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So two Freelancers walk into a bar...

Here’s a story that no one knows about you, Agent York: in those nebulous years between Freelancer and your death, you met your would-be killer. Just once, over a drink, to remember a friend.

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Sick Kids Club

This post was written by the Sick Kids Club moderator, and fitted into our standard ‘Community Post’ format. If any community members take issues with this post, contact your Moderator.


What is Sick Kids Club?

• The Sick Kids Club is an age regression club for those who have mental and/or physical illness(es).

• It’s to find others who we can relate to, support each other, remind each other to do stuff, and positivity.

•  Self diagnoses discourse is never allowed on either side and I’d like to keep the club’s official blog and tags completely discourse free to avoid stressing others.

• Links: About | Rules | Members | Tags

Who can interact?

• Any sfw non-c*gl related age regressor can interact as long as they follow our rules and don’t interact with groups we don’t allow.    

• We also allow carers and system littles to join.

Who can’t interact?      

• No N*SFW, A*BDL, d*d/lg, c*g/l(re), l*iltots, M*APS/N*OPS, or l*olicon/sh*otacon blogs.      

• No a*bleists, teac*her crush community or true c*rime community blogs (T*CC), t*erfs, ho*mophobes, t*ransphobes, se*xists, people who hate ace/aro people, people who hate people of any or no religion, and people who bully or harass others(or support it).

How do I join?

• You can join by reading our about and rules links first, then at the bottom of the rules page there is a link to the form. I use forms to make sure everyone who joins is safe.

Why should I join?

• If you want to join a safe age regression community that is made by a person who has chronic illnesses for people with physical and/or mental illnesses this is a good place!

• I just started this blog on 5/17/2017 so we currently do not have any activities or a chat or really tags(we have one) but I am open to suggestions!


• Currently I (Rebekah/@nightlite) am the only mod and I just post in the blog, check the tags, check the forms, and message people at the moment. I have a tag list to write down the trigger tags for anyone who needs them tagged. I also caption every image and/or video I reblog to the club’s blog.

• This club is really new and as it gets bigger I will do more and might look into getting more mods.


• I check the blogs of everyone who applies, I check the tags, and we currently do not have a blocklist since it is so new. I might make a blocklist blog if the members want one in the future.

thepathlesstrekked  asked:

Prompt: Bones and Jim are fighting, they accidentally break the captain's chair.

Umm, so, this kind of got away from me and the chair never came into it. Sorry?

Sometimes, Leo thinks that Jim has a sixth sense. It’s the only explanation for his special ability to (1) detect the behaviors that will annoy his CMO and then (2) exhibit them as often as possible.

It’s as a result of this particular ‘gift’ of Jim’s that Leonard is currently standing on the bridge, red-faced and shouting in front of the whole damn gamma-shift.

Their esteemed captain had come back from an away mission last night, insisting he didn’t need a medical assessment. Then, at dinner this evening, Spock had let slip that Jim had taken a pretty serious fall into a ravine during the course of their exploration. Which, of course, explained his absence in the mess: he was avoid Leonard. The doctor had tried comming Jim to come to medbay twice since, to no response. It was ridiculous. From what Spock said, he had to have at least two cracked ribs and possible minor internal bleeding. And yet here he was, working his way through a triple shift for no reason other than desire to avoid medical examination. Leo had had enough. He’d marched his righteously pissed-off self up to the bridge, and…

…all hell had broken loose.

“Damnit, Jim! You’re supposed to set an example for your crew! If you won’t come to me when you’re injured, how the hell can I expect them to?” He hadn’t thought about the fact that they’d have an audience, but he doubted it would have stopped him at this point anyway. He knew Jim well enough to know that he could only be caught if cornered. And now, pinned between the rage of his CMO and the wide eyes of his gamma-shift bridge crew, he was about as cornered as he could get.

“Bones, listen, I was gonna- “

“Like hell you were!” He spat back. “I may have been born at night, Jim, but it wasn’t last night. We’re doing this. Now.” He glared around at the crew, few as they were. “Out! All of you! Now!”

“Bones,” Jim attempted to calm him. “We’re not in medbay-”

“No, we’re not! And you’re bleeding into your fool damn chest cavity. So unless you all want your captain to keep going without medical attention- “ He turned to level a glare at the four gamma crewmen, but he needn’t have worried.

They were gone, the doors sliding shut neatly behind them.

“Better,” Leo grouses, turning back to face his wayward captain. “Computer, disable security video feed, medical override code jay-oh-four-two-seven-McCoy.”

“Confirmed. Security cameras disabled.” Leo nods, satisfied, and rounds on Jim.

“Now, you. Strip.” Jim cocks an eyebrow, but the doctor cuts him off before he can comment. “Don’t get smart, I’m pissed at you. Spock said the majority of damage was localized to your torso, so, shirt off.”

This time Jim merely complies, wincing as he lifted his shirt off over what Leo now knows are broken ribs. If the hitch in his breathing as he moved weren’t enough, the pattern of bruising over his left side would be.

“Idiot,” he mumbles as he sets his pack on Spock’s science station and removes the tricorder. A quick scan reveals two fractures underneath a not-inconsiderable subcutaneous hematoma. It won’t kill him, but it probably hurts like a bitch.

“Have you taken anything for the pain?”

“You’d know if I had. I don’t keep hypos hidden in my quarters.”

“Well not everyone likes their ibuprofen delivered intramuscularly,” McCoy replies, eyes rolling. But he’s loading a hypo even as he says it, holding it out towards Jim like an olive branch. “May I?”

Jim sighs, but nods his head. At least his shirt’s already off; it saves Leo the trouble of going for the neck. He presses the tip against Jim’s bicep and depresses the plunger slowly, which at least makes the delivery less uncomfortable.

“There, that’s all I can do for you now. You’ll have to come with me to medbay for the osteoregen.” Jim nods, pulling his shirt back on with considerable effort.

“I would have done that eventually, you know. There was no reason to barge in here and terrify the gamma-shift kids like that.” Leo avoids eye contact, busying himself with closing up his medbag.

“Yeah, I know. But it’s all I got.” Jim stills, looks puzzled.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Leo sighs.

“Listen, kid. I can’t protect you. I couldn’t protect you from Nero, or Khan, and I sure as hell can’t protect you from your damn stupid self. All I ever get to be in charge of is putting you back together again when the rest of the world is done beatin’ on ya. And it ain’t much, but it’s mine. So, forgive me if I get a little pissy when someone gets in the way of me doin’ it.”

His mouth has apparently developed sentience and flown the nest, completely out of his control. He acknowledges his lapse in judgement only by blushing furiously, lifting the bag off of Spock’s desk and onto his shoulder. He moves to leave, but a hand on his elbow stops him.

“Hey,” Jim says, voice strange and soft. “It’s not all you’ve got.” Leo looks up, exasperated, and waits for him to continue.

But apparently Jim’s mouth has declared independence, too, because suddenly he’s kissing Leo and Leo has the insane thought that he hopes they’ll be happy together.

Their mouths, that is.

He knows he and Jim are going to be just fine.

Saviors Trivia Dump

Because someone on my stream was saying that they really enjoyed when I just poured out a bunch of random details about my stories.  So here.  Have some trivia, I guess? XD

  • The geneticist who created the first generation of clones was an eccentric billionaire with severely dissociated separate personalities, one male and one female.  Overall, they went by the name of Dr. Calmasis.

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anonymous asked:

Wouldn't the Gamma kids inherit any of the parents' powers anyway? For example Dave could flash-step because his ectodad, Dirk was able to do it.

Yeah the kids obviously inherited some of these powers as well. But even though Dirk and Dave were ectorelated, they didn’t ascend to the same god tiers, you know what I mean? All the kids had different roles, even though some of their powers and interest were similar.

Talking about Dave as a teen dad and
  • soli: dirk baby sitting
  • Abelin: he brings a pair of shades for the baby
  • Abelin: then dave and dirk go at it saying their shades are better
  • soli: kids already got a pair practically born with em
  • soli: wait
  • soli: WHAT IF LIKE
  • soli: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Abelin: *SCREAMS*
  • soli: *continued screaming*
  • Abelin: *more screaming*
  • soli: *louder screaming*
  • Abelin: *roller coaster screaming*
  • soli: *gross sobbing*
  • Abelin: *dramatic music goes off*

anonymous asked:

I've had this idea that your gamma kid's godtiers would be the remaining classes and aspects that none of the alpha or beta kids have had like rage, doom, blood, and mind. like casey could be the thief of rage, harry could be the sylph of mind, ben the mage of blood and owen the bard of doom. yeah.... and i've also had theories of their strife specibus too...

Ah yes, someone suggested me that already! I always like to listen gamma kids headcanons. It’s nice to see you are having fun with it as much as I do UvU Anyway, I’ll definetly keep in mind the suggestions, thank you!

Your name is KYRAH. You are FIFTEEN YEARS OLD and rather smart for your age. You have a hard time staying humble, and tend to ACCIDENTALLY point out flaws in things or others. You are FACTS-DRIVEN. You have a variety of interests. You are an ASPIRING PROFESSIONAL AUTHORESS. You have an affinity for WRITTEN LANGUAGES. You enjoy watching OLD JAPANESE MOVIES, but not the dubs. Those are terrible. You want to travel all over the world, but HATE FLYING IN AIRPLANES. You also like building THINGS, but only when you can afford it. You also like playing video games, but you are VERY PICKY ABOUT WHICH ONES YOU PLAY.


anonymous asked:

Hi there i just want to say i LOVE your art and everything about you! But my question is what would ALL your gamma kids' godtiers be?

Thank you so much, anon! U3U

And yes, that is a question bugging my mind as well for a while, I just didn’t figured out yet. I don’t want to just copy their parents godtiers, I kind of want to put behind meaning of it, - something wich represents them as much as it did with the canon kids.