All right, listen here all you adorable little shits. I have been meaning to do this forever and I guess there is no better time than now for me to point out my absolute adoration for each and every one of you. This is just a little thank-you for all the fabulous blogs that brighten up not only my dash but also my days (that has been more than any blogger deserves).

H A P P Y  H O L I D A Y S and may your fandom feels grow ever stronger!


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(Seriously so sorry if I forgot anyone its just that your urls are a great source of confusion to me, if I have indeed forgotten anyone please just message me and I will fix that shit asap.)

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some dude made a thing and then he was an ass to people so they all got together to stop him and then they took his thing and then one of them was a dick and lost the thing but someone found the thing and then there was a heap of people trying to take back the thing but in the end it turns out they could just walk into a volcano to get rid of the thing and some people died but it was awesome

hmm wow I’m really stumped

a volcano, you say?

nope, still not getting it 

bir farsça şarkı der ki;

غمگین چو پاییزم ، از من بگذر
شعری غم انگیزم ، از من بگذر

gamlı bir sonbahar gibiyim, benden vazgeç.
gamlı bir şiir gibiyim, benden vazgeç..

gamlings replied to your postI actually think about deleting this blog and…

when I did the same thing, it was actually so refreshing and freeing. There were a heap of reasons when I did it and, while I lost followers, I felt a lot better. It’s not as bad as it sounds. (^^) 

yes right? having lots of followers is one of those reasons. I mean, i’m so grateful and happy that people like my blog and follow me but sometimes it takes all the pleasure of blogging away ;( I have to think about it more

Repost this. Do not reblog & tag ten people you want to get to know better. I was tagged by every-b0dy-lies :) Thank youuuu!

•Name: Alysha
•Nickname: Leesh, Freckles, Boo

•Birthday: August 31st
•Gender: Female 

•Sexual Orientation: Angels, Elves, and Bilbo Hobbits
•Height: 5'4"

•Favourite colour: Baby Blue and White

•Time and date at current moment: January 12, 11:41am
•Average hours of sleep: 3-6 hours

•Last thing I googled: a solicitors number for my dad
•One place that makes me happy: Rivendell
•How many blankets I sleep under: Right now I sleep under a keep calm and snuggle throw :3

I tag: rainbowcorgi, gamlingsmlellarksamwise-gardnerkuroospaniniscastiel-sexhairlego-l-asspizzacastielthesuicidewithinjennybean2526 !!

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There is more in you of good than you know, child of the kindly West.

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