big family dinner at the burrow

(based on this glorious post)

James: *trying to pay attention to the conversation at the table*

Teddy: *glances at James, touches his lips absent-mindedly, remembering something*

James: *failing to pay attention to anything except Teddy*

Ron: -well, all I’m going to say is you don’t need to go to Trelawney to know that all potters marry redheads in the end!

Teddy: *while everyone is laughing, morphs his hair to red and stares at James *

James: *looks over at Teddy and chokes on his water*

Ginny: *worried* James, love, you okay?

James: *clears throat* Yep. Fine. Absolutely brilliant.

Teddy: *looks away as if nothing happened*

James: /why do you do these things, and why do i still like you so much omg/

Teddy: /♥/

James Sirius played by my mystery crush @space-marauder

You know if Albus and Scorpius had just Time Traveled back to Voldemort’s birth, they could’ve saved hundreds of lives. Like name one downside to killing baby Voldy. Potters live, the Fallen Fifty live, Harry isn’t an orphan, Teddy isn’t an orphan, no war, nothin.


Jules: Well let’s go. 

Neha: Wait the bill. You can’t just leave without letting me pay the bill.

Jules: You always think the worst of me don’t you? I mean yeah I’m manipulative and I have the darkness in me but I would never skip out on paying anyone.

Neha: What is the darkness?

Jules: The point is my family owns this place. You don’t need to pay.

Neha: Oh… is that why you chose this place? Is this your way of being nice to me?

Jules: I strongly dislike you so I would do no such thing. I just like the food here.