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Yugi epic summons his Egytian God Card “Saint Dragon -The God of Osiris” in his last turn Draw Phase, against Yami Bakura in their “Yami no Game” Battle City duel…

ブラック・マジシャン・ガール、マグネット・ウォーリアー・ガンマ、 ビッグ・シールド・ガードナーの3体を生贄に捧げ、 オシリスよ、降臨せよ!

“Burakku Majishan Gāru! Magunetto Woriā Ganma!  Biggu Shīrudo Gādonā no santai o ikenie ni sasage… Oshirisu yo, kōrin seyo!”

“Black Magician Girl! Magnet Warrior Gamma! Big Shiled Gardna are the 3 bodies offered in sacrifice! Here comes… Osiris!”

I Don't Wanna Be In Love (Chapter One) {Trixya} - Palace

A/N: Hi! So here is my new series, I’ve been working on this since November and its fair to say writers block got the better of me, but this idea has been burning in my head for a while now so I wanted to persevere with it.

Just a heads up before this starts, the uploads for this are most likely going to be extremely slow as I have lots of uni work coming up and I’m about to start an eleven week teaching placement, however, having said that every chapter should be a decent length. So you may have to wait for the next chapter, but, it’ll be a decent fill when you get it :)

This fic will follow cis girl Katya and Trixie through their years at college, following their developing relationship and the struggles they will endure together.

——- This represents a change in POV, it’ll switch between Trixie and Katya quite frequently but I’ll make it obvious who we’re focusing on each time it does.

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“ so i’ve finally listened to khalid’s album and dude…location is stuck in my fuckin’ head. “ evelyssia groaned. “ it makes me feels like a fuckin’ ballon in the wind or a freakin’ cactus i that stupid dessert he’s walking aimlessly around in the damn music video…yes, i’m that obsessed that i bought the music video.” the girl pulled the video up on her iphone, “i mean, who in their right mind downloads a music video unless that music video has dicks and vagina’s in it…“ she paused for a moment. “i am not the only one who only downloads porno music videos, right?”

To My Favorite Fratboy (ft. Kim Hanbin) - Part V

Warning: Sexual Content

Multichaptered | University AU | Angst/Smut

Author’s Note: WOwoowoww Im sorry that this took so long to get posted. I promise the next chapter is not going to take 43274832 years to get written omg 

ALSO I honestly have so many ideas for this story and so I don’t know exactly where I’m going with this, so if you guys want you can message me ideas and stuff. I can’t promise I’ll use all of them, but it would be nice to see what my readers are thinking. 

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

When Hanbin woke up Saturday morning he felt incredibly sick. He wanted to blame it on the fact that he got extremely crossfaded the night before, but that girl’s face engraved itself into his mind, causing a new feeling that he had never felt before. It wasn’t disgust, her puckered lips, furrowed eyebrows were far from disgusting. It wasn’t anger, wasn’t sadness, it wasn’t anything he could describe. The way her eyes stared right through his, piercing a laser-like force into his brain. He couldn’t get the image of his roommate on top of her well built body, touching her like she was a porcelain doll, out of his mind. It was an unfamiliar sight to him - never had he witnessed a female body being cared and worshiped in that way. He couldn’t forget the way her delicate fingers slipped themselves into Bobby’s waistband, asking for no permission, taking control of the situation.

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Bruce Banner was just a normal teenage boy who had two terrible secrets.

The first secret was his huge crush on Clint Barton. Clint was also a normal teenage boy who surely never did anything unusual. He was always really nice to Bruce, which was why Bruce had to pretend not to like him. Otherwise Clint would know he had a crush on him, which would have been terrible.

His second secret was he was a terrible demon trying to take over the world, but that was much less interesting than his love life.

Bruce’s demon half had an arch enemy who was the most annoying magical boy in the universe: Hawkeye. Hawkeye liked to show up whenever Bruce tried to exercise his right to take over the world. Bruce didn’t know the secret identity of Hawkeye, for the young man always wore a cowl. Plus, he was really good at spinning around while lights flashed everywhere, blinding Bruce.

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What is the identity of the mysterious Magical Boy Hawkeye? Will Bruce ever be nice to Clint? When will they get married like they’re totally gonna? Find out next time on…Sailor Hulk!

In the name of the Gamma Bomb, I will punish you!

No Bullshit (Jackson)

Plot: Frat boy Jackson + you’re a sorority girl known for turning down any guy who asks you out, but Jackson is convinced he can persuade you otherwise. He bets the guys he can land a date with you + Jackson acting like a total fuckboy in an attempt to grab your attention at your house party

Length: 1,868 words

Genre: Fluff/Frat boy series

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