gamma bros

snipsnop of got7 as college students!

mark tuan - chemical engineering major / that guy who never studies but still scores the best / looks at encyclopedias during his spare time to prep for the weekly trivia game night at his fav pub down the street / also screams v loudly when playing video games

im jaebum - currently on the pre-dental tract but he knows deep down that his heart says film or music theory / can be seen on a large blanket outside somewhere with youngjae jamming out / intimidates everyone in a 50 yard radius of him

jackson wang - was a psych major, then pre-med, then marketing, then accounting, then english, then dietetics, then marine biology, but now he’s a communications and philosophy double major / plays all the club sports / sucks up to his professors so well that they get sad when they don’t see jackson in their classes that day; “can someone check if jackson wang is okay today?”

park jinyoung - poetry and literature double major with minors in creative writing, gender & women studies, and philosophy / cool frat bro of gamma omega theta; yugyeom is his little / savage to literally everyone / but gets all cutesy and super soft around the 3 year old child he babysits 

choi youngjae - nursing major / wants to heal souls physically and mentally with music..and also with modern day medical advancements ofc / lead part in quite literally every musical 

kunpimook bambam bhuwakul - fashion marketing and management major / interning at Gucci (sad that he didn’t get any free stuff; rad gucci office pen is his now tho) / so current with all the new memes; he and yugyeom frequently tag each other on all sorts of social medica platforms 

kim yugyeom - pre-med with an interest in pediatrics / omg so studious / bowl cut is a hit with his peers / often texts jungkook asking how to get places bc he literally cannot remember how to get to the library still 

“There’s a BRAIN inside the MUSCLE, why can’t anyone see that?”

“Because it’s who you are, Bruce. You have ONE catchphrase: Smash.”

“You’re on this team because you’re the STRONGEST there is. The Avengers already have a SMARTEST there is, and that’s me.”

And I present to you, one of the biggest reasons why I completely hate Avengers Assemble, and it’s awful, and utterly insulting as hell depiction of the characters that they portray and continue to pass along as the animated versions of said MCU characters.

This is such a terrible, terrible show. :)