriarty. He is a recurring villain on The Next Generation. God I love Star Trek.

Androids are humanoid robots. Most androids are also not self-aware; the main self-aware intelligent androids we know of are the handful of ‘Soong-type’ androids, invented by Dr. Soong, who have advanced positronic brains. Data is the main android character on Star Trek, and is a Soong-type.

Now let’s get into specifics! 

In this post, I’ll focus on the species which occur most frequently in Star Trek. But before I get into that, we need to have a quick look at a map…

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okay as a voyager and ds9 fan you know what’s been bothering me for-fucking-ever?

the fact that voyager didn’t consider heading towards the gamma quadrant instead of straight at earth. i’ve looked at a few maps of the trek ‘verse and there is no incredibly clear consensus of whether the wormhole would be closer. YOU JUST LEFT DS9 KIDS you have multiple Bajoran crew. Are you saying that no one that ship ever said ‘Hey, is the wormhole closer than earth?’

1.12 - The Big Goodbye

Friend of the blog Deborah mentioned this to us, like, six months ago and then we never did it, and then friend of the blog Alex mentioned it to us like two weeks ago and reminded us that there was some “40’s by way of the 80’s realness” (just like that one part in Xanadu) so I was like “I’m on it.”

This is the first Holodeck episode, and what happens? THE HOLODECK TRIES TO KILL EVERYONE. Of course.

First off, though, the Captain is trying to learn how to perfectly pronounce this alien language because if he doesn’t, the aliens in question will be offended and kill everyone: 

Still easier to learn than Welsh

Deanna is helping coach him in a lovely season one Mardi Gras Beads Hair Accessory:

And of course, great cleavage #respect

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because saathi1013 asked to see it: the rant I went off on over at twitter earlier, about The Trouble With Tribbles, the Federation’s neoliberal space colonialism, and why Deep Space 9 is my favorite. this is the video I linked to. one addendum I would make is that… yes, Sherman’s Planet is meant to be “undeveloped” — but as early seasons of DS9 point out, a planet being “undeveloped” by some standards doesn’t mean that it's uninhabited.

it’s easy to forget about this when things get really moving in the Dominion War arc but the whole arc with the Dominion started in the first place because all of the major powers in the Alpha Quadrant (Federation, Klingons, Romulans, and Cardassians) started setting up colonies on Gamma Quadrant planets and fighting over these territories like they just belonged to said powers.

The people in charge of leading these colonizing missions even knew that there was sentient life in the Gamma Quadrant as early as season one. 1.06 “Captive Pursuit” has at least two Gamma Quadrant species coming through the Wormhole, which says that there are sentient species living there, which means that everyone in the Alpha Quadrant had definitive proof that these planets were not just “free for the taking” and that they were in the wrong for thinking so at all. The Dominion retaliates against the Federation et al. because they were colonizing the Gamma Quadrant and while the text doesn’t deal with this as much as I’d like, and while the Dominion is ultimately in the wrong for how far they take things during their war with the Alpha Quadrant, that history is important to remember.

meanwhile, in The Trouble With Tribbles, Kirk, Spock, Chekov, Federation Undersecretary Baris, and Koloth don’t say anything about the people on Sherman’s Planet, if there are any people there in the first place, what their perspective here is. The episode probably means for us to assume that there aren’t any people living there and/or that Sherman’s Planet is only a contested territory due to it being a border planet with some kind of strategic advantage. But the fact that they don’t even stop to consider the presence or lack thereof of people on Sherman’s Planet bothers me because it’s symptomatic of Roddenberry’s and TOS’s overall attitudes toward all of the Federation’s expansionist missions, and toward the real world colonialism that inspired said missions whether consciously or not.

The day the Cheesecake Devourer from the Gamma Quadrant arrived would forever be known among Deep Space Nine’s engineering personnel as “The Replicator Apocalypse”.

The property damage was immense, as the alien smeared dessert over every surface its tiny hands could reach. Which turned out to be most surfaces. Quark was furious to find his fine establishment in a state of extreme disarray after it was upturned by the ravenous Devourer. Twice, Chief O'Brien had to warn the senior officers of a potential need to evacuate after the alien chewed through vital systems believing them to be cheesecake.

Nobody knows where the Cheesecake Devourer disappeared off to after causing such destruction and annoyance. There are rumours that certain individuals ate it in retaliation. Other rumours claim it was disintegrated during a confrontation with security officers. The Federation suspects it simply returned home after eating the cheesecakes it wanted.

What really matters is getting the replicators back into working order. Everyone is really sick of cheesecake.

A new alien visits DS9 briefly. Everybody has a really bad day, and probably at least one person’s life was ruined. In fact, Garak just may have had his business destroyed considering the extent of this property damage.

It’s my birthday (in an hour), I like cheesecake, and this is a very accurate depiction of what would happen if I was allowed somewhere that could produce infinite cheesecake with no (immediate) consequences.

Since I cannot share cheesecake with my followers (and not everyone likes cheesecake and/or can have it anyway), have this really stupid picture instead.

Preemptive Measures


“Ziyal insulted me the other day,” Garak said suddenly, his eyes steady on the shuttle’s controls as they navigated through the wormhole. 

An archaeological expedition to the Gamma Quadrant was the official reason for the trip for Commander Tora. The official reason for Admiral Garak’s presence was a bit more vague: Classified. Such were the perks of being a highly-ranked officer of Starfleet Intelligence.

"She even tried to do that charming sneer your dear captain always does when he sees me.” 

heraldofandraste  asked:

If you could make your own Star Trek ship for a new series, what class ship would you have, what kind of species would you use for your crew, what would their relationships be like, and what would their mission be?

it would be a new form of immediate relief hospital ship named the Panacea

its design is threefold, with a portion intended to land on an affected planet’s surface and become a clinic, the majority being left in orbit to care for a larger quantity of individuals over a longer period of time, and a final section that jettisons to become a smaller-scale ship to survey other systems in the area

its computer would be equipped with advanced holoprocessors and memory circuits to accommodate programs that emulate the great physicians of the past, boasting names like Phlox, McCoy, and M’Benga, and those of the present - Crusher, Bashir, and Pulaski - because all hands are needed to help in these dire times

and there would be holoemitters in every treatment center to project new and improved versions of the EMH Mark I based on advances the original Voyager EMH brought back from the Delta Quadrant

Borg technology that has been developed on Earth is also a major part of the ship, as regeneration techniques and nanoprobes have shown themselves to be of considerable medical help in research assisted by Seven of Nine

the ship would be crewed by approximately equal parts Bajoran, Cardassian, and Federation officers - it’s only fitting to have a ratio that reflects the species affected during the Dominion War

relationships would no doubt be contentious, due to previous history between the Bajorans, Cardassians, and Federation, but the knowledge that it’s in everyone’s best interest to be aboard this particular ship will no doubt temper interactions

their mission would be to go to the worlds outside of Federation control that were the hardest-hit by the Dominion War

mostly worlds within the Cardassian border, but some as far-reaching as the Gamma Quadrant and the outer worlds of the Alpha Quadrant