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Class Explanations

Rogue- A rogue is the passive counterpart to a thief. Like a thief, a rogue is a sneaky and clever class that deals with stealing. The translation of rouge would be “one who lets others steal x” However, while a thief steals for their own advantage, rogues steal or let others steal to benefit the team. Rogues are basically Robin Hoods. They could also turn other people’s powers against them. If we’re also adopting the speculation that your roles are granted to challenge you, and that you must learn something through the role that you are granted, then a rogue would have to learn either control or independence. Or both.

Thief- A thief is the active counterpart to the rogue. It translates into “one who steals x” Basically, they steal their aspect and use it to benefit themselves. A thief would have to learn to trust others and become less image focused. A thief would use their powers and power gained from stealing their aspect to gain advantages over everyone and everything.

Monk- A monk is a non canon active class, and is the active counterpart to a sage. Monk translates into “one who becomes x.” or “one who emodies x” Monks usually have full control of their aspect as opposed to their passive counterpart. A monk would have to learn to balance between and teach others. While monks are active, and their powers of embodying and becoming their aspect benefit themselves, they also have to learn balance, and a part of that is using their powers to help others.

Knight- It’s not mentioned whether a knight is passive or active, but I believe it would be a passive class. Knights are said to be strong warrior classes that exploit their aspect as a weapon. The knights in the comic so far have done things using their powers to benefit their teammates. It would probably translate into “one who allows others to exploit,” or “one who helps others exploit.” A knight would probably be the passive counterpart to the maid, in which case, knight could also translate into “one who defends others with x,” Knights have to learn to stand by their friends and remove the mask they put on for others.

Maid- It isn’t mentioned whether maids are active or passive, but judging by the actions of both maids in the comic, it can probably be categorized as active. They could also probably be the active counterpart to the knight. A maid could probably translate into  "one who defends or counters with x" While maids are active, they can also use their power to help their friends, if they so choose to. Maid can also be a play on words, saying that a maid player would be literally “made” of their aspect, since maids are supposed to have a full grasp and understanding of their aspect. Maids have to learn to help others, even if they go unnoticed. 

Ace- The Ace is the male counterpart to the witch, and it’s not known whether it’s passive or active. However, I think it would probably be a passive class, based on the actions of both witches in the comic. Aces’s abilities would probably also include augmenting or shrinking their aspect. It can be translated as “one who manipulates x to the benefit of others,” Aces have to learn to inspire and motivate, as well as stay optimistic.

Soul- The Soul is the active counterpart to the spark. Soul translates into “one who utilizes their potential with x.” Souls, being active, would utilize the potential of their aspect to create things to power themselves up and hurt/debuff their enemies. A soul wouldn’t directly harm their opponent with their aspect, and they wouldn’t directly power themselves up, but they would use their imagination to create something with their aspect. Souls are spirits who embody the creativity of their aspect. They also have to learn to focus and expand/utilize their creativity.

Sylph- Not much it known about the slyph. We know that it’s a magic based class, and based on the actions of both both of the known slyphs, slyphs are probably a passive class in the sense that they use their benefit to help others. Slyphs would probably translate into “one who heals others with x” Slyphs have to learn to care for others with their inner strength and power. They would also use their aspect to maintain order.

Queen- A queen is the female version of prince. It’s the active counterpart to a bard. This is a highly powerful and a class centered on destruction. It translates into “one who destroys x.” or possibly “one who destroys via x.” A queen has powerful offensive abilities, and they use their aspect to cause incredible amounts of harm to either their enemies or their allies. It is speculated that they can channel their aspect in a physical form to use for destruction. Princes/Queens have to learn to be less image focused and less narcissistic.

Chief- The chief is the passive counterpart to the Star. They are commanders who use their aspect to lead. They center around focus and the demand for focus. Chief translates into “one who allows x to demand focus,” or “one who invites others to use the distractions of x.” The chief would use their aspect and powers to support the team through distraction. Chiefs would probably directly attack the enemy or disorient them in some way to the rest of the team can attack. Chiefs have to learn to channel their aggressive nature producetively and to coordinate others.

Talking about Dave as a teen dad and
  • soli: dirk baby sitting
  • Abelin: he brings a pair of shades for the baby
  • Abelin: then dave and dirk go at it saying their shades are better
  • soli: kids already got a pair practically born with em
  • soli: wait
  • soli: WHAT IF LIKE
  • soli: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Abelin: *SCREAMS*
  • soli: *continued screaming*
  • Abelin: *more screaming*
  • soli: *louder screaming*
  • Abelin: *roller coaster screaming*
  • soli: *gross sobbing*
  • Abelin: *dramatic music goes off*
So two Freelancers walk into a bar...

Here’s a story that no one knows about you, Agent York: in those nebulous years between Freelancer and your death, you met your would-be killer. Just once, over a drink, to remember a friend.

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There's a show called 'Poppy Cat' and in the intro there's this little girl saying 'poppy cat' a few times. She's my headcannon voice for Casey. Just thought you should know.

That’s so fricking cute omg I know Poppy Cat!

(And the fact, that there is a badger in this show called Egbert makes the whole thing even more funnier)

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Wouldn't the Gamma kids inherit any of the parents' powers anyway? For example Dave could flash-step because his ectodad, Dirk was able to do it.

Yeah the kids obviously inherited some of these powers as well. But even though Dirk and Dave were ectorelated, they didn’t ascend to the same god tiers, you know what I mean? All the kids had different roles, even though some of their powers and interest were similar.

i came up with a lot of captions for this like “i cant believe the 8th grade promotion dance and junior prom are on the same night” and “harry refuses to smile because braces” but i give up

i was gonna draw ben and owen too but on one hand its getting late and on the other my art is shitty enough as it is

i just really like the gamma kids and your art in general im sorry goodbye/////

Aww man thank you so much, you are too kind! UvU

rodasmash replied to your post: Remember this stupid thing on my blog …

I do appreciate your efforts, but there is no “Gamma” phase in game developing (which is where the alpha and beta things come from)! >. Beta -> Release. So, technically, these would be the Release kids D:

Haha yeah, I know, but to be honest, I never really treated this AU like the contiunation of the game. They just ended up as gamma kids, because of the greek alphabet. Nothing else. And if we do treat it like gaming way - it could be a direct word joke. Somekindof pun, wich makes me sound and look like I’m actually a clever artist or something like that.