idag var jag med tilda och min lillasyster, vi gick förbi våra gamla lägenheter och visade thea vårt dagis och tog hur många bilder som helst och jag köpte en jacka för att jag trodde det skulle vara varmt idag men så var det inte det

Updates of these inactive months

These months have gone way to fast. A lot of experience and knowledge gained.
I’ve learned something really important. NEVER trust authorizes! Never…

I was in an accident were I got jumped on and mugged.

My eye got a really bad hit and I was left in the hospital for two days.
Well the hospital didn’t treat me the right way. They didn’t want to give me any painkillers because “you are not here for the treats”.
Yes, those are the actual words. And later “It’s to expensive to put him on painkillers”.

This is how my eye looked like

Broken bone behind my eye. 10 stitches above the eye and visual impairment for the rest of my life. I was blind for 2 weeks.
You can figure the pain.

Well that’s one authority.

Did the police get the thugs that did this to you?


The police put down the case…Wait for it… 5 minutes after I was driven away in the ambulance. 
So why did they do that?

There wasn’t enough witnesses and you testimony wasn’t enough clear to continue an investigation.

I couldn’t remember a thing(cause of the hit).

Do you want to know where it happened?

Outside of 4 full open-air bars. The thugs who beat where in a bar called “After”.
There is a law in Sweden that says that all guest must show some kind of identification. 
So, the police did talk with the guards, right?


They didn’t even do any hearings with the hundreds of witnesses on site.
Instead they came up with a bad lie. Not enough witnesses to continue an investigation.
And they didn’t contact me. I had to go to the police station myself to hear that they put down the report.

The thugs are forever free. My sight in the left eye is forever ruined. 
There is no way I can get any justice.

Conclusion: Never trust authorities.