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Da2 companions react to the butterfly enchantment and purple Hawke enchanting something of theirs with it... Like a decoration for merrils home or isabella's bandana.

Ahhhh, thank you for this!!! I freaking love butterfly enchantment shenanigans!

Varric: That’s ridiculous and awesome and keep it away from Bianca. When he starts to see the enchantment in seemingly random places around town, he wonders if he should say something. …Nah. Even when his entire quiver of bolts for Bianca ends up with the enchantment, he lets it slide. They confuse and distract the people he’s shooting at, anyway.

Sebastian: “It’s no’… proper. It’s disrespectful!” he cries as he holds his miniature figure of Andraste, now glittering and exuding magic butterflies. If Romanced: “Love, please,” he says, holding his head and the statue while Hawke giggles.

Merrill: She thinks it’s pretty! When some of her knick knacks around her house turn up with the enchantment suddenly, she knows why. And she thanks Hawke with a hug every time! If Romanced: It. Won’t. Stop! It’s such a pretty enchantment and she really does enjoy it, but now the bed has been enchanted and that’s just awkward. And it makes it really hard to sleep since the enchantment is so bright! She begs Hawke to keep it confined to little things or out of the bedroom.

Anders: He just sighs. It’s Hawke being Hawke. They’ll settle down eventually. Probably. Or they’ll be arrested when the entire city of Kirkwall is glittering. It’s good to keep the refugees in Darktown happy, though. When some things in his clinic end up with the enchantment, he keeps them around to cheer up his patients, especially the children. If Hawke starts to go overboard, the newly enchanted things find their way into Hawke’s estate. Usually somewhere they’ll step on them. If Romanced: He shakes his head and watches Hawke terrorize the city with magical butterflies. He likes the watch the commotion even though he won’t be part of it.

Fenris: It gives him a headache. He has a hard enough time with magic without waking up to find that one of his wine bottles is suddenly glittering and covering in rainbows and butterflies. The third time it happens, the empty bottle ends up in Hawke’s bed. If Romanced: He’s much more tolerant of Hawke’s antics. Like Anders, he sits back and watches the fun, usually while drinking out of one of the enchanted wine bottles.

Isabela: That’s cute! She thinks it’s adorable and will happily get into drunken fistfights over her enchanted bandana. If Romanced: Anyone who badmouths her sparkly bandana gets punched. She likes to suggest places to put enchanted items or items to enchant. Sebastian’s Andraste statue was her idea.

Aveline: Ugh… Hasn’t she put up with enough of this? When her armor gets enchanted she confronts Hawke and tells them to stop. She knows they won’t. Still, she makes Bodahn take the enchantment off her armor. She’s Captain of the Guard, and she cannot be walking around in that! She tells Hawke not to blow up the city with it and leaves it at that. At least she can say she tried.

Bethany: She sighs heavily whenever something else turns up with the enchantment. She knows her sibling. It’ll pass. Eventually… Until then, just grin and bear it.

Carver: No. No, not happening. He gets into a shouting match with his sibling over his enchanted sword. “But it looks so much better like this, Brother!” No, no it doesn’t.


Gamlen: He sneers at it and tries to order Hawke to get rid of it, or at least keep it far away from him. He has no real power to enforce that order, of course, and every time he tries something else in his house ends up enchanted. He has to replace his front door three times.

Leandra: “Darling, please stop that. What will the neighbors think?” She tries to encourage her eldest child to stop enchanting random objects, but she knows that it’ll just have to run its course like everything else. They’ve always been this way. It’ll pass.

who you should fight: dragon age 2 edition

has this been done before

  • Hawke: i mean, you could. a lot of people want to fight Hawke. whether you should though is… debatable. Varric said it himself, messing with Hawke is suicide. so, you could fight Hawke, but you probably won’t win.
  • Leandra: what is wrong with you.
  • Carver: you could fight Carver. well, actually, Carver will probably want to fight you. he would probably win, though.
  • Bethany: why the fuck would you want to fight Bethany she has done nothing wrong.
  • Gamlen: please fight Gamlen.
  • Varric: i don’t know why you would want to fight Varric, i mean, he’s been through a lot of shit. but you definitely could. either way, if you win or not, he’ll tell the people in the tavern a story about you. if you scratch Bianca though….
  • Bartrand: fuckign do it fight Bartrand who cares if you win or not just punch him in his fuckign face.
  • Anders: i mean, i personally wouldn’t fight Anders because Justice will probably get involved. well, i wouldn’t fight Anders in general. but you could, if you wanted to. you might win with the right strategies, but if you do, you have to probably fight Hawke then. Fenris would want you to fight Anders though.
  • Justice: don’t do it.
  • Fenris: Fenris can stick his hand in your chest and pull out your heart do you really think it’s a good idea to fight him?
  • Aveline: you should not fight Aveline. she will win. and if she doesn’t, you have the entire Guard as your enemy. do you really want that.
  • Isabela: i mean. she’s a duelist. she will probably win if you fight her. but, if you feel obligated to, go ahead. but you saw what happened to those guys in the Hanged Man. you can try, but you won’t succeed.
  • Merrill: Anders and Fenris would tell you to fight Merrill in a heartbeat. and you could fight Merrill, but you probably shouldn’t. she tries her best to make things right and good and just wants to preserve her culture. 
  • The Arishok: he’s actually gonna be the one fighting you. have fun with that.
  • First Enchanter Orsino: i mean, you will probably end up fighting Orsino. but i personally would not initially want to fight Orsino. like, he’s first enchanter. the guy’s pretty damn powerful. he killed those Qunari outside the Viscount’s Keep with ease. your call.
  • Knight-Commander Meredith: everyone wants you to fight Meredith. the mages do, the templars do, your fucking dog probably wants you to fight Meredith. you want to fight Meredith.

(i tried okay i never had sebastian in my game so someone else can do that omg)

Alright so real talk right now, Gamlen. He’s vile and rude but he’s pretty good to the Hawke family. He puts his neck on the line to get them into the city, he houses them for more than a year, all the while paying for all of their needs (Since Hawke and their sibling have more or less been slaves to Meeran/Athenril for the year and Leandra can’t possibly lift a finger to help).

Leandra ran off and probably was never going to come back, so why WOULD he set something aside for her? She dumped him and the Amell family like they were hot. Like yeah Gamlen hasn’t been responsible with his money but hell he didn’t know he was going to be providing for himself AND his sister and her children and dog.

I just hate that he’s not appreciated more. He’s got a shitty personality but he’s as good as he possibly can be to his family, and gets no credit for it. I think it’s tragic. 

-Mod Fenris

imagine gamlen worrying when anders moves into the hawke estate

he actually likes leandra’s kid, though he’d never admit it, and he doesn’t want to watch history repeat itself

imagine gamlen actually interacting with anders and slowly becoming afraid, because this apostate is brimming with hate in a way that malcolm never was

imagine gamlen pacing back and forth, barely keeping himself from leaving the room he barricaded to search for hawke when the city riots

imagine gamlen getting drunk alone after he hears that hawke and anders ran away together, that leandra’s child is on the run with the most wanted mage in thedas

imagine gamlen snapping and throwing something, cursing out the child that takes after their mother so much, cursing out the one hawke that actually did something with their life

imagine gamlen trying desperately not think about hawke dead, about how their love for that wretched mage will be their downfall