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guess who got into yet another fandom??? hint it’s me

I desperately need homestuck on my dash like u wouldnt believe if u post




gamzee in general tbh



eriquius (or whatever the ship name is for eridan and equius is idk)

in fact just homestuck pLS

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Today’s Tally II: Excerpt Edition


“Yes,” says Kankri, and points.  The girl with the big green eyes and oversized coat lowers her hand.  

“You said some of you left.”  She fidgets. “Is that…the ones who were after us?”

Kankri takes a deep breath.  You can feel it, you’re so attuned to him by now—the twinge of hurt and fear that comes with thinking about the deserters.  

“Yes,” he says, heavy. “There’s one whose allegiance we can’t confirm, but…the other three have nothing but their own interests and gain at heart.  I know a few others here had close calls with our enemies’ powers before they were recovered—I’m afraid that…in a world where there are real superheroes, there are always going to be real supervillains.”  He smiles, painful and crooked.  “As stereotypical as it sounds, uh…we think their goal is to instate themselves as the new world order.  World domination.”

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since she is blind terezi wears every fucking bright color ever because she figures that the better she smells the better she looks and gam just likes to put these huge sweaters that he knits on and throw his mittens at his legisclerator moirail and they hang out in the snow n shit while karkat watches them have snowball fights from inside the hive drinking hot chocolate all wrapped in blankets because he caught a cold from sneaking outside in the chilly weather to make out with gamzee and he only had a tshirt on


Are Homestuck panel redraws a thing? Because uh…

I think I have a weakness for Gamzee <> Karkat.

It looks odd in a couple of places and I don’t really like how Karkat turned out, but hey, it’s a thing. More importantly, my first actual Homestuck thing. Appearance headcanons are very much subject to change.